2015 Taurus Full Moon Forecast – OMTimes Magazine

For the 2015 Taurus Full Moon, spend energy on your own physical reality. Check your heart, gut, your very cells, and what has happened in life recently. Source: 2015 Taurus Full Moon Forecast - OMTimes Magazine


Full Moon Healing Rite ~ OCTOBER 27, 2015

FULL MOON HEALING MEDITATION ~ HUNTERS FULL MOON Full moon meditation keynote: The disciples that face the light and stand within its radiance are blinded to the issues of the world of human beings; they pass on the Lighted Way to the great Centre of Absorption. But those who feel the urge to pass that [...]


It's a big celestial event this weekend: the Super-Blood-Harvest-Totally-Eclipsed Full Moon. Visible over all of North and South America, western Europe, and much of Africa, this will be a dazzling spectacle visible to hundreds of millions of stargazers. You don't need any equipment to see this event. The link below gives you more information and [...]

Blood Moon Tonight ~ October 8, 2014

Today's Blood Moon ~ October 8, 2014 The inner feelings of disturbance, the tiredness and the inner questioning of your path and purpose are a reflection of the strength of this full moon, blood moon, eclipse, accompanied by the present galactic shift to higher frequencies that we are collectively experiencing, all ideas, movements, and philosophies [...]


  Please note I will not be doing any horoscopes for the next 2 weeks, as I'm away on holiday in Orlando for a week from 15.9.2014 for my son's wedding there. ----- Not a great deal of planetary movement this week, although on Sunday Mars does move into enthusiastic, positive Sagittarius. The Sun is [...]

September 2014: The Grand Yod

Image 2 ~ Double Yod
Image 2 ~ Double Yod

More on the September 8, 2014, Full Moon …


As much as possible, I try to stick to the technical aspects of astrology on this blog. That means I avoid editorials. But, tonight, I am compelled to write an editorial.

I believe that we (collectively and individually) stand at a critically important fork in the road. It began in August and will continue at least through the end of September.  (Actually, it is a much larger period.)  I call this period the “Grand Yod of 2014.”  What makes it “grand” is the involvement of outer planets, namely Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto.  For some, the Full Moon of Monday September the 8th will be a particularly intense point.

Important to note is the fact that many of us often face turning points in our lives. But this one will be more noteworthy than most. The outcome is difficult to see. I can only tell you that…

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Ritual ~ Drawing Down The Moon

After the circle is cast, The High Priestess stands in front of the altar with her back to it. She holds the wand in her right hand and the scrounge in her left. She crosses her wrists and crosses the wand and scrounge above them while holding them close to her breast. The High Priest [...]


The FM is a Capricorn Moon / CANCER Sun FM. Looking at the positions of Jupiter and Pluto, I would estimate this to be more of a FM to “excess” than others are. People often take unnecessary and foolish risks during the summer, and this FM confirms that this weekend will be a dangerous one [...]


A Blood Moon is when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon, and when the Sun shines through the Earth’s atmosphere, it projects a reddish glow on the Moon. Ok, well that explains why it’s red, but you're still wondering about the spiritual significance ... okay, here goes: there was a prophecy relating [...]