Harmony Blossom

The best wedding minister you will find anywhere.  — Harmony Blossom

“What an amazing experience! From the months following the ceremony through the ceremony and after. Rev. Dr. Victoria Generao made my whole wedding experience uplifting,  inspiring, relaxing and wonderful. She went above and beyond her role as a minister. During the ceremony itself I felt that we were being married with the most divine love that was emanating from her. She did the writing of the vows, kept the groom at ease, and added attention to the occasion with her beautiful service. The months preceding the ceremony she worked with both of us through our intentions and built a beautiful and creative vision for our wedding and for our marriage. She was the perfect mix that allowed me to create what I wanted in the ceremony. She also she added things that I would’ve never thought of that made it go so much better. This woman has class, has massive compassion and joy in everything she does, and I highly recommend her as a minister for anyone’s wedding when you want the best of the best.”