Healing Requests


gaia_in_fuschiaReiki Box ~ Requested Healings

E ku i ka mana kakou ~  The Halau is In Service to YOU, Our Community

Please use this form to submit names to The Halau’s Comfort Healing Intentions List.  Names submitted will be incorporated into our Comfort List, where each named individual receives a specifically directed Reiki energy healing from The Halau’s active Practitioners.


Specific requests for Reiki workings begin at $100.00 USD (click on link to remit)  Beyond our initial session, we would require communication with you via Skype to further clarify the nature of your healing request.


Ho’okupu donation of $10.00 (click on link to remit) for REIKI BOX SUBMISSIONS ONLY can be remitted via PayPal.



We are always grateful for your faith and trust in the healing services provided by The Halau.  Peace be with you.

Mahalo pumehana oukou.  O ka maluhia no me oe!



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