La’au Lapa’au | Lemon Balm

The Wonky Pot Apothecary


Lemon Balm

Botanical Name Melissa Officinalis

Common Name Common Balm, Melissa, Sweet Balm, Citronmeliss (Swedish), Melisse (German), Meliza (Spanish).

Family Name Lamiaceae

Parts Used As With Most Medicinal Plants In The Mint Family, The Beneficial Extracts Are Made From The Oils Contained In The Leaves Of The Plant, And The Oils Are Easily Extracted Just By Crushing The Leaves.

Habitat: Lemon Balm, A Member Of The Mint Family, Is Native To Western Asia And Was Introduced Centuries Ago To Central And Southern Europe, Where It Is Now Common. Lemon Balm Was Also Introduced To Eastern North America And Is Now Naturalised Through Much Of That Range As Well As Parts Of The Pacific Coast. Lemon Balm Thrives In A Wide Range Of Conditions. It Spreads Both Vegetatively And By Seed. It Is A Hardy, Easy To Grow Plant That Can Become Weedy In The Garden. There Are Several Varieties…

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Earth Magic | Dark (New) Moon Tools



The various Tools we use in WitchCraft just may hold and contain imbedded psychic noise

Vibrations of one kind or another

This takes place from using the Tools or from other people touching and handling them

They leave behind on the Tool a piece of themselves that lingers and could very well prevent a Spell from going in the direction you would like

It is also advisable to cleanse the Tools after each use in which you will find some very good and successful ways of doing so


During the Dark Moon of any given month which is the 3 days/nights before the New Moon arrives which is where we are now


Sunday 15 April 2018 9:57p EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME

Take each Tool individually on one of the Dark Moon Nights

Get a piece of Black Cloth for each Tool

Place the Tool…

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Spirituality | Altars and Sacred Space


sacred space

Creating an Altar or Sacred Space is one of the best ways to raise the energy and vibration of your home. It can be as simple or elaborate as you like, with whatever belief system you follow, incorporated into it. Ideally a sacred space is a place of interaction, where energy can flow in and out. It is a space of speaking to the Divine, Ancestors, Spirit Guides and in return hearing them speak to us.

You can choose items that you cherish for your space, incorporate the four elements, crystals, pictures, statues, let it be a reflection of you and the Divine energies you would like to call upon and work with. Choose items that provide inspiration or help with focus, bless and speak to them, thank them for coming into your life. This is after all, a ‘working’ space, where we desire transformation to occur, to connect and…

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Spirituality | Are Offerings Really Necessary?

The Witch & Walnut

cherry blossomsGood morning everyone, happy hump day to you all.

I recently was asked a really great question from a lovely lady who is starting on her Witchcraft journey which has prompted me to share more on this topic.

She kindly shared with me that she had performed her first spell, a simple spell and had success with it… This is wonderful and what better way to start your journey off but with success!

But what happens when you haven’t left an offering? You truly have no safe space or designated area or time to do this? What then? And ultimately who are we leaving this offering for?

This is a reality for a lot of people, no place to leave offerings, no where private so what do you do? I think the first step is the fact that simply acknowledging this is a step in the right direction and working…

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Celtic Lore | Dragon Runes

DragonSoul Magic

In Dragon Magic, one form of divination are the Dragon Runes (aka Druatch Runes). They were envisioned and created by Isedon Goldwing in April 2001. Isedon said they were “a set that I have come across through re-memory/trance/channeling/whatever you want to call it…”

The Druatch language that the names for the runes come from, is based on memories from others who have the past experiences of dragons as well, by finding the words appropriate to the idea behind the rune, the names were created, through continuing meditation and assigned appropriately.

I plan on making a set for myself using wood circles and burning the images onto each piece.  I feel that using something that is natural to make my runes would connect me better to them.  You could also use your favorite stones!

23172875_1214547925355319_7017203201080664925_nRatanen – Fog Dream. Represents the mists of all that was, is, or will be, and made…

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Magic | Invocation To Connect with Dragons in meditation

DragonSoul Magic


“Power beings of the Dragon realm I call out to you today. Come forward now as I offer you my light and ask that you enter my dream state and show me your guidance at this time.

Please assist me in understanding the wisdom you have to offer humanity and to use this information wisely. I ask that you guide me and protect me along my soul journey (if there is anything specific you want the Dragons to help you with you can state it here). Thank you for your bright blessings. Blessed Be.”



After saying the invocation, make sure you aren’t going to be disturbed.

Close your eyes and relax, clear your mind and take your awareness to your breath. Allow your breath to relax you, taking you deeper into a meditative state and imagine you are surrounded in bright white light.

You can play gentle music…

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Pohaku La’au | Crystals for Beginners

Shelby Morgan

In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.” -Nikola Tesla

img_0753 My personal collection of stones! I have many smaller palm stones as well, but I typically keep them scattered and in different places depending on how I’m feeling.

So you’re giving into the hype and you want to know what this whole crystal thing is all about. I don’t blame you! They make for beautiful decor and they’re something tangible that you can refer to for specific feelings, ailments, or imbalances. Don’t let people make you think that crystals are for witches or people who worship satan…. because those things have absolutely nothing to do with crystals in the slightest. People of all religions, beliefs, and ages can use crystals in their every day lives.

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Elemental Magic | Finding Your Element

Wolf Of Antimony Occultism

There are four classical elements that are known to make up the world which are fire, earth, air, and water. Every person has an affinity to all of these elements, and the fifth element spirit, though there is usually an element that you work better with, and that you are more attuned to. This elemental attunement is connected to your physical, and etheric being through different energies that are brought into you through cosmic forces, and your higher spiritual being, along with the inherent energies of your lower bodies. By finding your element you will be able to understand more about yourself through the elemental associations, and how those elements choose to manifest in your being. By working more closely with that element in your magical practice you may find that through working with it, and its aspects your manifestation will go more smoothly, because of how balanced, and aligned you are with that elemental manifestation. Finding your element…

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Lāʻau Lāpaʻau | Aloe Vera

The Wonky Pot Apothecary


Herb: Aloe

BOTANICAL NAME: Aloe Vera Syn. A. Barbadensis

COMMON NAME: Aloe, True Aloe, Burn Plant And Lily Of The Desert.

FAMILY NAME liliaceae


PARTS USED: Both The Gel And The Latex From The Leaves Of Aloe Are Used Medicinally But For Quite Different Purposes. Whether Using Raw Aloe Or Purchasing A Prepared Remedy, One Should Be Careful In Distinguishing Between The Latex And The Gel.

The Gel Is The Pulpy, Transparent Content Of The Split-open Leaves And Familiar To Anyone Who Has Used Aloe To Treat Kitchen Burns. The Latex Is A Yellowish Sap Found Closer To The Inner Skin Of The Leaves And Which Drains When The Leaves Are Cut Open. The Latex Is Also Known As ‘aloe Bitters’ And Is Used To Make ‘aloe Water’ Or Dried Into A Powder. It Is Highly Laxative!

NATIVE REGION: Aloe Vera Is Native To Southern Africa…

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Light Body Activation | Only listen when you are ready!  Binaural Beats+Subliminal Meditation

You have forgotten you, but are continuing to remember. Your LightBody gives you access to you in your truest and purest form. The human mind "learns" and the soul REMEMBERS as an energetic body of consciousness. These too are in direction opposition to each other, yet have a nexus point where infinity meets in the [...]

ʻAumakūa | Raven

The magic dandelion

“The raven
Some native tribes refer to the Raven as the ‘keeper of secrets’. They are linked to the void, where universal secrets are kept.

Obviously, their black colour is the colour linked to darkness, the place where unconscious fear resides. Ravens are master magicians and represent transformational energy, revealing to us how to rid ourselves of our inner fears.

Raven will show you how to go within in yourself, into the dark areas and then illuminate them, making you ‘sparkle’ and bringing out your true self.

Inner conflicts should then be resolved, however long buried they are this is the deepest healing.”

“People once believed that when someone dies, a crow carries their soul to the land of the dead. But sometimes, something so bad happens that a terrible sadness is carried with it and the soul can’t rest. Then sometimes, just sometimes, the crow can bring that soul…

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Pohāku Laʻāu | Lava Stone

Crystalline Creations JA

Lava Stone (also known as Basalt or Lava Rock) is igneous volcanic rock. It has solidified from molten lava be exposed to conditions of intense heat and pressure. Lava stone is a grounding stone that strengthens one’s connection to the earth, it gives us strength and courage while allowing us stability through times of change.

A calming stone, it is very useful in dissolving anger. It promotes positive changes when needed in behavioral issues and is a great aid in fertility. It is a wonderful essential oil diffuser, simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and enjoy its added therapeutic benefits.

Lave stone is oldest and most frequently found stone in the world, it is used by nearly and endless amount of cultures. Since lava stone is known for its grounding qualities it is wonderful for calming emotions and because it comes from raw energy it is…

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Those wonderful little things called Spells used for Centuries by some very cunning people

A Spell can be simple

Written out thrice as a Charm on a piece of Virgin Parchment Paper

Folded 9x

Then burned in the Flames of a fierce Fire or tossed into the Magickal Waters of a Cauldron


feminine qualities
psychic powers

sexual energy

mental agility

political power



For yourself…

Create the right environment such as a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed to Cast the Spell

Assemble your Magickal Tools

Pentacle etc

Important to get into the right frame of mind if you cannot turn…

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Cardamom – The Queen of Spices



Native to certain parts of India, the spice has been popular for 5000 years and is referred to as the “Queen of Spices”. The use of this spice is mentioned in the Vedic texts and the ancient Ayurveda inscriptions of India. Even the ancient Greeks, Romans and Arabs had used this spice for its aphrodisiac qualities and other health benefits.

5 Health Benefits of Cardamom

-Improves Digestion – Cardamom has carminative properties that help in the digestion process. It reduces flatulence and bloating and helps treat colic and stomach cramping. Plus, it increases bile flow, which in turn improves digestion of fats as well as other nutrients.

-Beats Bad Breath – Packed with antibacterial properties, cardamom can easily fight the germs that cause bad breath. Plus, it has a strong flavor and a pleasant smell that can beat bad breath.

-Body Detox – Being rich in antioxidants, cardamom also aids detoxification by removing…

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Sentient Witch


A lot of people make this far more complicated than it actually is and many people do not fully understand the aims of these so in turn do not really benefit form the power of them.

What are correspondences?

The simple and plain answer is that they are a little bit like an anchor or a trigger used to stimulate a certain emotional state, especially useful for setting the right intention.

They come in many forms and can be:

·        Olfactory (smell)

·        Taste

·        Visual

·        Auditory

·        Tactile as in touch

For example, if I was to say to you think of the colour red, everyone would visualise something red, a phone box, a sheet of red paper, a red stop sign, a heart and so. When the person visualises the colour, it will have a different emotional value presented by life…

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Spring Equinox Ritual – The Burning & Drowning of Winter

The Witch & Walnut

spring equinox ritualWishing you all a happy and prosperous Spring. May all your dreams become a reality, nurture them, love them, give them attention. Don’t just stand back and hope for the best, this is the time to make your life what you want it to be and make it grow. Time to shed the darkness off and shake off sleepiness, walk on the warming earth and lose yourself in the sounds of nature.

During the Autumn Equinox I prepare a doll that represents the dark half of the year, this doll stays close by and it is fed, nurtured, talked to, symbolic of and accepting of “death” my dark side and the winter season. Allowing the dark half the year to settle in and work in tandem with it. When she sits on my altar its on a bed of garlic skins and bay leaves that have been written upon and…

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A Wish is the seed of a Spell

The expression of what you want to reap

It is not enough just to hope or fantasize about your personal desire

To turn what you want into reality you have to transform your wish into a Spell

But that’s not all…

For a successful outcome you must take action

For example we will use a Love Spell

In order for that Love Spell that you Cast to be carried out you must put yourself out there where Love can find you

Sitting at home anticipating the arrival of Love to just knock on your door well let’s say this the Spell will not work

Magickal Spells work hand in hand with some very simple down to earth actions that we need to take in order to create opportunities and open the doors to success

Once you have decided on the Spell…

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Actinolite or The Starry Stone

Anima Mundi Crystals

Actinolite or The Starry Stone is a member of the amphibole silicate mineral family. It comes in many shades of green and forms in needle like crystal formations.

Actinolite_-_Mendocino_County,_California,_USA Spiritually : The actinolite supports us in case of spiritual re-orentation. Helps establish new objectives and favors the start of a new action. Actinolite favors the quality of being fair and impartial.

Subconsciously : Brings to the surface the knowledge of our own strength. Reinforces the feeling of self esteem and stimulates the inner-equilibrium , patience and the sense of the “right time”.

bdabb2f0ed0b52a25258a7d5f3cb03d386816f35 Actinolite in quartz.

Mentally : Actinolite brings focus to projects one has going on in, and helps a person stay on the path to achieve goals.

Physically : The actinolite stimulates the hepatic and renal functions including all the growing and synthesis process.

_MG_1037 Application : The Actinolite has a slow process effect, that is why it will have to…

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Sigil Magick 101

Wolf Of Antimony Occultism


Sigil magick is a powerful, and practical occult art form that can be used to manifest your desires. By understanding the practices, and theory behind sigil magick you will be able to learn this practice for yourself, and bring it into your life, and working. This will be written from my understanding of sigil magick, and will be based not only in chaos magick, but from the perspective of other practitioners, and paradigms that I have gained understanding from, because of this it will be very eclectic, and syncretic in nature, and will hopefully provide a very good overview of sigil magick as a whole. This is a practice that can be very fun, creative, and practical and we’ll be able to help you in many aspects of your life, if you are willing to go through the process of learning it.

What are sigils:

The concept of a sigil can be a pretty…

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Simple Way to Make Herbal Tinctures

Geranium Smiles


During the recent new moon, I decided to prepare chaga mushroom and wormwood tinctures, powerful healing and cleansing herbal extracts. I wanted to share with you how simple it is to make tinctures at home using any of your favorite herbs (fresh, dried, or powdered).  🌱🎨

Here is one simple way to do it:

  Chop up fresh or dried herbs (roots and barks might be a bit more difficult to chop so just do your best and don’t worry about the size of the pieces).

  If you would like, start your herbal extraction during the new or full moon to take advantage of the moon’s power.

  Place your herbs into a glass jar and pour 40% vodka, rum, or brandy over the herbs so that the alcohol covers them completely.

  Close the jar and shake it every day to help the healing components…

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