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Preparation Details THE ONENESS TRANSMISSION Unified Intention: “Group Avatar Crystalline Amplification” Supermoon Lunar Eclipse Wednesday, January 31 DOWNLOAD THE GUIDED TRANSMISSION Audio posting soon! Please be prepared, see details below. PREPARATION REQUIRED This is a formal ceremony that establishes an … Continue reading →

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We don’t live in a random universe

Everything on Earth as in Heaven happens according to law. The Earth’s rotation around its own axis, the movement of the planets around the sun, the growth of the grain of mustard seed, changes in the positions of electrons in the forming and breaking of chemical bonds between atoms, feelings of attraction and/or repulsion between […]

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Lāʻau ʻAno ʻAno – Boiled Spit Spell – Remove Blockages & Negative Vibes

The Witch & Walnut

Boiled Spit SpellBoiled spit has been a spell that we have been doing for as long as I can remember. From my earliest memories this was just the norm and if you need to get something out of you this was how to do it.

The Spell can be used 2 ways…

  1. Spit at someone to give them a quick fuck off and go away. Its not meant to be a strong curse with longevity or hurt them in anyway, just a kick in the pants. Get them out of you way and leave you alone temporarily. Same as if they were in front of you and you spit at their feet. They know you mean business and to leave.
  2. All you need is some boiling water, and your spit. Once the water is boiled, imagine the person in-front of you and SPIT. I mean really spit hard, with gumption with anger…

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Lāʻau ʻAno ʻAno – 5 Magical Binding Plants

The Witch & Walnut

5 Magical Binding PlantsHappy Friday Everyone!

Although there is absolutely no sight of spring in the air in my parts and won’t be for quite some time, I still felt compelled to write about living binding green things. Perhaps it is all the sunshine. Binding is a popular option when it comes to spell work. This post is not about binding spells, just vines options you can use for your binds.

Various man-made options work well if you are not looking to take a nature walk.  Threads, yarn, cord etc can be used, but if you prefer working with nature here are the most popular options to work with and these are readily available from spring, well into deep autumn early winter.

Creeping nightshade  

Very common and found growing along fences, even fences in parking lots, trail edges and forest edges. These easily rip out, you won’t need scissors.


Clematis – Very easy…

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Lāʻau ʻAno ʻAno – New Year – Super Full Moon Abundance Spell

The Witch & Walnut

New Year Full Moon Spell (1)How lucky are we to have a full moon on New Years Day!! It is also a super moon, lots of good juicy lunar energy to soak up. This spell will work well with the last 2 posts I did here  and here. You don’t have to do them, this will work fine on its own.

You will need:

  • As much live water as you want, ideally a liter. Melted snow works too, rain water, streams, creeks, rivers…. plan to use it for 40 days and keep the remainder for the rest of the year.
  • a pinch of salt
  • a couple bay leaves
  • whole red pepper, dried or fresh
  • onion skins, yellow or purple is fine.
  • a nice bottle or jar to store it in.

ccTake all your dried ingredients and place them around a candle, ideally the candle you used in the ritual to honor the beginning  …

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Lāʻau ʻAno ʻAno – Ritual to Honor the Beginning

The Witch & Walnut

bbNew year and new promises to yourself and others. The promise of excitement, the unknown and possibilities. As the New Year approaches, its easy to start feeling overwhelmed with resolutions. We start off strong with the possibility of a new life and in a couple weeks that is gone… Where did it go? Why?

Because we let life happen to us, instead of for us!

Start with a cleansing bath/shower, sit at your altar and choose the life you want this year. Inscribe it onto a candle, light it and sit in-front of it. Surround yourself with your favorite things including food. Indulge a bit, you are celebrating and honoring the beginning of a journey that is magical. Allow yourself to get happy, I mean really happy. Excited, create a state of mind as though you are in the exact moment you dream of. Once you get there, make a…

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We still kept our Relics underground

This living creature ~ a female ~ needed to receive the oldest and deepest of the Elements ~ the Earth Spirit

There are times when it is difficult not to be overwhelmed by ManKind

Let it be whispered when that time comes to join together and give help to the one who has become Magickally Impoverished

Our Spirits should be timeless

Walk in tune with growth

Blood that runs through our veins does not change

It lingered this trace of a once strong and mighty of will power

She mourned for the scattered parts of her magick

The Witches of the Round Table sat together in a room with an open fire

They read script from their Books of KnowledgeWhat I not my eyes doth see
My heart grieveth deeply for thee
Magick return sorrows laid be

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Lāʻau ʻAno ʻAno – Ritual to Honor the End

The Witch & Walnut

ritual To Honor the end of a YearNew Years Eve is upon us very soon. Time to honor our past year and make space for the new one. I know I am posting this a bit early, however I like to give you time to work this into your schedules. It does not need to be done on the actual night, anytime throughout the weekend will do. This ritual can be done to honor the end of a year, month, day really anything that you are ready to say thank you and goodbye to. Honor the hard lessons learned, but letting go of the hard moments that caused grief. Also honoring the happy and joyous moments that you cannot ever repeat.

This is very easy.. All you will need is the following:

  • fire proof dish
  • salt
  • rock
  • dried twigs/very small branches that are found on the ground. NOT removed from a tree.

Each twig will represent a…

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