Na ‘Oli: The Waterfall of Nu’uanu

Nuuanu Waterfall

I laila i nā pali ʻike ai
Ka wailele ʻo Nuʻuanu
E hoʻokahe pau ʻole
He wai nō ia e iho ai
E ka’aka’a kou maka e ʻike ai
Ke kahe nei ka wailele pahihi
ʻOle mai nō
He kahe mau nō ia


There on the cliffs can be seen
The waterfall of Nu`uanu
It never stops flowing
It just keeps coming down
The waterfall is flowing
It keeps on flowing
Never locked
It flows forever

Hau’oli aloha Pō’ahā

Aloha kākahiāka a me Hau’oli Pō’ahā kākou.  Ho’ouna aloha i na mea a pau o’ ōukōu.  I lā nani nōu kākou.  O ka maluhia no me ‘oe.

Good Morning and a Happy aloha Thursday to you all. Sending aloha to all of you. Have a beautiful day everyone. Peace be with you.

Aloha and Law Of Attraction: Respond To Life, Instead Of Overreacting To It

At the very core of Life’s most sticky problems is this:

Reacting and overreacting to what Life brings is the root cause of most of our pain, suffering and disappointment.

Overreacting is the root cause of most of our problems as individuals and for humanity.

Overreacting is what keeps us from realizing our true potential …. It slows our growth, our skill development and it negatively impacts our decision-making process.

Conversely, when we respond appropriately to what life hands us, we are in the best possible position to solve problems, navigate through chaos and create our highest good in harmony with the “big picture” that is our life and purpose.

Day by day, as we begin to respond appropriately to life with all its giving’s and misgivings, we put ourselves in the best possible position to influence what life will hand us in the future.

Manifestation is a product of our day to day choices and the emotions that drive them.

Manifestation is the product of our day to day and moment to moment -> the quality of our moments and the choices that they bare, defines our future.


Reiki practitioners assisting others respond to Life with love and purpose. My free Reiki webinar can show you, too –

Waʻa Wednesday:  Learning the “language” of nature | Kamehameha Schools

Throughout Hōkūleʻa’s worldwide voyage, students, staff and alumni have been blessed with many opportunities to grow into leadership roles, representing the Hawaiian community and sharing the global message of mālama honua (to care for our island earth) here locally and abroad. Kamehameha Schools is proud to be the education sponsor of the Mālama Honua Worldwide Voyage.

Kamehameha Schools Executive Strategy Consultant and KSK alum Dr. Shawn Kanaʻiaupuni filed the following crew blog following her experiences on Leg 27 of the Hōkūleʻa Worldwide Voyage, diving deeper into the educational connections and impact of Mālama Honua.

Source: Waʻa Wednesday:  Learning the “language” of nature | Kamehameha Schools

Hau’oli aloha Po’aono

Aloha kākahiaka e Hauʻoli lā Pōʻaono nā Kanaka. Aʻia i kā ʻolelo no ke ʻola, aʻia i kā ʻolelo no ka make. Ō kā maluhia no me ʻoe.

Good morning and Happy Saturday, People. In speech is life, in speech is death. In ancient Hawai’i, a kahuna ‘ana’ana could pray someone to death or counter another’s death prayer. The saying tells the Hawaiians that words can either be a source for healing or destroying and so we need to be careful with our words. Peace be with you.