Monique Freitas Franchescini

18th dan Reiki Grandmaster Monique Francheschini

Victoria is a magnificent teacher who continuously inspires all of her students to be strong individuals, acting with the energy of certainty in all areas of their lives. The plethora of knowledge that she has and passes on to her students is amazing. Victoria is a mighty eagle that spreads her wings of knowledge and invites you to accompany her to soar the heavenly skies.


Trish Lee

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I have been a student of Lana’s for the past 13 years.  She is very powerful in all that she does.  She is an amazing healer and very well attuned to all forms of energy.  She is also very kind and compassionate.  All of the services she provides are 100% legit!  No games, no price gouging, no joke.
Trish Lee
Reiki Grandmaster

Ryan and Caeli Stewart-Morrison


“She Is Professional, Understanding and Accommodating …

“Reverend Generao was very professional and very knowledgeable while assisting me and my husband with planning our wedding. And her performance at our wedding, was quite pleasantly memorable. We highly recommend Reverend Generao as an officiant of any wedding as she was very accommodating and understanding of our personal needs and beliefs and helped guide us along our way.”

Harmony Blossom and Jules Starr

Harmony and Jules 2014
Harmony Blossom & Jules Starr – July 7, 2013

The best wedding minister you will find anywhere.  — Harmony Blossom

“What an amazing experience! From the months following the ceremony through the ceremony and after. Dr. Victoria Generao made my whole wedding experience uplifting and inspiring relaxing and wonderful. She went above her role as a minister. During the ceremony itself I felt that we were being married with the most divine love that was emanating from her. She said both the writing groom at ease and add attention with her beautiful service. The months preceding the ceremony she worked with both of us through our intentions and are building a beautiful and creative vision for our wedding and for our marriage. She was the perfect mix of allowing me to create what I wanted in the ceremony and also she added things that I would’ve never thought of that made it go so much better. This woman has class has massive compassion and joy in everything she does and I highly recommend her as a minister for anyone’s wedding if you want the best of the best.”

From ~ Kevin Ray Schober


I am familiar with many schools of Reiki and am sensitive to the energies. Lanakila is wonderful!  She is a Reiki Master.  I am very pleased.  I will be learning more from her as soon as I have integrated Money Reiki/Level 1.  I will recommend her for anyone wanting to learn this type of Reiki.  Many blessings.

Hi Lanakila,

I just wanted you to know that the attunement and treating myself with this form of Reiki is healing Root Chakra issues that I have not been able to clear after years of treating myself with the Reiki methods I have been using. I feel more alive, more solid, more connected to the physical world. That is is a GOOD thing! It’s correcting an imbalance that I’ve suffered from all of my life due to childhood traumas. You are a healer and you have made a difference in my life. THANK YOU!!!!! Next month I think I will be ready for my next attunement and I will also order the Reiki certificates. I hope that you are successful and that you have many future students, you are a gifted person.

~ Kevin