Tarot Contemplation – King of Wands (reversed)

When the King of Wands appears reversed, it indicates that you or someone around you is having trouble with authenticity.  It could be that you are having trouble knowing what you truly want or who you want to be.  You could be doing things that don’t feel aligned with your authentic self.  Someone else may seem like a phoney to you, perhaps a bit quick-tempered and/or self-righteous.  You may come across someone who is a real charmer, but does not follow up on his or her promises.  You may be using authenticity as an excuse to do whatever you want.  You, or someone around you, may have an attitude that says, “I am who I am, and if you don’t like it, I don’t give a damn.”  Though it is important to follow our inner light, doing so with lack of consideration may be ill-advised.  This card could also be a warning against risky behavior, such as gambling with your financial security or physical safety.  Ask yourself if you could survive the worst-case outcome of the risk you’re taking.  If not, a change of plans is in order.

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Source: Say Goodbye To Sciatic Nerve Pain In Just 10 Minutes With This Natural Method | Healthy Living 93

Daily Words of the Buddha for April 23, 2017

Pāli Word a Day for April 23, 2017 — parittāṇa — protection, shelter, refuge, safeguard, safety

Yadā have pātubhavanti dhammā
Ātāpino jhāyato brāhmaṇassa,
Athassa kaṅkhā vapayanti sabbā
Yato pajānāti sahetudhammaṃ.

When things become manifest
To the ardent meditating brahmin,
All one’s doubts then vanish since one understands
Each thing along with its cause.

Udāna 1.1
The Udāna and the Itivuttaka, trans. John D. Ireland

Tarot Contemplation – Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups represents a mature woman of fair complexion and golden hair who holds a lidded cup or chalice.  She is described as a model of a loving virtue, one who is purer of heart than most.  A loving mother.  A loyal friend.  She may see visions in her Cup.  However, she acts on what she sees and her activity feeds her dream.  She inspires you as a role model:  good, fair, honest, devoted.  She will be of service to you in employing her loving intelligence, gift of vision; success, happiness, pleasure, wisdom and virtue.  This woman could also represent the perfect spouse and a good mother.

Daily Words of the Buddha for April 22, 2017

Pāli Word a Day for April 22, 2017 — tulita — weighed, estimated, compared, gauged, considered

Yathā agāraṃ ducchannaṃ vuṭṭhī samativijjhati,
evaṃ abhāvitaṃ cittaṃ rāgo samativijjhati.

Just as rain breaks through an ill-thatched house,
so passion penetrates an undeveloped mind.

Dhammapada 1.13
The Dhammapada: The Buddha’s Path of Wisdom, translated from the Pali by Acharya Buddharakkhita

Tarot Contemplation – Ten of Swords

When the 10 of Swords appears, it is likely that the situation has become as bad as it possibly can.  This is rock bottom and enough is enough.  There is nowhere to go but up.  This card represents someone who has a great amount of self-pity, who feels like a martyr — like they’ve made huge sacrifices for others and received nothing in return.  If this is you, ask yourself what you gain by feeling like this.  Is feeling sorry for yourself helping you move forward?  If not, pick yourself up and get on with life.  Take the lessons you’ve learned with you so you don’t make the same mistakes again.

10 Universal Laws You Need To Know For Successful Manifestation – SoulSpring – SoulSpring – A hub for conscious insights on all things life, wellness, love, transformation and spirituality

Recently, there has been a lot of hype about The Law of Attraction. People are writing about it as though it is something new, however, this is not the case.  The Law of Attraction and all other universal laws have existed since the beginning of time. The creation of all that is, our entire existence, is governed by subtle laws that exist in the universe. We cannot see them however we know that they are present. …

Source: 10 Universal Laws You Need To Know For Successful Manifestation – SoulSpring – SoulSpring – A hub for conscious insights on all things life, wellness, love, transformation and spirituality

Tarot Contemplation – Two of Swords (reversed)

The Two of Swords reversed could mean making a decision based on our emotions or using faulty logic.  You may feel emotionally pressured to make a decision or take action, and do so against your own best judgment.  You may have ideas about what is right in a situation, but keep quiet so as not to make things complicated for yourself.  This card could also appear when you are giving someone the silent treatment in order to manipulate their feelings or behavior.  Ask yourself if you are really being fair in this relationship, or if you are only acting in your own interest.