Daily Words of the Buddha for April 21, 2018

Appakā te manussesu, ye janā pāragāmino. Athāyaṃ itarā pajā, tīramevānudhāvati. Ye ca kho sammadakkhāte dhamme dhammānuvattino te janā pāramessanti, maccudheyyaṃ suduttaraṃ. Few among people are those who cross to the farther shore. The rest, the bulk of people, only run up and down the hither bank. But those who act according to the perfectly taught [...]

Card of the Day – 2 of Cups – Saturday, April 21, 2018

Tarot by Cecelia

What a wonderful vibe the little monsters from Joanna Nelson’s Monstarot deck are giving off today. I truly hope we see this playing out on many levels. Balance and harmony feel like the theme of the day, and, of course, seeing it in one’s relationships is at the top of the list.

There are those who ALWAYS want to associate this card with love relationships, but it is so much more. We are another day past Mercury’s second retrograde of the year, so, yes, it is sort of ok to maybe go on that first date, but do not rush to commit just yet. Today’s 2 of Cups is more about the balance in relationships of all kinds. Bringing two sides together, who may not have previously seen eye-to-eye, and perhaps through an equal give-and-take, bringing them together in some form of harmony where they are finally on the same…

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Astrology | Taurus bull market time?

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

Happy Taurus Time April 19 2018 — May 20 

Taurus season Tara Greene Francesco_del_Cossacopyrightfree (2)

Taurus was once the first sign of the zodiac in Ancient Babylonian times, when the Vernal/Spring equinox began. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus who was known as ISHTAR. Because of the precession of the Equinoxes Aries is now the 1st sign of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere in Tropical astrology.

TAURUS ladies- the latest Bite Astrology Taurus organic lipstick is out now. I am the Astrology consultant for this amazing company.


During the month when the Sun soaks up Taurus energy we all slow down, we are primarily in our bodies, more grounded, and indulging our senses which can feel much more acutely.  Taurus is stable fixed earth, it is our body and resources. Taurus is stubborn and can be lazy, they like to be couch potatoes.  Known as nature lovers, Taurus do love to stop and…

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La’au Lapa’au | Vervain

The Wonky Pot Apothecary



Botanical Name Verbena Officinalis

Common Name Lemon Verbena, Pigeon Grass

Family Name Verbenaceae

Parts Used Leaves & Flowers

Habitat Vervain Is Found Growing In Abundance In The Wild All Over Europe, North Africa And Also In China And Japan. The Herb Is Grown Through Seedlings During Spring Or In Autumn And The Plant Flourishes In Soil That Does Not Allow Water To Stand And Prefers A Lot Of Sunlight..

Botanical DescriptionThis Perennial Herbaceous Plant Grows To Be About A Meter Tall And Has Simple Opposing Leaves. In Summer, It Has Tiny White, Pink, Purple Or Blue Five-petal Flowers That Sit Atop Delicate Spikes.

Harvesting Guidelines The Aerial Parts Of Vervain Are Useful For Its Therapeutic Properties And Are Normally Collected During The Summer When The Plants Are In Full Blossom


Volatile Oil (Including Citral), Bitter Glycosides (Including Iridoids – Verbenin, Verbenalin), Tannins, Alkaloids, Mucilage. …

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Daily Tarot | Card of the Day – The Chariot – Friday, April 20, 2018

Tarot by Cecelia


Like a boss! Recent weeks have been a bit of a struggle, perhaps due to Mercury’s recent retrograde, but the time has come for you to take charge of your life again. The Chariot card is one of victory and control, and, in some way, you are able to take hold of the reins and begin putting life back on track. Do take note, that the “track” you are on, while it is one of your choosing, is a new one, and not one to which you were previously accustomed. The new normal is beginning to set in, but you are in charge of it now, and, in some sense, moving forward is now an option.

In my audio today, I touch upon the reason there have been so few posts in recent weeks. As I gear up today to begin puttingthings back up to full speed, I can…

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Hauʻōli aloha Pōʻalīma

Hauʻōli aloha Pōʻalīma nā Kānāka ʻea! Nanēa kō ōukōu kanalua me kā ʻohāna ā me nā hōa aloha. Ē hōʻokāʻaʻīke pōmaikāʻi ā ōla kē aloha. Ō kā maluhia nō me ʻoe. Happy Aloha Friday, People! Enjoy your weekend with family and friends. Stay blessed and Live Aloha! Peace be with you.

Environment | Plans To Release Entire Fukushima Waste Into Ocean Confirmed By Tepco 

Tepco has confirmed it plans to release the radioactive material from the Fukushima plant into the ocean saying that the “decision has already been made”. The decision has an upset local fisherman who says the decision will kill their industry as a result of a massive loss of sea life.  [...] Read more at: https://www.social-consciousness.com/2017/07/plans-release-entire-fukushima-waste-into-ocean-confirmed-by-tepco.html 

La’au Lapa’au | Lemon Balm

The Wonky Pot Apothecary


Lemon Balm

Botanical Name Melissa Officinalis

Common Name Common Balm, Melissa, Sweet Balm, Citronmeliss (Swedish), Melisse (German), Meliza (Spanish).

Family Name Lamiaceae

Parts Used As With Most Medicinal Plants In The Mint Family, The Beneficial Extracts Are Made From The Oils Contained In The Leaves Of The Plant, And The Oils Are Easily Extracted Just By Crushing The Leaves.

Habitat: Lemon Balm, A Member Of The Mint Family, Is Native To Western Asia And Was Introduced Centuries Ago To Central And Southern Europe, Where It Is Now Common. Lemon Balm Was Also Introduced To Eastern North America And Is Now Naturalised Through Much Of That Range As Well As Parts Of The Pacific Coast. Lemon Balm Thrives In A Wide Range Of Conditions. It Spreads Both Vegetatively And By Seed. It Is A Hardy, Easy To Grow Plant That Can Become Weedy In The Garden. There Are Several Varieties…

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Foodstyles | Brownies from the Hearth

Hestia's Servant

browniesCan we talk brownies for a second? I mean….seriously. I love them. Not the cakey brownies but the dense, ooey gooey ones. The ones that….I make from scratch. Seriously, what kind of HearthKeeper doesn’t have skills in the kitchen? Okay…aside from my mother. She’ll tell you her culinary skills are limited to special feasting meals, and I’m not going to argue with her.

How I happened to come up with this is that one evening was while living in Western WA.  Friends of mine said they were going to drop in at the last minute. I totally needed to go grocery shopping and we lived out in the woods, so I made do with what I happened to have on hand because a HearthKeeper always has something to offer guests. I came up with some of the most incredible brownies ever….and I haven’t looked back since.

Warning: Only make these when you…

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Daily Tarot | Card of the Day – 8 of Swords – Thursday, April 19, 2018

Tarot by Cecelia

We do not see this card as often as we did back in the beginning of this blog. For so long, so many felt as though their hands were tied, and that solutions were not readily available. All of that has been changing, and the energies which have been present this week are designed to put you into a whole new chapter. Truly, the only one who can stop you is you.

If you are feeling restricted in any particular area, consider Saturn’s newly retrograde motion, in place through August 25. If you feel as though Saturn is not allowing you to make gains with an issue, an additional review of the situation may be necessary. It does not mean you are permanently stuck.

For most of you, it feels as though there is a sense of freedom here today, and that is likely due to Chiron having now moved…

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Hau’ōli aloha Pō’ahā

Aloha kākōu ā me aloha kākahiāka. Kona kūpanaha Pō’ahā. Hō’oūna aloha ī nā mea a pau o’ ōukōu. Loāʻa hē nūi lā kākōu. Ō kā maluhia nō me ʻoe. Hello and good morning. It’s a wonderful Thursday. Sending aloha to all of you. Have a great day, everyone. Peace be with you.

Daily Tarot | Card of the Day – Queen of Swords – Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Tarot by Cecelia

Yay, you! For the first time in a very long time, considering the New Moon in Aries was only three days ago, I am loving seeing this Queen of Swords appear for you. She does not feel at all cautionary when it comes to any type of negative verbal exchange. BS be gone! There is a great deal of clarity available to you today; even if Mercury is only newly direct, more of that Mercurial fog is lifting each day.

Today is a great day to press forward in an area where you felt your path was not totally clear. You are taking that Sword and clearing your own path today! Greater organization is possible, and, it is now easier to determine what your priorities truly are. Keep in mind that Mercury does not leave shadow until May 4, but you are now in a position to really do what…

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Daily Tarot | Card of the Day – The Hermit – Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tarot by Cecelia

Holy Moly! The proverbial tunnel! I am not sure how I explained this in the audio, but here goes… today, Chiron, the Wounded Healer, moves from Pisces to Aries. Saturn begins its yearly retrograde as well. We have some form of new beginnings going on here, perhaps not totally clear yet, but the Hermit is here to be our guide.

Today may very well be that emergence from that very long tunnel which went back for years. This new labyrinth which is appearing is not very menacing, and the light here shines brighter. When one comes out of a very long cycle it is a good idea to look around; you may even be questioning how it is that you arrived at this place. Take a little time out today for some quiet introspection to consider what this next part of your journey may hold. As much as we would…

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Daily Words of the Buddha for April 17, 2018

Aññā hi lābhūpanisā, aññā nibbānagāminī. Evametaṃ abhiññāya, bhikkhu buddhassa sāvako, sakkāraṃ nābhinandeyya, vivekamanubrūhaye. One is the quest for worldly gain, and quite another is the path to Nibbana. Clearly understanding this, let not the monk, the disciple of the Buddha, be carried away by worldly acclaim, but develop detachment instead. Dhammapada 5.75 The Dhammapada: The [...]

Pohaku La’au | “Take me! I am of great power”, The Illusive Hag Stone

E. Massey


In my twenty plus years of being a Witch I have never found a hag stone. However, my roommate who is also a practicing Witch has found more than she can count. What makes these stones show up more for one person and not another? To find out I started looking more into what they are and their history.

A Hag Stone is a stone with a natural hole through it and are believed to be magickal. These stones are believed to ward against spirits, bad luck, “Witchcraft”, sickness, and nightmares. They are also known to be windows or doorways to see “otherworlds”, such as the fairy realm. These magickal stones have as many names as they do powers and seem to have originated by their folk-lore and use in a particular region. Sometimes referred to as hex stones, serpent’s eggs, snake’s eggs, and Druids’ glass. However, the more common…

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Goodnight Moon Spell

DragonSoul Magic


Goodnight Moon Spell

A tarot card spell that will help you get closer to the moon 🌙 Perfect for moon/lunar/astrology witches! ** name based from the book Goodnight Moon

What you need ✨

  • Your tarot deck of choice
  • A glass of water
  • A candle (optional)
  • A window at night
  • An offering for the moon (optional)
  1. Get ready for bed (brush your teeth, wash your face, pajamas, etc)
  2. Get comfortable at a window in your home before bed
  3. Take 3 deep breaths or more if you need, clear your mind. Light a candle if you wish
  4. Start by talking to the moon, admire it, tell it about your day, soak up its energy. This should be relaxing. In this time present an offering (can be food, flowers, a crystal, etc)
  5. Take your tarot deck and shuffle. When ready, find the Moon card and take each card on either side…

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Pohaku La’au | Meaning and Healing of Turquoise


#Meaning #Healing #Blue #Turquoise #crystal #gem #stone #chakra #Introduce #placeoforigin #uses


Introduce of Turquoise

Turquoise, it is rare and valuable in finer grades and has been prized as a gemstone and ornamental stone for thousands of years owing to its unique hue. It’s a blend of the color blue and the color green, has some of the same cool and calming attributes. The color turquoise is associated with meanings of refreshing, feminine, calming, sophisticated, energy, wisdom, serenity, wholeness, creativity, emotional balance, good luck, spiritual grounding, friendship, love, joy, tranquility, patience, intuition, and loyalty.

Where Is the Turquoise Come From?

Most of Turquoise stones come from Australia, Iran, Afghanistan, Tibet and south-western USA. It may also be found in France, Arabia, Egypt, Britain, Poland, Russia, China, Peru and Mexico.

Main Chakra: Heart
Planet: Jupiter
Vibrates to the number: 4, 6 and 7
Element: Earth
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius

L7 Blue Turquoisise Beads

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Card of the Day – Page of Pentacles – Monday, April 16, 2018

Tarot by Cecelia

What an exciting card for a Monday! Mercury is now direct, and the New Moon in Aries is only a few hours old, so be sure to set those intentions. The Pages of the Tarot are messengers, bearing news of new beginnings in a particular area. The Page of Pentacles is concerned with manifestation, so give careful thought to what it is you wish to manifest.

It is still a bit early to commit to a new job, unless you are faced with no other options. However, today is a good day to start putting in those applications, mailing out those resumes, and, who know, maybe even going on an interview. The Page of Pentacles loves to bring in new job opportunities. If you are in a position to wait to commit, then do so, and give yourself until the 23rd to sign on the dotted line. This could be…

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