From the Halau Archives ~ “A Spiritual Conspiracy”


On the surface of the world right now there is

war and violence and things seem dark.

But calmly and quietly at the same time,

something else is happening underground.


An inner revolution is taking place,

and certain individuals are being called to a higher light.

It is a silent revolution.

From the inside out.

From the ground up.

This is a Global operation.


A Spiritual Conspiracy.


There are sleeper cells in every nation on the planet.

You won’t see us on the T.V.

You won’t read about us in the newspaper.

You won’t hear about us on the radio.

We don’t seek any glory.

We don’t wear any uniform.

We come in all shapes and sizes, colors and styles.

Most of us work anonymously.


We are quietly working behind the scenes

in every country and culture of the world.


Cities big and small, mountains and valleys,

in farms and villages, tribes and remote islands.

You could pass by one of us on the street and not even notice.

We go undercover.

We remain behind the scenes.

It is of no concern to us who takes the final credit,

but simply that the work gets done.

Occasionally we spot each other in the street;

we give a quiet nod and continue on our way.

During the day many of us pretend we have normal jobs.

But behind the false storefront, at night is where the real work takes place.


Some call us the Conscious Army.


We are slowly creating a new world

with the power of our minds and hearts.

We follow, with passion and joy.

Our orders come from the Central Spiritual Intelligence.

We are dropping soft, secret love bombs

when no one is looking

Poems ~ Hugs ~ Music ~ Photography ~

Movies ~ Kind words ~ Smiles ~ Meditation and prayer ~

Dance ~ Social activism ~ Websites Blogs ~

Random acts of kindness …

We each express ourselves

in our own unique ways

with our own unique gifts and talents.


“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

That is the motto that fills our hearts.


We know it is the only way real transformation takes place.

We know that quietly and humbly

we have the power of all the oceans combined.

Our work is slow and meticulous,

like the formation of mountains.

It is not even visible at first glance.

And yet, with it entire tectonic plates shall be moved in the centuries to come.


Love is the new religion of the 21st century.


You don’t have to be a highly educated person

or have any exceptional knowledge to understand it.

It comes from the intelligence of the heart,

embedded in the timeless evolutionary pulse of all human beings.


Be the change you want to see in the world.


Nobody else can do it for you.

We are now recruiting.

Perhaps you will join us —

Or, already have.

All are welcome.

The door is open!



This is being distributed as an anonymous piece to share with the World …

Please feel free to block and copy this Mission Statement to all who can read, recite it to all who can hear.  It’s true … the Revolution will not be televised:  We are living it.  Aloha pumehana  e malama pono kakou!

EVENING DISCUSSION (1:40 hrs.) ~ Patricia Steere w/ Simon Ramos – Flat Earth & Other Hot Potatoes #17

This video is a thought-provoking discussion that challenges your spirituality and intellect. Check it out.

Don’t know about microwave plasma energy, its characteristics and effects on the body? Here’s another must-listen …

Infinite Thinking


Have you ever noticed that when you’re worried about something, all you can think about are your problems?

Then sometimes, out of the blue, someone comes in with a fresh perspective and your “unsolvable” problems suddenly have DOZENS of solutions.

The good news is this: you can be one of those “fresh perspective” people.

This may come as a surprise to some people but we get to choose what kind of world we want to live in!

You can focus on finding problems and live in the realm of “something is wrong,” OR you can focus on solutions and live in the realm of “infinite possibilities.”

People who live in Possibility-ville are known (and sought out) as problem solvers and visionaries.

They still have troubles like anyone else but they find their way out of those troubles a whole lot faster and can easily help others do the same.

The most fun part of focusing on possibilities is that they are truly infinite … so you have permission to get silly and play!

You can start throwing the most ridiculous, fantastic, “left-field” ideas on the table (using your childlike imagination), and one of them will inevitably spark a new idea that will give you the very answers you need.

That ‘Useless’ Liberal Arts Degree Has Become Tech’s Hottest Ticket

Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield (Photo credit: Carlo Ricci for Forbes)
Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield (Photo credit: Carlo Ricci for Forbes)

Forbes |  In less than two years Slack Technologies has become one of the most glistening of tech’s ten-digit “unicorn” startups, boasting 1.1 million users and a private market valuation of $2.8 billion. If you’ve used Slack’s team-based messaging software, you know that one of its catchiest innovations isSlackbot, a helpful little avatar that pops up periodically to provide tips so jaunty that it seems human.

Such creativity can’t be programmed. Instead, much of it is minted by one of Slack’s 180 employees, Anna Pickard, the 38-year-old editorial director. She earned a theater degree from Britain’s Manchester Metropolitan University before discovering that she hated the constant snubs of auditions that didn’t work out. After dabbling in blogging, videogame writing and cat impersonations, she found her way into tech, where she cooks up zany replies to users who type in “I love you, Slackbot.” It’s her mission, Pickard explains, “to provide users with extra bits of surprise and delight.” The pay is good; the stock options, even better.

What kind of boss hires a thwarted actress for a business-to-business software startup? Stewart Butterfield, Slack’s 42-year-old cofounder and CEO, whose estimated double-digit stake in the company could be worth $300 million or more. He’s the proud holder of an undergraduate degree in philosophy from Canada’s University of Victoria and a master’s degree from Cambridge in philosophy and the history of science.

“Studying philosophy taught me two things,” says Butterfield, sitting in his office in San Francisco’s South of Market district, a neighborhood almost entirely dedicated to the cult of coding. “I learned how to write really clearly. I learned how to follow an argument all the way down, which is invaluable in running meetings. And when I studied the history of science, I learned about the ways that everyone believes something is true–like the old notion of some kind of ether in the air propagating gravitational forces–until they realized that it wasn’t true.”


Slack’s core business benefits from the philosopher’s touch. Hard-core engineers have been trying to build knowledge-management software for at least 15 years. Most of their approaches are so cumbersome that corporate users can’t wait to quit. Slack makes everything simple. It bridges everything from Dropbox to Twitter, helping users organize documents, photos and data files into streamlined channels for easy browsing. Considering that Butterfield spent his early 20s trying to make sense of Wittgenstein’s writings, sorting out corporate knowledge might seem simple.

And he’s far from alone. Throughout the major U.S. tech hubs, whether Silicon Valley or Seattle, Boston or Austin, Tex., software companies are discovering that liberal arts thinking makes them stronger.  Engineers may still command the biggest salaries, but at disruptive juggernauts such as Facebook and Uber, the war for talent has moved to nontechnical jobs, particularly sales and marketing. The more that audacious coders dream of changing the world, the more they need to fill their companies with social alchemists who can connect with customers–and make progress seem pleasant.

Think of the ways the automobile revolution of the 1920s created enormous numbers of jobs for people who helped fit cars into everyday life: marketers, salesmen, driving instructors, road crews and so on. Something similar is afoot today. MIT professors Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee argue in a recent book, The Second Machine Age, that today’s tech wave will inspire a new style of work in which tech takes care of routine tasks so that people can concentrate on what mortals do best: generating creative ideas and actions in a data-rich world.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2022 some 1 million more Americans will enter the workforce as educators. Another 1.1 million newcomers will earn a living in sales. Such opportunities won’t be confined to remedial teaching or department store cashiers. Each wave of tech will create fresh demand for high-paid trainers, coaches, workshop leaders and salespeople. By contrast, software engineers’ ranks will grow by 279,500, or barely 3% of overall job growth. Narrowly defined tech jobs, by themselves, aren’t going to be the answer for long-term employment growth, says Michael Chui, a partner at McKinsey Global Institute.

Click here to read the entire article.

Paradigm Shift ~ Harvard Study Reveals What Meditation Literally Does To Gastrointestinal (Bowel) Disorders

Read the entire article here.
Read the entire article here.

The hits just keep on coming when it comes to the health benefits of meditation. Research is now emerging that would justify implementing this practice within hospitals and schools (some already do) as well as including it in treatment recommendations for various diseases.

Not long ago, an eight week study conducted by Harvard researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) determined that meditation literally rebuilds the brains grey matter in just eight weeks. It was the very first study to document that meditation produces changes over time in the brain’s grey matter. Now, they’ve released another study showing that meditation can have a significant impact on clinical symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).  The study showed that elicitation of the relaxation response (a physical state of deep rest that changes the physical and emotional responses to stress) is a very big help.

The study comes out of the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC). This is the very first study where the use of the “relaxation response” was examined in these disorders, and the first to investigate the genomic effects of the relaxation response in individuals with any disorder. The report was published in the journal PLOS-ONE. (source)

Given the two studies cited above, and all of the other documented health benefits of meditation, this should open the door for more studies to examine the benefits of meditation for a wide range of diseases.

“Our results suggest exciting possibilities for further developing and implementing this treatment in a wider group of patients with gastrointestinal illness. Several studies have found that stress management techniques and other psychological interventions can help patients with IBS, at least in the short term; and while the evidence for IBD is less apparent, some studies have suggested potential benefits. What is novel about our study is demonstration of the impact of a mind/body intervention on the genes controlling inflammatory factors that are known to play a major role in IBD and possibly in IBS.” – Brandon Kuo of the gastrointestinal unit in the MGH Department of Medicine, co-lead author of the report. (source)


(Click on the image, above, to read the entire article.)


Paradigm Shift ~ “What Is Infant Circumcision?”

What is infant circumcision? Why is the practice common in U.S. hospitals and not in other countries? What does it remove and how does that affect the child? Does scientific data suggest that circumcision has benefits? What are the potential complications? How does it affect sexuality? Is it a medical procedure or a social surgery? If it’s unnecessary surgery, what about contemporary bioethics principles?

Through both a review of scientific literature and a discussion of the human cost of the procedure, this presentation explores these questions from the perspectives of the child, the adult survivor, the parent, and the practitioner.

Ryan is a parent, a biophysicist, an Assistant Professor of Physics and Oncology at Georgetown University, and also a volunteer who supports parents and families. Over the last 10 years he has been studying the medicalization of childbirth in U.S. hospitals.

– Ryan McAllister, PhD

Be Nobody ~ by Lama Marut

Consider this: We all know that it is in those moments when we completely lose ourselves — engrossed in a good book or movie, engaged in an all-consuming task or hobby, or immersed in our child’s or lover’s gaze — that we are truly happy. These experiences point to something extremely important: Our greatest joy comes when we vacate ourselves and give ourselves over to something or someone else. It is when we manage to ‘stand outside of ourselves’ (exstasis) that we experience ecstasy.

“True and deeply felt self-esteem comes not through the exhausting quest for more and more ego inflation. It comes only when the ego and its endless demands are quieted and quenched, when the lower self is emptied and the fullness and plentitude of the Higher Self arise.

“It is only when we stop narrating the play-by-play of our lives and actually start living in an unmediated and direct way that we become really present and fully engaged. It is only when that little voice inside our head finally shuts up that we become wholly assimilated with what’s actually happening, and become truly happy.

“It is important to have a good, healthy sense of self-worth, and the point of being nobody is certainly not to become servile, a doormat on which others can trample. But thinking that we will feel fulfilled only if we become more special than others leads to an increase, not a diminishing, of anxiety and dissatisfaction.

“Wanting to be somebody unique — or somehow ‘more unique than others’ — is actually quite common: there’s nothing special about wanting to be special. But it is this very drive for radical individuality and superiority that keeps us feeling isolated and alone. In the end, the willingness to let go and be nobody is what’s really extraordinary, and it is the only means for real connection with others and communion with what is real.”

What does being nobody mean to you?
Can you share a personal story of a time you experienced being nobody?
How can we develop the ability to vacate ourselves?


JUST FOR TODAY … A Lesson in Empathy

empathyOur lives intersect with others all day, everyday. Sometimes we know these other lives well; frequently, though, the points of connection are brief and transient. Who are these people? How might they tell their own stories? What thoughts preoccupy their minds? What joys and troubles are coursing through their feelings?

“Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?”  ~ Henry David Thoreau

If we could catch a glimpse of others’ stories … If you could stand in someone else’s shoes … hear what they hear … see what they see … feel what they feel … would YOU treat them differently?

All Are One … Live in Peace and Aloha



LIVING FROM YOUR HEART: 22 Keys to Intuitive Living ~ By Vince Gowmon

path to secret garden
“There is something in every one of you that waits and listens for the sound of the genuine in yourself. It is the only true guide you will ever have. And if you cannot hear it, you will all of your life spend your days on the ends of strings that somebody else pulls.” ~ Howard Thurman

Intuition is…

the knowing/sensing of something beyond time, space, reason, the use of prior knowledge and the five senses. It is the gateway to your soul.

1. Permission

When you wake up in the morning, start your day by giving yourself permission to be intuitive. Remember, intuition is your natural state; therefore, you do not need to work at it, but rather allow it to express itself through you as You.

2. Feelings

Intuition expresses itself through feelings – the language of the soul. By paying attention to how you feel, you become aware of your deeper Self and its guidance. If what you are doing or considering feels good, gives you a sense of inner rightness, chances are you are in alignment with your soul. You may also suddenly feel nauseous or anxious which can be an indication that something is not right for you.

3. Energy

When you feel your energy expand then you are in alignment with your intuition. You may feel energy expand in all parts of your body or in a particular part of your body like your heart centre. If, on the other hand, you feel your energy contract, then your intuition is most likely telling you to ignore or bypass this situation. In other words, when your energy contracts, it is your intuition saying No!

4. Unique Expression

The more you listen to your intuition, the easier it becomes to recognize and act on it. This includes becoming aware of how intuition uniquely expresses itself through you. Does it come through dreams, writing, yoga? Is it a sensation in your body? If so, where? Is it in your head, heart, calves? What kind of sensation is it? Knowing this will help you trust your intuition more quickly in the future.

5. Trust

“Listen to your heart. Even though it’s on the left side, it’s always right.” ~ Unknown

To trust your feelings, insights and energy state is the beginning of trusting yourself. We are taught not to listen to ourselves and to put our attention on what others think. To turn this around, start by believing that you do indeed know what is best for you; you know in your heart what you really want and what no longer feeds your soul. The path of intuitive living is the path of trusting and believing in your Self.

6. Slowing Down, Silence & Self-Reflection

Intuition lies in the space between our discursive thoughts and the demands of our hectic lives. Making time for ourselves creates space to bring our attention back within where our intuition lies. Spend time daily in silence and self-reflection. Meditation, journaling, yoga and time in nature all contribute to connecting with the quiet voice within. This means making your Self a priority. If it helps, book You Time off in your calendar so that you become a priority in your life.

7. Deep Breathing

Part of slowing down is simply taking a few deep breaths. No matter where you are, you always have time to do this. Just one long, slow deep breath serves to relax and connect us to our body where our intuition speaks to us. Next time you have an important decision to make, stop and take a few deep breaths beforehand and see how this changes things.

8. Inquiry

Asking yourself questions opens you to your heart where your intuition lies. Once you have slowed down and taken a few breaths, try asking yourself the following question: What does my heart want? What is my intuition saying? What decision feels good/right? What decision would move me downstream? And then write down the answers that come to you. Blurt them out!

9. Blurting/Spontaneity

“Follow your instincts. That’s where true wisdom manifests itself.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

Your logical mind loves to censor all the wonderful intuitive insights you have. Your capacity to be spontaneous is important because it lessens the chance that your logical mind will stop you. If you have an intuitive insight, blurt it out before the logical sentinel blocks your natural expression.

10. Brevity

Intuition requires few words to make its point. It conveys a great deal of information in short time. It may simply say to you, Move!, or Turn left. It does not ramble on like our logical mind, offering explanations and reasoning. It simply offers you insight, which you can choose what to do with.

11. Language

Use first person language such as I, Me, My, Mine and sensory words like Feel and Sense to convey your intuition. For example: I feel, I sense, My intuition is telling me, My heart is saying…

12. Courage

“You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.” ~ Alan Alda

Honoring your intuition, honoring your true Self, takes great courage. It may not be easy in the short term to act on your intuition, but what price do you pay by not listening to it? Trust that nothing is revealed to you intuitively if it is not in your highest interest, even if that means making some tough choices (or easy choices) in your life. However your intuition guides you, it is always in service of your well-being.

13. Honesty

As much as it takes courage to act on your intuition, even before this, it can take courage to be honest with yourself and your situations. Acknowledging your intuition is about being real with yourself and what is true for you. It can be scary to be honest because of fears of loss, hurting others and change. But to deny your Self is the greatest denial of all. Therefore shine the light of truth into your heart and trust that your intuition is there only to serve you, even if it may appear otherwise to you and others.

14. Let Go, Allow Flow

Following your intuition requires courage because it calls you to let go of control to some degree, and trust the higher flow of life. Abraham Hicks says, Nothing that you want is upstream. Intuition guides you to let go of paddling upstream and allow life to carry you instead of forcing your way through life with your plans and agendas. Life knows what you want more than you do. When you surrender, you will soon discover the magic that Life has in store!

15. Uncertainty

When the mind is full, it is harder to receive the insights of your intuition. Attachments to plans and agendas, combined with the fear of the unknown and the need for familiarity, all present obstacles to opening to the new and unexpected. Your job is to create space for your intuition by clearing away the clutter of your mind and the distractions of your life. When you do, you say an inner Yes to Life!

16. Irrational Optimism

Intuition continuously guides you to play at higher and higher levels. And as you do, you will walk away from what you thought your life was towards a life that has yet to fully manifest. In the meantime, you learn to trust the unknown and become comfortable with not having all the details. It is here that irrational optimism is a useful mindset. You can view your life as being an empty shell of what it used to be, or you can see it as being prepared for new, with exciting arrivals that only Life can see.

17. Time Alone

As you courageously choose to venture down the path of intuition, and leave behind aspects of yourself and life that no longer fit, you will need time to be with yourself to help stay grounded in your transition and transformation. It may be tempting to distract yourself with busy activities, but your time alone will serve to integrate your new learning and provide further guidance to help you along your way. It will also support you to become comfortable without dependencies on other’s approval or guidance, which in many cases, won’t be useful at all.

18. Pay Attention

Watch what shows up in your life. Synchronicities, such as overhearing a conversation that provides insight, or the sudden appearance of new opportunities and resources; day dreams, like continuously thinking about a passion you’d love to explore; and night dreams in the form of guidance or messages. All demand a level of attentiveness and recognition that life is working to support you in mysterious ways. Pay attention and be open to receive.

19. Open to Receive

Your real job in life is not to say How, but rather Yes! Opening to receive can be challenging. It requires you to detach from your desires and trust that Life will help to orchestrate them. The more impatient or demanding you are, the more you limit the process of attracting what you desire. Take time to step away. Participating in activities that bring you joy, volunteering and serving others, all help you to focus on other things so that you can more easily remain open to the new and unexpected.

20.  3 A’s: Awareness, Assessment, Action

This cyclical process of hearing, evaluating and acting upon your intuition is something you will continue the rest of your life. All three steps are important and it is here that intuition works with logic – intuition provides the insight and logic oversees the practical details such as time, money and resources to make your ideas concrete and palatable for others.

21. Day-End Overview

When your day is over, take a moment to review all the decisions you made from your intuition and how they turned out. Similarly, ask yourself where you felt your intuition but didn’t act on it, and how that turned out. Doing this nightly self-reflection will help you see patterns in how your life unfolds when you do and do not honor your intuition and therefore your Self.

22. Play & Joy

Follow your passions and play regularly. Whether it is gardening, writing, camping or dancing, when you are enjoying yourself you move into alignment with your soul. Have you ever noticed that inspiration and fresh perspective come to you when you are relaxed and having fun? Remember, you don’t have to work at intuition. Play and allow it to come to you. Life is about enjoying yourself, and when you remember to play you remember your spirit and why you are here. You say Yes to yourself, and to Life as well!

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. You have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.” ~ Albert Einstein

Source:  The Healers Journal

Paradigm Shift ~ The Man In The Mirror

man-in-the-mirrorWhen you get what you want in your struggle for self
And the world makes you king for a day,
Then go to the mirror and look at yourself.

For it isn’t a man’s father, mother or wife
Whose judgment upon him must pass,
The fellow whose verdict counts most in his life,
Is the man staring back from the glass

He’s the fellow to please, never mind the rest,
For he’s with you clear up to the end,
And you’ve passed your most dangerous, difficult test
If the man in the glass is your friend.

You can fool the whole world down the pathway of years,
And get pats on the back as you pass.
But your final reward will be heartache and tears
If you’ve cheated the man in the glass.

(This poem was found written on
the wall of a cell in death row)

5 Signs We Are Ready for a Paradigm Shift

"Well, because everyone is talking about it, of course!"
“Well, because everyone is talking about it, of course!”

If you consider yourself “awakened” and aware of what’s really happening on the planet, you’re ready for a major change. Who doesn’t want to shift from this negatively charged way of living?

We are thrusted into a life where we’re told to act within the existing limits of normality. Don’t question authority, live within the two gender models, pay for your education to work a unsatisfactory job, don’t freak out about the fact we are so disconnected from the earth, and from each other.

Coming together and talking about the issues is the first step in manifesting the solution – but we need to act on our ideas. This shift doesn’t come from just writing articles like this then continuing on in life. It comes from creating spaces around the world people can gather to live off grid and from the earth, like we’re suppose to.

Our existing governmental systems have proven failure.
Our existing governmental systems have proven failure.

When we get down to our core, no one wants war. Everyone wants to exist within love, its our natural state of being. Our lineage has lived in a paradigm of fear and conformity, where they assumed segregation and discrimination was the way to live life, simply because they were born into it. Tools like the internet have allowed for a global awakening in seeing the truth of what is really going on.

Recent polls show that only 29% percent of Americans are in favour of air strikes in Syria. All the unnecessary acts of our ‘protective’ military happen without any real consent from the rest of the world.

It is in favour of the few, and continually sets us back in establishing a connection with one another while keeping us in a state of fear. We are all our own governors that can work together in a new system of gratitude and honesty, we just need to act like it.

Experiences of ‘contact events’.

This topic is scary and unbelievable to some, and a completely casual, daily occurrence for others. It depends on your belief system and what you allow to manifest in your life. It is becoming apparent that we are much more than our physical 3D bodies.

People around the world are having interactions with – essentially just different forms of manifested energy that we call aliens, angels, spirits, higher selves, source or God.

Humanity is realizing its true potential, which is still quite scary to some. Earth is an incredibly special planet that is garnering a lot of attention from different consciousnesses in our universe. The radical shift that is taking place here, emits a lot of energy that radiates throughout space.

There is still a grand number of people who close up their belief system when these ideas are brought up. And who wouldn’t? Overlord draconians, hive mind grey aliens? We still exist in the paradigm of ‘that’s impossible’ when of course, we are the creators of this reality, we have just forgotten.


synchronicityThese are happening at the smallest scales, and its up to us to notice them. It is important to not dismiss something as a coincidence because nothing is just a random act. Something that happens to me a lot is I’ll be listening to a song or something with dialogue and if I drift off in thought for moment, I’ll always say a word in my head at the exact time it’s said in the song.

It’s small, and easily overlooked but I know those moments heighten my awareness because I physically feel lighter and often make new connections in my mind. In the moment of seeing the time at 11:11, that number represents whatever you make it.

When I see that time its a reminder of the awakening of the consciousness, and in that moment sometimes new ideas or ways of perceiving those ideas are brought into my awareness. The importance lies within seeing the bigger picture, and being reminded we are part of a much larger story that we are all writing.

The state of the world is disintegrating

collapse-what-did-you-expect-There are a plethora of ways to view the idea of ‘the world ending’. It’s really just shifting to a new beginning, and we are in the process of creating what type of beginning that will be. The urgency of this isn’t easily seen because if you run out on the street, the roads aren’t crumbling and people aren’t running for their lives.

We can’t envision a global collapse because it still seems like a distant, unreachable thought that we keep pushing away.

Really, we are at the precipice of our manifestations on earth and there is no more time to keep living how we are. Why are we still using oil, having radiation pumped out, rapidly burning away our resources, then acting like this can continue for 10 more years? The real shift into this new paradigm will take place when there’s no more buffer time to keep putting these issues off. In the moments of true darkness, we will become the light.

In the end, there’s no need to be scared, we are eternal beings and everything is light and love. The point is we are defining what it truly means to live in a world of love and light. It is the process of everyone connecting to manifest a reality where we remember we are in control. We are the creators and we need to remember this before life on earth- within the third dimension is not possible.

Source:  Spirit Science


Here’s The Moment When Nobel Peace Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai Left Jon Stewart Speechless

Yousafzai left Jon Stewart speechless during an appearance on the Daily Show last year.
Yousafzai left Jon Stewart speechless during an appearance on the Daily Show last year.

Malala Yousafzai, 17, won the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday along with the Indian children’s rights activist Kailash Satyarthi, 60, for “their struggle against the suppression of children and young people and for the right of all children to education.”

Yousafzai first caught the media’s attention at age 14, after she was shot in the head by a Taliban fighter for criticizing the organization’s tactics.

The young campaigner for women’s rights, who was favored to win the peace prize last year, memorably left Jon Stewart speechless during an interview on the Daily Show, a few days before the 2013 awards were announced.

(Click on image to read the full article.)

Paradigm Shift ~ Scientists Discover the True Age of Water Actually Predates the Sun!


Water didn't come from earth, it just landed here like some beautiful alien that brings life to anything it touches. Water didn’t come from earth, it just landed here like some beautiful alien that brings life to anything it touches.
Water didn’t come from earth, it just landed here like some beautiful alien that brings life to anything it touches.

How old is water? We often like to imagine that shortly after the earth solidified in its creation to be this rocky ball orbiting the sun, water came to be on this planet. It predates all biological life on earth, in fact – it paved the way for life to emerge. It is through water that biological life formed.  (Click on image to read entire article.)


Paradigm Shift ~ Physicists Discover ‘Clearest Evidence Yet’ That the Universe Is a Hologram

The indication of the universe existing as a ‘hologram’ doesn’t refer to a Matrix-like illusion, but the concept that the three dimensions we observe are actually just “painted” onto the cosmological horizon, the border of the known universe.
The indication of the universe existing as a ‘hologram’ doesn’t refer to a Matrix-like illusion, but the concept that the three dimensions we observe are actually just “painted” onto the cosmological horizon, the border of the known universe.

If this sounds contradictory or paradoxical, try to imagine a holographic picture that changes as you move it. Though the picture is two dimensional, detecting it from different locations generates the illusion that it is 3D.This model of the universe helps explain some variations between general relativity (Einstein’s theory) and quantum physics. While Einstein’s work reinforces much of modern physics, at certain limits (for example in the middle of a black hole) the principles he drawn break down and the laws of quantum physics take over.  (Click on image to read entire article.)


Paradigm Shift ~ Time Travel Could Become Reality Sooner Than You Think

Image shows Space-time arrangement as closed paths in space (horizontal) and time (vertical). A quantum particle voyages through a wormhole back in time and returns to the identical place in space and time. Image credit: Martin Ringbauer.  (Click on image to read entire article.)
Image shows Space-time arrangement as closed paths in space (horizontal) and time (vertical). A quantum particle voyages through a wormhole back in time and returns to the identical place in space and time. Image credit: Martin Ringbauer.

According to scientists photons can travel through time. They already have simulated directing quantum light particles to the past for the first time in the history. University of Queensland scientists learned that a simulation of two wormhole-traveling photons might interrelate; signifying hopping through time is conceivable at smallest scales. Their study might help to comprehend how time-travel could be conceivable in the quantum realm.  (Click on image to continue reading article.)


Paradigm Shift ~ “They Call Me “Clean-Up”” | KarmaTube

Clean-Up Man
James “Clean-Up” Boatner, Oakland, CA USA ~ Click on the link below to watch this short clip about this quiet gentle man.

They Call Me “Clean-Up” | KarmaTube.

James Boatner has a grizzled beard, a giant shopping cart and an unusual street name. Residents of West Oakland know him simply as “Clean-Up”, because that’s what he does. The soft spoken homeless man spends his days sweeping the streets he has lived on for over 15 years. He is a familiar face in the neighborhood and beloved by its children. In this short film, 71-year-old “Clean-Up” speaks with quiet dignity about his life on the streets and his dream of writing a memoir that will give the world a window into what it means to be homeless.

If you resonate with James’ dream to find a safe home where he can write his book, please consider donating to his Kickstart campaign.

Aloha Ke Akua


Paradigm Shift ~ Keep The Oil In The Ground! Alternative Energy Now!

Life on earth would not be possible without freshwater and oxygen created by places like the Amazon, ´the lungs of the world´


“Equador is not going to get out of poverty just because they come and drill for oil in the Amazon,” she says. “Equador is going to lose the only rainforest that we have left. It´s going to destroy cultures, the environment, and kill plants and animals…That´s not getting out of poverty.”  ~ Ecuadorean girl

Paradigm Shift ~ The Removal Of Labels

imagfve005Without the label ‘fear’, what is fear? Without the word ‘sadness’, what is sadness? Without the thought ‘anger’, what is anger?

Instead of calling it ‘fear’ or ‘anger’ or ‘sadness’, drop those heavy, second-hand labels, pregnant with judgement and thousands of years of karma, and directly contact first-hand these raw, present-moment sensations in the stomach, the chest, the neck, the head.

Allow the sensations to burn, tingle, flutter, move, however intense they are.  Allow them to live, to express, to be here, just for now. Contact the miracle of life in its raw state, before the layers of words and the war of opposites.  Feel the vibrantly alive energy of what’s here, without the labeling.  Can you see that this energy is not AGAINST life – it IS life?

Perhaps your pain is not what you think it is.

Strip away the words.


Paradigm Shift ~ Why Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge

Albert Einstein was right when he said:  “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

But why?

Because true imagination is pretty rare.  Most NEW ideas aren’t NEW at all.  They’re based on something that has already been done.

Where’s the imagination in that?

Here’s where it gets really interesting …

If all imagination is based on memory, who’s to say that particular memory has to come from this lifetime, or this civilization or even this planet?

Think about it, can you imagine a color that you’ve never seen before?  Go ahead and try.  Imagine a color you have never seen before.

Notice what your brain does?  It starts trying to create a mix, based on what you already know.

You may be able to visualize your bedroom walls, and you may be able to imagine those walls changing color or texture.  But that’s not true imagination, it’s creative visualization.

Every color that you see in your visualization came from something you’ve seen before.

Can you visualize your walls being the color of infrared?

No, because you’ve never seen that color.  Not in this human body.

This is what makes imagination so important.  The bigger your imagination, the more knowledge and memories you can access… it’s the key to past-life recall!

Not only that, it’s the key to opening your mind to see greater levels of reality.  Levels that exist outside of what you’ve experienced in this life, into the great unknown.


The Power of Rites of Passage

Today, the importance associated with ritual rites of passage is on the decline. We often celebrate birthdays, weddings and other cultural occasions, but pay very little attention to the ways in which these events may mean more than simply an opportunity for festivity and drinking beer. Many of our cultural celebrations are in fact rites of passage, with a much deeper transformational meaning both symbolically and literally.

What is a rite of passage?

Rites of passage are often known as liminal spaces, that is, they usher an old state of being into a new state of being. The concept of liminality was first conceived of within the field of anthropology and was used to explain rites of passage which carried children into adulthood. In the Xhosa culture in South Africa, boys are ritually circumcised, after which they must live alone for several weeks in the wilderness. This rite is performed to signify the transition from boyhood to manhood.

However, rituals such as these are more than merely symbolic – they are considered to have real transformational power. The enactment of these rites doesn’t just represent your transition to a new state of being, but they actually and factually transform you. This idea was taken up in the field of psychology and is known as individuation.

Individuation process

Individuation refers to the process whereby a person becomes a psychologically separate unity or whole. For example, a baby starting to realize that it is not one and the same with its mother, but rather that it exists as a separate being. Therefore, whether one regards the liminal space as an important part of rites of passage on a collective anthropological level or individual psychological level, it performs the same function. The liminal space acts as a passage from a prior state of being into a new state of being. It is a space in which personality and agency can be shaped unrestricted by fixed ways of being.

How modern rites of passage have changed

Marriage is a rite of passage still practiced in most societies, but it is often reduced to a stressful box-ticking exercise that ends in a couple living together. This cannot be regarded as a rational reduction given the sky-rocketing divorce rates that we see today. The sentiment that true love does not need ceremonies seems to ignore the deeper wisdom that more ancient cultures afforded to liminal rites of passage.

The reason why we reduce the importance of rites of passage today is that we value objectively verifiable fact over subjective experiences. The transformational power of rites of passage is a subjective truth as it can only be verified through experience. A couple may report that their relationship feels different after the performance of a marriage ceremony, but this is not something that can be proven. Therefore, we tend to disregard it. Our “rational” approach to life runs the risk of ignoring the transformation potential of experience in liminal situations.

The idea that rites of passage can be truly transformational experiences may encourage us to look more deeply into the rituals we perform in our lives. We may be prompted to examine our actions and the meaning attached to them more carefully, rather than moving through these processes hollowly and without pause. So, the next time an important occasion is on the horizon, take some time to really feel it and the potential it has to change your life.


Save The World With A Smile

elephant dog friends
No matter how much of a free thinker you are, it is impossible to escape the structures placed upon you through which you have come to know about the world.  The way in which society expects us to live is strongly influential and it powerfully impacts our idea of what constitutes as a “good” life. Cultural norms run deep, affecting our perceptions and choices in ways which we are often unaware.

Feeling the pressure of today’s society

Our societal milieu is outcomes and performance based. There is a constant pressure to be the best, to outdo your neighbor and to win at all costs. We are told that if we do not maintain this competitive edge we will fail at life. Therefore we strive to be the cleverest, the thinnest and the fastest. Consequently, we have become a society of manipulative and conniving beings. This way of being borders on the sociopath, as the only bottom line we look out for is ourselves, while treating everyone else as collateral damage.

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S. affecting around 40 million adults. In 2012, an estimated 16 million adults had at least one major depressive episode within the year. Clearly we are not coping with the pressure and not only are we harming others in our quest to the best, we are also harming ourselves. Moreover, we are destroying the planet and all the natural resources we depend upon for survival. It isn’t difficult to see that this mind set is not serving us well. It doesn’t take a genius to look around and to see that that our “win at all costs” attitude is actively helping us to fail. So why do we continue to cling so tightly to it?

At the core of our nature, we are social creatures. Human beings have a deep need for acceptance and belonging, which is very difficult to overcome. Those who speak out against the evils of the world tend to be ostracized. This is one of the deepest human fears – rejection. So while we try to sculpt our lives to match our individuality as best we can, we still ultimately march to the beat of society’s drum, however faint.

So what’s the answer?

Awareness is always a good place to start. Take note the next time your hand feels forced or you feel ‘there is no other way’. What societal expectation is in play? You may not be able to change anything, but at least you are no longer an automaton or a sheep blindly following the flock. You are aware and as soon as you become aware, you start becoming more responsible. Maybe next time you’re faced with an impossible choice, you will identify room for compromise. Perhaps avenues you hadn’t considered will start to appear.

The truth, the real truth, worth repeating over and over again, is that all our decisions come down to a choice between love and fear. We fear being excluded so maybe the answer is to begin to include others. We fear rejection, so maybe we should focus instead on acceptance. We fear the fear itself, so maybe we should begin to practice compassion. This may not solve all our problems, but it reminds us that change happens one small step at a time. Never underestimate the power of a single smile or a small act of kindness. It is the only place to start.


Woman as Healer: Shamans, Midwives and Priestesses

silkscreened ladySince the beginning of human civilization women healers honored and observed the sacred cycles of nature, time, and spirit. Women healers served their communities through midwifery, spiritual healing, nutritional and herbal healing, massage, hands on healing, prayer, ritual, dance, song, music, toning, and dreaming. Wise women healers offered healing support for their communities through ceremony and nurturing care from birth to death, from “womb to tomb”.

The healing ways of women have been demonstrated in every culture around the globe by traditional women healers, herbalists, and midwives. Women have been practicing the arts of midwifery and healing for thousands of years. In earlier human culture, women healers were honored for their sacred feminine healing arts. In times of oppression, patriarchal religions have targeted women healers and midwives.

Women have always gathered together during times of hardship, illness, menstruation, and birthing. In traditional cultures around the globe, female healers are an integral part of the community, and arose out of the community of women, through gaining experience and respect. Traditional midwives learn their healing craft from elder women in the community, often a mother, grandmother, aunt, or neighbor, thus weaving a web of women’s wisdom that connects the community of women and holds together the whole tribe of men, women, and children.

The traditional female healer blends knowledge of herbs and midwifery with cultural and cosmological beliefs. The interweaving of art, science, and spirituality creates a holistic model of care that nurtures and empowers the body, mind, and spirit. There are women healers and midwives from every culture around the world. She is known as the village healer, priestess, herbalist, midwife, wise woman, or shaman. She is the South African sangoma, the Hispanic curandera, the South Asian dai and Dyamaju, the Mayan granny healer, the Appalachian granny midwife, the French sagefemme, the Japanese samba, and the Polish babka.

Midwifery is the healing art of being ‘with woman’ and healers of the sacred feminine are the true midwives. Women’s healing arts are founded upon a deep connection to nature and an honoring of the human body. Women’s sexuality is valued as a healing, empowering, vital, and integral power. It is time for all humans to awaken to the experience that we are co-creators of our life, reality, and universe. Each thought, feeling, action, intention, and prayer you make influences your world, your health, your body, your children, and your planet. We are all part of one world, one universal womb, one universal family, and each breath we take is a biodynamic interchange with the holographic matrix of living energy.

The time is now to spiral to the next stage of evolution, beyond procreation of humanity and nature vs. nurture. It is now the age of co-creation with nature, spirit, love, and consciousness for the birth of a new paradigm of healing, birthing, living, and learning.


The Importance of Mindfulness In Children — by Carolyn Gregoire


“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”  ~ Benjamin Franklin

While meditation practices are usually associated with adults, there is a growing movement focused on implementing mindfulness practices to optimize the health, well-being and happiness of children. From helping kids thrive in school, to being an effective intervention with autism, to even serving kids that are suffering from cancer and other serious health conditions, meditation is showing that it can have a significant long-term positive affect on child development.

In the growing conversation around mindfulness, we’re constantly hearing about meditation in the workplace and tech CEOs who swear by the practice. But less attention is being paid to the quietly growing movement for mindfulness in the family, and the use of meditation to optimize the health, well-being and happiness of children.

It’s not just adults that can stand to benefit from cultivating a focused awareness on the present moment. Research is beginning to shed light on the power of mindfulness as an intervention for a number of behavioral challenges that children face. We’re also starting to recognize that mindfulness practices could be beneficial for children for the same reasons it helps adults, contributing to reduced stress, improved sleep quality and heightened focus.

At increasingly younger ages, kids are facing higher levels of stress, and it may be taking a significant toll on their health. Stressful events in childhood can increase the risk of developing health problems as an adult, but the impact may hit much earlier. A recent University of Florida study found that stressful events can impact a child’s health and well-being almost immediately, and can contribute to the development of physical and mental health problems and learning disabilities.

Sonia Sequeira, Ph.D., a clinical researcher specialized in Investigational Therapies and director of the Institute for Meditation Sciences, has been practicing yoga and meditation for nearly 20 years, and has practiced with her own children for years. Now in her work as a mindfulness researcher, she’s brought contemplative practices to children ages 3-18 who are struggling with autism, cancer, and other physical and mental health problems. Currently, she’s using meditation and chanting to help relieve pain in children with cancer.

It may seem like a tall order to ask your kid to meditate — given that it can be a struggle just to get a child to sit down or eat breakfast — but Sequeira insists that in her years of working with children, she’s found just the opposite.

“There’s an initial resistance, which I think is cultural, and usually it occurs in the presence of the parent,” Sequeira told The Huffington Post. “But it extinguishes very quickly. Teaching mindfulness to children has always been the easiest for me because there’s no set patterns, or at least they’re not set in stone yet. With adults its much more difficult.”

Learning mindfulness practices — including meditation, breathing exercises, yogaasana (postures) and chanting — can have a significant long-term affect on a child’s development.

“[In my research], what really mattered was finding practical tools that were not an on-off or intermittent practice for children, but something they could really grow with and that could affect their physiology as they grow from their young childhood into adolescence,” says Sequeira.

Here’s proof that children need mindfulness just as much as adults do.



Mindfulness can help kids to thrive at school.

Most of the research on mindfulness for children has been conducted in the school setting. Recent studies have shown school mindfulness programs to be effective in reducing symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety among secondary-school children for up to six months after the program. Such programs can also help students focus during exams, as well as reducing stress and boosting happiness among high school students.

Susan Kaiser Greenland, author of The Mindful Child, is one of increasingly many parents fighting for a “mindful revolution in education,” explaining mindfulness programs can aid kids in developing good habits that will help make them happier and more compassionate.

More and more of these programs are beginning to crop up. The Mindful Moment program in Maryland high schools has students start and end each day with a 15-minute yoga and meditation session, and provides a mindfulness room available for personal use throughout the day. The program aims to reduce stress among students and teachers, and to increase four-year graduation rates.

It can be an effective intervention for autism.

Recent research, conducted by Sequeira and colleagues and published in the journal Autism Research and Treatment, has suggested that meditation has a great deal of potential as a treatment option for children with autism.

“Meditation is one of a few interventions that have been shown to effectively strengthen self-control and character development simultaneously,” the researchers write in a report. “There is much to be gained by exploring meditation as a strategy to override impaired brain synchronicity and debilitating symptoms arising in early years of persons with autism.”

In autism and many other psychological imbalances, the connecting thread is a lack of rhythm, says Sequeira. There’s a challenge of balancing the inner and outer world, and this can distort relationships and interactions with others. In the case of autism, environmental cues become so augmented that the child shuts down from the world to protect themselves. Mantra meditation in particular (a type of meditation that involves the repetition of a word or sound) can help restore a sense of rhythm.

“When you create internal rhythm, there’s a harmonizing and balancing effect,” explains Sequeira. “It facilitates communication, incubation of thoughts… it tells you that you’re in a safe environment and there’s no threat.” “It truly is a top-to-bottom response, and with the children, it restores a natural ability to respond inside to rhythm.”

Children with autism respond well to mantra because it facilitates response, she says.

It can help kids with ADD and ADHD

Being mindful is, at its core, the ability to sustain a focused awareness on the present moment, and practicing mindfulness has been proven to help boost our powers of focus and attention. And it may be just as effective for children as it is for adults.

A 2011 study published in the Journal of Child and Family Studies demonstrated the effectiveness of an eight-week mindfulness program for children ages 8-12 with ADHD, along with a mindful parenting program for their parents. The researchers found that the program reduced parent-reported ADHD behavior. It also increased mindful awareness among both parents and children, and reduced parental stress.

Such programs may be a highly effective intervention either alongside or in the place of traditional ADD and ADHD medications, which come with side effects and may lose their effectiveness over time.

“There are no long-term, lasting benefits from taking A.D.H.D. medications,” James M. Swanson, a psychologist at the University of California, Irvine, told the New York Times. “But mindfulness seems to be training the same areas of the brain that have reduced activity in A.D.H.D… “That’s why mindfulness might be so important. It seems to get at the causes.”

It can help children with cancer and other serious health conditions

Sequeira has been hard at work for over a year now on a pilot program bringing mantra meditation to children with cancer as a way to reduce pain. While the study is still underway and the results have not yet been finalized, she’s seen an overwhelming positive reaction from both the children and their parents.

“Frequently the children remark that they want to continue beyond the time that’s scheduled, even beyond the point where they had heightened pain,” says Sequeira. “They wanted us to stay there chanting with them for a while. Parents from all over the world speaking different languages are united by mantra that doesn’t have a language meaning but that touches their heart. They felt an enormous sense of peace and did feel that they were contributing to the healing of their children.”

The kids Sequeira works with at Sloan-Kettering also use what she calls a “worrywart waste basket,” in which they make a practice of writing down their concerns on a piece of paper and throwing them away. “They know to do that, and to chant and resolve some of the tension that arises,” says Sequeira.

A mindful family upbringing encourages children to self-actualize

Mindful parenting, as defined by Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction founder Jon Kabat-Zinn, consists of “paying attention to your child and your parenting in a particular way: intentionally, here and now, and non-judgmentally.” As Sequeira puts it, creating a mindful family is about “healing the environment and healing the relationships.”

To begin to create a more mindful family and incorporate mindfulness into their children’s lives, parents can start with a daily meditation, yoga or breathing practice. Family dinners can also become mindful by not allowing phones at the table and having a moment of gratitude for the food. Even simple things like positive affirmations and encouraging children to think before they speak can foster an environment of calmness, presence and compassion.

“A child is imprinted with many influences… and all of this shapes a personality” says Sequeira. “When there’s a mindfulness approach to living, it ultimately becomes the personality of the child to truly manifest and become who they are — not trying to become a doctor or a lawyer, but trying to discover their gifts. At the same time, it allows the parents to wean themselves from this very analytical, competitive, linear thinking in life, trying to carry children towards certain goals, which ultimately is stressful for the parent.”

This “group healing,” says Sequeira, will hopefully one day become the basis for a more mindful society.

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Recipe ~ A Different, Holistically Nutritious Strawberry Pie!

stawberry pieCommitting to a healthy lifestyle does not mean committing to a life that is void of fun, delicious, satisfying treats. In fact, we eat just as much amazing food as the average person.

The difference between what we are doing and what the rest of the population is doing comes down to the quality of the ingredients that go into our treat foods.

Eating healthy should be delicious, and we are never going to compromise on that – either for ourselves or for you. That is why we are firm believers in substitutions.

For instance, when we are making a pie – we use whole nuts, seeds and pseudo grains instead of processed flour. We use cashews for making thick creams rather than processed diary. We use dates, coconut sugar and maple syrup in place of processed white sugar… You get the idea!

For us, eating healthy should never mean deprivation. It should simply mean you still get to eat everything you crave, you just use healthy, whole foods ingredients to make your favourite dishes in place of processed ones!

To get you started, here is an amazing Strawberry Pie recipe that you will be proud to serve guests – not only because it looks beautiful, but because it is absolutely delicious AND nutritious!

Of course if you want to keep the whole thing to yourself, we won’t tell anyone 😉

Strawberry Pie

Crust Ingredients:

  • 1 cup unsweetened dried coconut
  • 1 cup sunflower seeds
  • 1 cup buckwheat groats
  • 1 cup coconut sugar
  • 1-2 oranges, juiced
  • pinch of salt

Strawberry Cream Layer:

  • 2 cups cashews – soaked for 30-60 minutes
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • ½ cup maple syrup
  • ½ cup fresh strawberries
  • pinch vanilla powder or vanilla extract
  • pinch of salt

Strawberry Topping:

  • 2 cups fresh strawberries, sliced
  • ½ cup fresh strawberries
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 2 tbsp maple syrup
  • pinch vanilla powder or vanilla extract
  • pinch of salt


For the crust: Place unsweetened coconut in a blender or food processor and blend until a fine powder is created. Remove from blender and place in a large mixing bowl. Repeat this process with sunflower seeds, buckwheat and coconut sugar. Add salt and mix together with your hands until well combined. Add enough orange juice so that your crust sticks together. Press into a lined pie dish and set in the freezer.

For the strawberry cream: Drain and rinse cashews. Place all ingredients in a high speed blender and blend until smooth. Pour over crust and place back in the freezer.

For the strawberry topping: Set aside your sliced strawberries. Place remaining ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Arrange sliced strawberries over the strawberry creme layer of your pie, and pour your glaze on top. Freeze for an hour or until set. Enjoy!

Seminary ~ Nassim Haramein’s Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass

quantum gravityNassim Haramein has calculated a geometric solution for the gravitational field. In his latest paper “Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass” he describes gravity in a classical algebraic way by calculating the density of the space both within and on the outside of the event horizon of a proton.

The seemingly “empty” vacuum of space is actually a nearly infinitely dense super-fluid medium made of tiny tiny tiny little frothing bubbles of energy. Sometimes called the “quantum foam”, each of these miniscule vibrations represents a spherical wave form, or quanta, that is the diameter of the smallest possible measurable distance, the Planck length. Haramein calls these tiny spherical information bits Planck spherical units or PSUs. The PSUs on the interior of the proton’s event horizon pack together in a perfectly space-filling overlapping “3D” Flower of Life structure with each sphere’s center being connected by a tetrahedral lattice geometry. The PSUs within the proton volume holographically project on the proton surface event horizon as “flat” equatorial circles in a “2D” flower of life tiling pattern.

In this image, the first equation describes the ratio between the proton surface area and the surface Planck circles showing that the number of equatorial circles on the Proton surface equals 10↑40 (10 to the 40 or 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Planck length diameter circles)

The second equation shows the number of Planck spherical units contained within the proton, which is 10↑60. In the third equation, the external surface horizon is divided by the internal volume and then multiplied by the Planck mass to give the total value of the proton mass. With a simple classical geometric calculation, Haramein obtains the mass of the proton according to the standard model, as measured from the outside, in the laboratory: 10↑-24 gm.

Haramein then calculates the external Planck circles divided by the internal Planck spheres to obtain the gravitational mass of the proton, which equals 10↑14 which is the exact amount of mass needed for the proton to obey what is called the the Schwarzschild condition of a black hole.

Protons are quantum scale black holes.
Gravity is a ratio of volume to surface area.

More info.:


Zen Habits To Improve Your Focus

morning lotusLack of focus is a serious worldwide problem in this age of multiple distractions: multi-tasking and constant connectivity. Call it the other edge of the double-edged sword of technology. With the explosion of technology and communication, humans, always a social species, have scaled new peaks of virtual social interactions – from phones to electronic mails to instant chats to the ever-mushrooming web-based social sharing platforms. With uninterrupted 24×7 reach to technology we mostly lack some quiet time with our own selves.

In such a scenario, it’s hardly surprising to see a lack of focus becoming a common problem. But one can beat this challenge of lack of focus by applying some simple Zen habits.

Zen philosophy of inner calm
Let us first understand what Zen means. Zen stands for inner peace, focus, emotional balance, and happiness that emanates from within. It emphasizes on what it terms as the ‘Buddha-nature’ and its expression in every act of one’s daily life as opposed to philosophies that stress on doctrines and rituals.

Over the years, Zen practices have gained immense global appreciation for their effectiveness in clearing away mental distractions and winning back lost focus. Zen habits are based on quieting inner turmoil and focusing on the task at hand with silence and determination.
Let’s take a look at some Zen habits that improve your ability to focus:

Eliminate Distractions
Before setting out on any important task, resolutely eliminate all distraction. Nothing great can be achieved till you give it your complete attention. So, put your phone on silent, shut down unnecessary browser windows and tabs, close your doors and immerse yourself in the job. Not only will you get good results but you’ll also most certainly complete the said task within shorter time duration than you would have in the presence of distracting elements like text pings, e-mail notifications, television noises from the adjoining room, etc.

Practice silence and meditation
If you’ve been constantly struggling with regaining focus, start practicing silence and meditation every day. The best times are usually early morning or right before going to bed in the evening. In this way, you would cut out the worries of the daily chores lined up for the day and struggling with each other for your attention. You should also take out sometime when you’ll be your only company. A lot of people prefer to go out on nature walks, where they spend some time amidst natural beauty and quiet. Again early morning hours in a public garden or your own terrace could be the perfect time and place for such an activity.

Focus on your breath
Just before undertaking anything important, retire to a quiet corner and take a few moments to focus on your breathing. Breathe in and out slowly, concentrating on each inhalation and exhalation. Do this for two to five minutes. This will instantly calm your mind and increase your focus.

Don’t lose sight of the target
A famous Zen story talks about a Zen master’s lesson to his students on the importance of never losing sight of one’s target in order to score a hit. As the anecdote goes, the Zen master would never miss a single target. One day, he summoned his students and asked them to cover his eyes with a cloth. With his vision blocked, he aimed at the target and missed it. The students were surprised to see their master miss. The Zen master then told them that what he wanted to convey to them though that exercise was the importance of always having one’s sight on one’s goals for success.

So, whenever you feel your focus shifting from your target, take some quiet time to realign and reassert your goals to yourself. If needed, write them down on paper and pin it up where you can see them often.

Go for calming walks
Often in the midst of difficult and time consuming assignments, you can feel our mind beginning to drift away. This is a cue for you to take a break right then to relax your mind and pump up some energy. A good way would be to go for a walk. A walk will increase your heart rate, clear away your mind as you focus on the repetitive motion of your legs, up your alertness, and also give you the time to internally mull on the problem in a stress-free environment.

Begin your day with yoga and exercise
Yoga and exercise have a way of calming your mind. The Zen philosophy says that there’s a lot of pent up energy in the body. If we lead a sedentary life, this accumulated energy tries to find a way out by channelizing our minds towards fruitless, distracting thoughts and pursuits like aimless internet surfing, repetitive chat session with friends or simply loitering around and dissipating our energy and focus. On the other hand, a good invigorating yoga and exercise session in the morning will set your mind straight and channelize your body’s energy is a positive direction, helping you stay focused all day long.

Paradigm Shift ~ On Having and Giving

Why do those with less always give more? This video shows what generosity truly is. When asked if they would share their food and money, those who can afford it say no. While those who desperately need what they have will gladly give it away. A bittersweet look at the human spirit.

Paradigm Shift ~ Make Your Workplace A Happy Place

office yoga
Happiness is more than just a bubble-gum outlook on life, but instead revolves around finding meaning in whatever we are doing, and bringing the intention with us everyday to do what we do well. Using mindfulness and meditation time helps bring those intentions to the foreground of your mind, and can significantly improve your ability to stay calm and communicate better with your co-workers, improving your relationships and your overall feeling about your job.

When you prioritize happiness in the present moment, you see this incredible ripple effect in the future in terms of your levels of success and connectedness to others. The bottom line, using mindful actions and the intention to be happy at work, can improve your performance and help you enjoy your job and be more successful too!

“There are five key researched habits we recommend people try practicing to improve their happiness at work,” explained Michelle Gielan of Good Think Inc., in an interview ( She recommends:

Counting Gratitude – Write down three new and unique things your grateful for each day. This will help train your brain to constantly scan your environment looking for new and good things.

Journaling – Each day spend two minutes writing down everything you can remember about the most meaningful moment you’ve had in the last 24 hours. Relive this moment in detail noting down what you saw, heard and felt. By really savoring this experience you can essentially double the number of meaningful moments in your day.

Mindful Activity – Spend 15 minutes each day exercising. Studies suggest this can be the equivalent of taking an anti-depressant. (

Commit A Conscious Act Of Kindness – Reach out to someone new and different each day in your social circle by taking two-minutes to praise or thank them by email or phone. This activates your social network and reminds your brain of the support you have around you. This is particularly helpful on more stressful days at work.

Attention Training – Practice taking your hands off your keyboard and for two minutes just watch your breath go in and out. This trains your brain to have laser-like focus on one activity when you return to your work, rather than slipping into a multi-tasking mindset that wears you out and slows you down.

“Try each of these brain training approaches for positivity for at least 21 days to get started, but persist with whatever works best for you to build the neural wiring that supports these behaviors through both the good and challenging times at work,” suggests Michelle. “Have patience it does take time.”

Paradigm Shift ~ Here Comes Multidimensional Light and Earth Changes That Cognitive Dissonance Can’t Stop


At present, Earth and the Solar System is undergoing a major transformation process and acceleration of the evolution and rising of the vibration and consciousness of mankind. Earth is in a period of great transition to the 5th dimension. The new cosmic energies affect everything on earth and especially people who have now the opportunity and the chance to choose the reality that they want for them. It is a time of choice that is made in the heart and soul of each man. The Ascension of the planet and man is primarely a process, not an event for a day or year.

Accepting the exterior and interior changes with intention of raising vibration and consciousness and their Light and Love quotient, the mankind will be able to go through these changes to a new evolutionary stage of their existence on Earth. This requires a sincere desire and love light in our mind, heart and soul. It requires a solid foundation of inner balance to safely navigate these large and important changes.

Because of this evolutionary acceleration and increase of the vibration, the flow of time changes from a linear to a non-linear flow of time and to a permanent now moment.

The changes generally can produce fear and anxiety. It is important to learn to live with love, trust and joy. Love is the antidote to fear and also the key to entry into the New Earth and the New Energy.

It is not the end of the world or a time of destruction, even if humanity has passed very close to it. It is the end of an old energy and a system of things that will simply not work in the new energy and vibrancy and it is a beginning of a new cycle of cosmic evolution. It is a time when we must release the old energies of the past and karmic baggage of the 3rd dimension in the minimum percentage of 51% to continue our existence on the new Earth. Every soul is going through a period of cleansing and balancing of old karma because mankind is entering a period of great evolutionary acceleration.

It is an opportunity for graduation, renewal and of progress for the entire humanity. For this we need the unconditional love and forgiveness, openness of mind and heart, joy and passion for raising the vibration of thoughts and our being, of inner work and preparation. The physical body and the body cells and human DNA will be able to be transformed in this Ascension in a crystalline body. For this we must cooperate actively with the Ascension without opposing resistance. Resistance is primarily due to ego built on illusion and separation.

There are different “Ascension symptoms” which are actually signs of transformation in our bodies and their resistance to change. We need to incorporate enough Light in the body so that we would evolve into a higher being in the crystalline Light body. This requires preparation, personal effort and firm intention to work at three levels of our being: physical, psychological and spiritual. To achieve Heaven on Earth all three levels are necessary and essential.

Earth is heading towards Paradise which was at the beginning and from which humanity has fallen gradually in the ethereal density of the third dimension. All souls living on earth today, even if they does not remember consciously, chose before coming into this life to be here now.

It’s a great opportunity given by Divine decree and dispensation to pass along with the Earth in the 5th dimension beyond the duality and struggle of opposites and potentially free us from the cycle of incarnations in the 3-dimensional density. Everyone must discover the truth and follow his heart. Not that which is being said by one or another is important but especially what your heart has to tell you, because everyone has his own particular way.

Fortunately there is much help now provided to mankind and Earth. If you ask for divine help to Ascension, you will receive it. There is help from God, Light beings, angels and Ascended Masters who work “behind the scenes” for the good of mankind and planet Earth. It is more important than ever to ask for this help for without asking they cannot interfere with our free will. Ask and it will be given onto you, knock and it shall be opened onto you, seek and you shall find.

In coming years there will be many events, we will see and hear many unusual things, will be confusion and even chaos, but inner balance, Light and peace must be found and maintained.

The beginning of big transformations was marked by the winter solstice in 2012 when begins a new era of Light and Love, but they will continue with even greater intensity in the next 12 or 20 years, when, because of events and combination of exceptional cosmic alignments (Precession, the Solar System crossing the galactic plane and Galactic Center alignment, Photon Belt, the maximum solar activity), the Earth and mankind will have the possibility of a unique and unprecedented evolutionary leap. Light is growing right now. The Light exceeded the 50% threshold, being more powerful than the darkness that dominated the Earth so far.

Also the feminine energies will equal masculine energies, restoring balance to all levels including the cerebral hemispheres of man. Earth has long been and is still in quarantine. It is a birth of a New World, of a New everything, and that birth must be safeguarded. The quarantine is lifted. It will draw the curtain and contact with the Galactic Federation will officially become a reality for all mankind. Galactic Federation comprises a large number of civilizations with a high degree of development of consciousness.

Many people wonder how possibly can begin an era of love and Light when what we see and hear around us every day on all news channels, seems to prove otherwise. During the choosing or preparation time which we live, this is mandatory and inevitable. There is a pressure that pushes all that is hidden to surface, as all that stood up in individual and collective unconscious now to be put on the table for us to see, evaluate and choose. Absolutely none of those living on earth today is exempt from this assessment and choice whether we are fully aware of it or not.

Not all feel the changes and the energies in the same way; the change symptoms affect some more than others. It is therefore important that in these special times we live, each to be connected with his soul, to discover and follow the truth that resonates with in his heart.

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Peace and Aloha to a New Earth for EveryONE ॐ