HPS Lana Generao, 18th dan Reiki Grandmaster

HPS Victoria Lanakila Generao, 18th dan Reiki Grandmaster, is the Founder of Halau ‘Aha Hui Lanakila and a High Priestess of the Alpha et Omega Order of Melchizedek. She is also an initiated Hereditary Baybalin Shaman in the Philippine healing tradition.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree, a Law degree, and is an Ordained Minister with Ph.D degrees in Divinity, Metaphysics and Religious Philosophy. She is adept in well over 100 energyworking and healing modalities.


There are periods in our lives when we feel “out of control” and unsure of how we should exactly move forward.  If you only somehow knew the karmic repercussions of a choice of action that’s been bounced constantly around inside your mind … you could find the inner peace to move on and face the challenges in your life with renewed energy and enthusiasm.


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● You will discover exactly what you need to do to change it or make it better


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Testimonial Feedback On Lana’s Aloha Spirit Messages

  • Ashley Fritz, Lebanon, OR What wonderful, amazing news. Thank you so so so so so much!!!!
  • Elpida Zotou — Victoria Lanakila Generao, thank you so much for your messages! I can relate to them a lot! I really appreciate your time and energy! I’m grateful for your help!! Many blessings to you  I would like to thank you again for your reading and give me these messages which I found them really spot on and very helpful!! I appreciate your time and energy! Many blessings to you 
  • Ash Lea  —Thank you so much. I really needed this encouragement xx
  • Melissa Grantham, Coventry, UK Victoria Lanakila Generao, darn lady, you’re great; just what i needed to hear right now; ur spot on with the listening to others n not myself enough – wow  thank you 
  • Victoria Yt, North Carolina, USA — “I would like to take this time to thank the group for having Victoria Lanakila Generao as an approved reader. My session with her was uplifting to my melancholy state. She led me with directives through my inner self and came to help me realize the core root of some issues I have been dealing with. She was very intuitive, gentle with me in my current state, but also truthful. She gave me suggestions as well to help me move forward. You would be very blessed to spend time with her. I look forward to more time with her.”
  • Alisha Genille, Virginia Beach, VA — “That was most insightful. I am so impressed. You are spot on. Thank you so much 
  • Michelle Eggers Griffin — Yes I was, affected me pretty deep. I’m a Taurus, I say determined, others say stubborn.I know the safe places in my garden, gives me space to just be. I survived the crisis. It must be new beginning as I made it thru the ending and am finally comfortable where I am. Sigh, tough I can do. New beginnings may be tougher. Thank you so much for your time and energy ! You are so correct in your thoughts. I’ve much to meditate on and I will be strong. Love light and gratitude, many blessings.”
  • Toni Leann, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia — “Hello like to say big thank you for the reading..it gives me some hope to grab hold off…bless you xxx.
  • Amy Florez — “Thank you, Victoria Lanakila Generao. I have been going through a break up going on 2 months and it’s been very hard for me especially knowing he is with someone else already. But what you told me I have hope and happiness and looks like a new man coming into my life I hope I am reading this right . I truly appreciate you 
  • Bianca Perumal, Phoenix, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa“Wow Victoria, thank you so much, huni. I do love this guy so much. I somehow feel he is my happy ever after as i was in a messed up situation before meeting him however he made me forget it all. I just need to know if he would be would ever be with me. I love him so much.”
  • Terrina Rowan — “Thank you so much for your time..you definitely hit on some key points! i will resonate on your thought’s
    blessings, Victoria!”
  • SherDawn Barkhouse Thompson — Ty, I cant believe how on point you are,there is something I have been fiddleing with in my head,today in fact I was thinking of just letting it go as another lost dream..ty for restoring this for me, you are awesome, and I may consider a full read soon with you,you are awesome!!”
  • Lisa A Green Schmidt, Realtor This is so on point! I am amazed how u picked up all that from my pic!! Everything u said is absolutely true and exactly what ive been thru! Wow u r awesome I really appreciate your time for me! He is my very first bf when I was 17 he cheated then got her pregnant and fast forward 22 years we rekindle 7 years ago!! Love of my life but the most difficult guy I’ve ever dealt with! I hope to spend the rest of my life with him!! Tytyty xoxoxo 
  • Jilly Reynolds — Thank you from the heart love and light . Merry Christmas to you and your love ones xx”
  • Kristina Ann Veronica Bergmann, Buffalo, NY — Victoria Lanakila Generao, Thank you so much stay blessed❤️”
  • Kayla Dineen, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, UK“Thankyou so much Victoria Lanakila Generao. Beautiful xx”.  “Again, an absolutely amazing read from Victoria Lanakila Generao!! She is an amazing reader and beautiful soul ❤️ thankyou so much xx”
  • Riana Arendse — Thank you Victoria Lanakila Generao. So true…you are spot on with this information. Thank you”
  • Yolanda Aviles Maneclang, Pittsburg, CA — Victoria Lanakila Generao ganon po b! Thanks din po…peace be with you din po…”