Chakra Affirmations


Evoking The Great Spirit

O Great Creator, I come before you in a humble manner and offer you this sacred pipe. With tears in my eyes and an ancient song from my heart I pray. To the four powers of Creation, To the Grandfather Sun, To the Grandmother Moon, To the Mother Earth, And to my ancestors. I pray for my relations in Nature, All those who walk, crawl, fly, and swim, Seen and unseen, To the good spirits that exist in every part of Creation. I ask that you bless our elders and children, families, and friends, and the brothers and sisters who are in prison. I pray for the ones who are sick on drugs and alcohol and for those who are now homeless and forlorn. I also pray for peace among the four races of humankind.

May there be good health and healing for this Earth,
May there be Beauty above me, May there be Beauty below me,
May there be Beauty in me, May there be Beauty all around me.
I ask that this world be filled with Peace, Love, and Beauty.


Energywork:  Metaphysical Explanations Of Specific Physical Aches, Pains And Sicknesses – In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database 

Spread the ALOHA

As many people in the spiritual world know, everything happens for a reason. It becomes a lot easier to understand why things happen when we can see it from a metaphysical perspective. The following is a reference list for physical aches, pains, and illnesses, along with what your body is trying to […]

Source: Metaphysical Explanations Of Specific Physical Aches, Pains And Sicknesses – In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database : In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

Evocation to The Great Spirit


Great Spirit, Almighty Healer and Creator of all things that surround us, it is with humbled hearts that we gather to offer up many thanks. So often we have taken things for granted and have not opened our eyes to the beauty that you have created. We send this prayer of thanks for the many blessings and gifts you have given. We thank you for the storms of life that give us strength to our spirit. We thank you for the rains that shower thirsty lands. We thank you for the lightning that provides the nitrates for a fertile soil. We thank you for the sacredness of the seasonal cycle, the four colors and the four corners. We thank you for the sacred circles found throughout the Universe to the bird nests among the trees. We thank you for the trees that supply us with the air to breathe. For the rushing waters flowing from the snow-capped mountains that hydrate our aging bodies, we thank you. We thank you for the calmness of the lakes and oceans in the early morning hours. We thank you for the smell of the salt air as we stand upon the shore, watching the gracefulness of the waves gently moving across the sand.

We thank you for the many miracles you have brought to your children. We thank you for the many herbs and plants that supply us with cures for our diseases and disorders. We thank you for the precious gift of life. We thank you for our Elders that teach us the importance of life and overcoming the impossible. May we give them the respect they deserve. We thank you for our children that show us the innocence and lessons we have long forgotten. May we erect an unbreakable foundation for our children to build upon. We thank you for family and friends that support us in our time of need. We thank you for the spirit that connects all living things. We thank you for the wisdom we find in our hearts. We thank you for our ancestors that continue to watch over us and give us the answers we need. We thank you for your forgiveness when we have brought dishonor to you. We thank you for your strength and your guidance as we stand against those that continue to wantonly destroy your creation.

We thank you for the early morning dew as it drips from the leaves. We thank you for Grandfather Sun as he send us warmth and light. We thank you for Grandmother Moon as she watches over us during our slumber. We thank you for Father Sky as he protects us throughout the day and night. We thank you for Mother Earth as she gives us all we need to survive. We thank you for all two-leggeds, four-leggeds, swimmers, fliers and crawlers that interact with us each day. We thank you for the beauty of the wolf, the grace of the horse, the power of the bear, and the strength of the eagle. May we take these qualities and bring back balance to an unbalanced world.

Shamanic Animal Appearing … Elephant (resoluteness)

Elephant’s message: Keep a steady pace and don’t give up. You will overcome any obstacle.


The Elephant is certainly a strong creature/   But even bigger than its strength is its steadiness.  Yes, the Elephant can charge and hit hard.  But, it overcomes obstacles thanks to its resoluteness and determination.  This is the message this spirit is delivering now:  Be determined and keep a steady pace  Not too fast, not too slow. See it as a formidable force, which is unstoppable.  Like an avalanche, no obstacle can resist it.  If you are facing a daunting challenge, even if you are tired, don’t get discouraged. By going forward, one step at a time, you will go through it successfully.  And you may even learn a thing or two in the process, as the Elephant is also a very wise being.

From “The Way of Walking Alone” by Miyamoto Musashi

The “Dokkōdō” (Japanese: 独行道?) (“The Path of Aloneness”, “The Way to Go Forth Alone”, or “The Way of Walking Alone”), is a short work written by Miyamoto Musashi (宮本 武蔵) a week before he died in 1645. It consists of either nineteen or twenty-one precepts; precepts 4 and 20 are omitted from the former version. “Dokkodo” was largely composed on the occasion of Musashi giving away his possessions in preparation for death, and was dedicated to his favorite disciple, Terao Magonojō (to whom the earlier Go rin no sho [The Book of Five Rings] had also been dedicated), who took them to heart. “Dokkōdō” expresses a stringent, honest, and ascetic view of life.

Japanese Mythology – Myth Encyclopedia – god, story, legend, names, ancient, tree, famous, animal, world, Chinese

The mythology of Japan has a long history dating back more than 2,000 years. It became part of two major religious traditions: Shinto, an indigenous religion, and Buddhism, which developed in India and came to Japan from China and Korea.  […]

Source: Japanese Mythology – Myth Encyclopedia – god, story, legend, names, ancient, tree, famous, animal, world, Chinese

La’au Lapa’au:  Plants in Mythology – Myth Encyclopedia – Greek, god, story, legend, names, ancient, tree, snake, norse, world, Chinese

In many cases, human life ends with death and burial in the ground. Plants are just the opposite. They emerge from the earth and draw nourishment from it. For this reason, many mythological traditions associate plants with birth or rebirth and with the eternal cycle of life springing forth from death.

The magical plant or herb of immortality sought by Gilgamesh, the hero of ancient Mesopotamian mythology, provides one example of how myths use plants as symbols of life and of the healing power of nature. However, because some plants yield poisons and some die in winter, plants can also represent death and decay.

Various trees, shrubs, herbs, grains, flowers, and fruit appear in myths and legends as general symbols of rebirth, decay, and immortality. Some plants have acquired much more specific meaning in folklore.  […]

Source: Plants in Mythology – Myth Encyclopedia – Greek, god, story, legend, names, ancient, tree, snake, norse, world, Chinese

Babaylan Knowledge: A Complete Tutorial About Herbal Medicine in the Philippines

Certain herbs, even some fruits are used as traditional and alternative medicine in the Philippines. This Buzzle article presents information on some popular medicinal plants, which are approved by the Department of Health, Philippines.  […]

Source: A Complete Tutorial About Herbal Medicine in the Philippines

The Academic Circle: Philippine Gods and Goddesses

The deities of Philippine mythology are the gods, goddesses and diwatas worshiped by ancient Filipinos before the Christianization of the natives after the Spanish conquest of the Philippines. While not as widely known as its European and Asian counterparts, they have similar elements and characteristics when compared to other mythologies.  […]

Source: The Academic Circle: Philippine Gods and Goddesses

Shamanic Animal Appearance – The Phoenix (Rebirth)

Message from the Phoenix: “Get rid of the past and start afresh.”

The spirit of the Phoenix is very powerful.  This mythical animal is able to burn entirely and resurrect from its own ashes.  It is not a gentle process, but it can lead to very drastic changes by erasing all burdens from the past and starting anew. You may go through a similar process right now, or in the near future.  Don’t be afraid, though.  Even if it may sound like a bumpy ride, your soul is certainly calling for it. The Phoenix is a bold, indestructible being – just as you are! Those who use this ally are strong enough to create rapid transformation in their lives, quickly letting go of dead energies and accessing aa whole new set of opportunities. Thanks to this daring approach, many doors may open at once. Don’t get overwhelmed by all those potentials and take a bit of time to study all your options. Keep in mind the only way forward is full steam!

Tibet’s Secret Temple: The Long-Hidden Tantric Murals of Lukhang Palace – Adept Initiates

Tibet’s Secret Temple:  The Long-Hidden Tantric Murals of Lukhang Palace

On an island in a pond behind the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet sits the Lukhang Temple, or “Temple to the Serpent Spirits,” a secret meditation space created by the Dalai Lama in the 17th century. For hundreds of years, this temple was closed to anyone but the Dalai Lama himself. Vibrant murals covered its walls, depicting yogis in impossible-looking poses, gurus and kings, crystals surrounded by rainbows, and the vagina that gave birth to the world. Used to initiate Dalai Lamas into yogic and tantric practices in the Dzogchen school of Tibetan Buddhism, very few got to see these murals. Now, though, images of these long-hidden murals are accessible the world over, thanks to American photographer Thomas Laird, who in the spring of 1986 was the first to ever shoot inside this sacred chamber. A new exhibit at London’s Wellcome Collection, Tibet’s Secret Temple: Body, Mind and Meditation in Tantric Buddhism, puts life-size digital facsimiles of the Lukhang’s murals and their esoteric teachings on display. The temple itself was constructed as a three-dimensional mandala, a sacred geometrical shape representing the Buddhist universe, with three tiers represent the […]

Source: Tibet’s Secret Temple: The Long-Hidden Tantric Murals of Lukhang Palace – Adept Initiates

Planetary Meditation: Help Calm Hurricane Irma

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See you in the Planetary Crystalline Grid!

Hurricane Irma, a category 5 and one of the strongest storms ever recorded
in the Atlantic with winds of up to 185 miles an hour, is now in Caribbean
and heading towards the United States.

The devastating affects of a powerful hurricane can be greatly minimized through divine intervention and our unification as an ‘enlightened group harmonic’, that is vibrating from omnipresent awareness.

Therefore, as one Group Avatar, we are invoking intervening assistance to help shift the reflective strength of Hurricane Irma and its potential path of destruction.

We are projecting our consciousness right into the eye of the storm as we pulsate the vibration of love and transformation.

* We acknowledge the presence of God and the universal source of creation as the mighty sustaining grace of each and every fulfilling action.

* Our highest alignment is with Divine Will as the mighty qualifier of this transmission and its final outcome.

* We know that humanity is undergoing great soul initiation and all will unfold in accordance to the highest good of all concerned.


If you feel called, please add your presence of light
to this 15-minute transmission and as soon as possible!


You may live stream, however it is recommended to
download the guided audio to your own device.

Shamanic Animal appearing … Mother Spider

“You are the architect of your life. Be creative!”

Mother Spider is a very powerful spirit.  Far from the ugly critter image we usually depict her to be, she is a masterful creator.  The Spider is certainly one of the most talented architects in Nature and symbolizes art and creativity.  If the Spider is coming to you today, it is encouraging you to express yourself in a creative form.  It is also reminding you that you are the creator of your life.  We all constantly weave complex mental, emotional and social patterns.  How does your web look?  Clean and structured?  Or, rough and messy?  Maybe it is time to use your creative power to bring harmony back into your life, and to focus again on what is important.  As the creator of your reality, you have the power to consciously weave the life of your dreams.  Ask the Spider to guide you in this process.  As a side note, spiders are also wonderful living parents.  Some species do not hesitate to offer their own body so that their babies can feed.  This is certainly the ultimate sacrifice a mother could make for her children!  So please, next time you see a spider in your house, do not kill it.  Thank it for its creative message … and if you don’t want it as your guest, put it gently outside.

Shamanic Animal Appearing … Python

Python’s message: You can heal yourself and others.

Th spirit of the Snake is presented to you as a symbol of healing.  Since ancient times, this sacred animal has always been associated with medicine and healers.  This sign means that you have a strong potential as a healer, whatever technique or approach you may feel attracted to.  It might be the right time to explore this by practicing and offering your services to the world.  Healing is a process of transmuting energy.  Among certain native tribes, initiation rites consist of being bitten by a venomous snake:  if the initiate survived by transmuting the venom, then the healer’s path could be followed.  We can all heal our lives by transforming negative energies.  For the good of our physical health of course, but also to enhance our relationships and to soften our emotional responses and past wounds.  Never forget:  When you heal yourself, you can heal the world.  If you are currently confronted with health issues, the Python is a sign of a positive outcome.