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Founder of The Halau … Reiki Grandmaster Victoria Lanakila Generao, 18th Dan, Usui System of Natural Healing. Rev. Dr. Generao is also an ordained High Priestess of the A&O Order of Melchizedek

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Grandmaster Lana has taught hundreds of students from all walks of life around the world.  For the first time, she’s sharing her knowledge of ancient Reiki techniques with you in this webinar!

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Western practitioners administer Reiki by a laying on of hands, while Traditional Japanese practitioners target their Reiki by channeling the energies without touch. Either way, Reiki can be easily learned by anyone.
“It is likely you have been guided on your healing journey, your journey of spiritual purpose, to many places and many experiences in the past … and now find yourself here at this place as you continue to further explore the possibilities for deep healing and inner discovery.  It is my intention that you will find what you are looking for in this webinar and that the information will be helpful to you. It is also my fondest hope that your life will be filled with ever increasing health and well-being. Aloha po’maika’i kakou i ka maluhia e aloha mai e … may you be blessed with peace and ALOHA!”
Victoria (“Grandmaster Lana”) is a hereditary Philippine Baybalin Shaman initiated and ordained in 1980 in Hawai’i. Her school, Halau ‘Aha Hui Lanakila, propagates esoteric study of Traditional Japanese Reiki (Usui Teate), herbalogy and energywork with crystals. The school’s motto, “All knowledge is not contained in only one school,” aptly describes Lana’s teaching focus.
“True devotion to knowledge and self-responsibility are the keys to self-mastery, happiness and manifesting abundance in your life — this is quintessentially ‘Living Aloha!'”

Reiki:  22 Innovative Ways to Heal with Antahkarana Symbol – Reiki Rays

Antahkarana is an ancient healing symbol which does not need any attunement nor does it belong to any particular Reiki system. Merging this powerful symbol with Reiki brings profound outcome. It is known to be the bridge between the physical self and higher self. For more information, refer to Ananya Sen’s beautiful article about Antahkarana symbol. […]

Source: 22 Innovative Ways to Heal with Antahkarana Symbol – Reiki Rays

Aloha Spirit and Law of Attraction:   Forgiveness Removes Blocks To Your Abundance Flow | Lanakila

The first step toward healing is one of Honest Self-Analysis, self-inventory, self-inquiry.  (Ernest Holmes, Science of the Mind, at 248.)

lana-feb2017     Forgiveness is not always easy. To forgive the one that wounded your heart, at times, feels more painful than any physical wound suffered. Unfortunately, most of us (stubbornly?) refuse to clear the emotional blocks created. And yet, there is no peace without forgiveness.  So, most of us are stuck and can’t seem to achieve that positive spin of acceptance through which the Law of Attraction operates most favorably Therefore, the answer for many of us must be to embrace forgiveness in order to receive abundance.

The Ancient Hawaiians personified the caring of one’s spiritual health as a polished hand-carved Koa bowl given to a child before the age of five. Each person carries their Spiritual Greatness reflected within that bowl. This light, which is reinforced by the light-life energies of the Ancestors, light the path ahead of you.

However, your Bowl of Light isn’t always light and clear. At times, the light reflected from your bowl can become obstructed by stones that land inside it as you go about your life’s journey. Each time a bad word is uttered, whether from your mouth or from another’s, each time a bad act is committed, whether by you or against you by another, leaves a rock inside your bowl. In time, the bowl becomes dull and heavy to carry. Also imagine that most stones, or negative memories, are received by the soul in the womb of the mother. Every hurtful, stressful, abusive emotional injury that happens to the mother during pregnancy places a scar (a samsara moment, or character tendencies), or spiritual test, or karmic lesson to be learned in this lifetime, on the soul of the child. And, that child’s walk up the mountain of life is burdened with those stones in its sacred bowl of light until he or she learns how to huli – turn over — the bowl to empty them out.

All people climb the same Mountain. The Mountain, however, has many pathways, each with a different view. A person knows and understands only what he sees from his own pathway, from where he is standing on the mountain. As he moves up the mountain of life, his view changes. Only when he reaches the top of the mountain will he begin to see and understand the diverse views of mankind. But, who among us has reached the top of the mountain? How is it possible when the Bowl we carry has become so very heavy?

These are some of the stones in the sacred bowl of light that must be released through ancient ceremonial ways.  Ancient Hawaiians trained their young in witness consciousness as a way of learning to see clearly with awareness and awakened consciousness … without judgments, opinions, expectations, “should’s” and limited understanding … of what you think that you are looking at. This allows one to walk awake and always connected to the voice of the ancestors, to shine light on what one witnesses from deep within the na’au (heart). The Ancient Hawaiians understood that the MIND is your First Weapon to defeating victim consciousness. It must be polished and disciplined to persist. Thus, your mind is either your best friend or your worst enemy. The Power that unleashes the opportunities brought by the Law of Attraction is Within YOU!!!  Change Your Thinking and Change Your Life.

Forgiveness affirmations are the most thorough way of evoking these cleansing energies.

Tomorrow, we, too, will see a different view. We have not finished growing. We address the spiritual dynamics of human relations and the goal of transformation and healing the hearts of humanity, including intergenerational trauma, right now through the act of forgiveness.

Walk into this Now with a clean sacred bowl of light, as an awakened spiritual being here for a human experience, and not a human being here for a spiritual experience. Let go of all victim consciousness and blame … that was just a bad dream of separation. There are no accidents. Everything happens for righteous cause. This is the experience called the play of consciousness!

I recommend five to fifiteen minutes of daily forgiveness meditation before you go to bed as spiritual practice. This cleans your Sacred Bowl of Light which, in turn, cleanses your creative power that magnetizes your life spark, which in turn, harmonizes you with the Law of Attraction and increases abundance in your life.

May you awaken with opportunities for Abundance knocking at your door.  Aloha e malama pono kakou.


Forgiveness Affirmation

O Lord of the Universe,

For Myself,

My Spouse,

All Our Family Members,

All Our Relationships,

All Our Ancestors and

All Their Relationships

Back Through All Time,

Through All Of Our Lives,

Please Assist us all

To Forgive,

Be Forgiven, and

Forgive all Ourselves

Completely and Totally,

Now And Forever.

(3 times)

I Bless This Day and

Give Thanks For My Life

I Forgive Completely

All People Who Have Hurt Me

(Repeat 3 Times)

I Ask All People I Have Hurt

To Please Forgive Me

(Repeat 3 Times)

I Apologize To Myself For My Wrongs

To Myself and

My Wrongs To Others

(Repeat 3 Times)

I Apologize For All My Hurts Or Wrongs

To All Life Forms

(Repeat 3 Times)

I Apologize For All My Hurts Or Wrongs

To The Earth And The Life Of The Earth

(Repeat 3 Times)

With This Release, Freedom, Peace, Power and New Life,

I Bless All Creation In The Entire Universe

And I Fill The Entire Universe With My Love

I Love And Bless The Earth,

All Life, And All Humanity

I Love, Bless, And Respect,

The Visible, And The Invisible

I Rejoice And Give Thanks

For My New Life, Power, And Health,

And Give Complete Blessings And Love

To All Life And All Creations, Always.

And so It Is.

‘Olelo Hawai’i – Hawai’ian Language:  Practice your Hawaiian with Feed Me! for your PC/Mac and iPhone/iPad

Learning Hawaiian words is as easy and fun as feeding the purple tutua! Through the Feed Me! App, keiki (children) practice basic math skills and pattern recognition while the whole ‘ohana (family) learns Hawaiian vocabulary, sentence patterns, and pronunciation. No Hawaiian language knowledge required!

Just downloaded this app onto our iPhones and this is definitely a way to learn to speak Hawai’ian by building your vocabulary in different applications, such as math and identifying items you see/use daily.  Try it and enjoy the learning experience!

Source: Practice your Hawaiian with Feed Me! for your PC/Mac and iPhone/iPad

Naturopathy:  Amish Father of 12 Thrown in Jail – Trial is MONDAY! – Kelly the Kitchen Kop

Amish farmer Sam Girod is in jail, and his enemies want him there for life. I’m pretty sure you’ll be as OUTRAGED about all of this as I am, and PLEASE see the action links here for how you can easily HELP!

Source: Amish Father of 12 Thrown in Jail – Trial is MONDAY! – Kelly the Kitchen Kop

Meditation Breathing: Lokahi (Harmony) – The Breath of HA


This is my 4-count breathing exercise, which I perform after each of my radio shows. You see, there is method to my madness! There are 4 stages of 4 counts each:

1 – inhale, to the count of 4
2 – hold for 4 counts
3 – begin exhale, to the count of 4, and
4 – continue exhaling for 4 more counts

Perform in multiples of 3: 3, 6, 9, 12, 27, etc.

“Breath of Ha” – Life Force Mana – The Anatomy of the human body is comprised of five layers or coverings of the soul. These are layers of the body that vibrate at different electromagnetic energy frequencies, with the gross/physical layer carrying the smallest electrical charge and vibrating slowest. The layers gradually increase in size: the larger layers permeate the smaller ones, with the “bliss” layer carrying the largest (but most subtle) electrical charge of the highest vibration. The practice of lapa’au wisdom; Lokahi Breath of Ha Meditation and deep Breath of Ha Therapy involves all five layers of the individual’s soul. Observe and note that these layers of the soul are not the soul per se, but rather pertain to the eight energies and aspects of nature that spark life: the Five Elements (earth, air, fire, water, metal), mind, intellect and ego. The word “Ha,” also represents the number 8 (which is also the infinity symbol).

Repattern brain waves to Theta frequency, thus opening your Third Eye and enlarging your clairsentient experiences. Development of awareness that these five layers of the soul must vibrate equally and act to bring the soul into balance whenever necessary to create Lokahi (Harmony) in daily life and be Pono (in balance within physical/emotional/spiritual selves). Thus, practicing Lokahi Breath of Ha meditations and Breath of Ha Therapy can be rewarding and bring peace into a person’s life. With sincere focus and practice of these meditations and breathing skills, the mind gradually becomes awakened, enlightened and keenly aware. Thus, being in harmony with the environment allows a person to be Pono, that is, to be centered, achieve balance, within oneself; to be filled with harmony, happiness, peace and feel at ease in any situation. With Mana’o (mind) and Pu’uwai (emotions) under peaceful balanced control by Na’au (body) and ‘Uhane (spirit), a person can learn to appreciate her Na Keiki (inner children) and thereby reach states of higher consciousness.

REIKI: The Gakko Sansho – Usui’s Five Principles of Reiki


Halau, ‘Aha Hui Lanakila™ teaches traditional, original knowledge Japanese Reiki known as Usui Teate (“Usui’s Healing Hands”).  It is our mission to use for healing and to propagate original knowledge Reiki to Westerners.  As a Grandmaster Instructor, I teach all students to integrate various energyworking modalities, including the Ruach Healing Method™, Angelic Healing Touch and crystalwork knowledge as secondary to their mastery of Reiki healing skills.

For everyone’s benefit, this is the Japanese translation of the kanji Usui penned as Mikao Usui’s Gakko Sansho of Reiki. Being “old skool,” I teach this to our Halau students:

Kyo dake wa
Okoru na
Shinpai su na
Gyo wo hage me
Hito ni shinsetsu ni

Instructions:  Gasshoshite, kokoro ni nenji kuchi ni tonayo.

(Translation: Chant this mornings and evenings while sitting in Gassho position and intone the words aloud and in your heart.)

Here is the English translation of the original Japanese (not American Reiki) prayer:


* * * * *

Want to learn how to be a competent and ethically responsible energyworking Healer? Interested in learning original knowledge and wielding it with authority, rather than wasting money on the quickie internet shortcut stuff that gives you no real-time training and no guarantee the knowledge you’re skimming for free is authentic or will work for you?  Contact us today!

Metaphysics:  ORME | Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark | Laurence Gardner [FULL 480] – YouTube

This is Lana … I can tell you from personal experience how powerfully life-changing taking ORME (orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements) daily has done to decalcify and fully activate my Pineal Gland and open up my clairsentient senses.  It truly is a material of great magic, and it has been around for centuries … since ancient times.  I must have listened to this video 100 times when it was first uploaded onto YouTube back in 2006 among other researching I did before I decided to try it on myself.  It’s truly a fascinating topic in metaphysics.  Enjoy this lecture.

La’au Lapa’au – Herbalogy: Tools of the Green Witch

Witchwood Wild

For many witches, magical tools are things like wands, athames, pentacles and other esoteric objects. However when practicing herbal, green and kitchen, magic, the tools needed may seem more humble, but are just as important.

Chopping Board
On a purely practical level your chopping board simply provides a hardwearing surface upon which to work with your herbs. You will want preferably two or three chopping boards specifically for magical use; one for the preparation of magical foodstuffs and meals, one for general herbs and one for any poisonous plants you may utilise. Mark each board so you can tell them apart, especially important for the poison board so you don’t inadvertently make yourself ill!

Magically you can imbibe your chopping boards by etching or painting symbols around the edge, or maybe by including a triangle of manifestation (a large equal-sided triangle inside a circle) in the centre of the board, used…

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Capricorn Moon maintains today 2-21-2017

Libra Seeking Balance

Capricorn, the sea goat

The Moon walked calmly into Capricorn during the night and starts her day with a kindly sextile to the Pisces Sun. The Capricorn-Pisces combination is wonderful for putting our spiritual beliefs into practice through our daily actions . . . in my opinion, there is no better way to improve the quality of our lives. It will late evening before the Capricorn Moon catches up to Venus in Aries and Neptune in Pisces. Venus in Aries will test her patience while Neptune counsels patience. The Moon-Venus square may give us a taste of what is in store for us tomorrow. Make it a priority to get as much done as possible today because tomorrow’s atmosphere is far testier. 🌠☾♑🌠

Mercury in Aquarius is trine Jupiter in Libra today and this one is a winner because it combines perspective with a positive outlook. Please make note of ideas that pop into…

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February 20, 2017

Know Your Vibes Astrology

Today is a very high energy day. Do your best to go with the flow of whatever mentally calls you right now, even if it feels like it’s pulling you off your current path. That’s a good thing today. You have high energy today to invest in some huge leaps forward, work hard to maintain the big picture and your future to help keep you moving forward. There may be some tension when you get some quiet time today. If you’ve been feeling alone at all, try to connect to a more spiritual flow for a moment. You may find that you’re more connected than you think.

  • Aquarius Mercury sextile Aries Uranus
  • Sagittarius Moon trine Aries Mars
  • Sagittarius Moon sextile Aquarius Mercury
  • Sagittarius Moon trine Aries Uranus
  • Sagittarius Moon sextile Libra Jupiter Retrograde
  • Sagittarius Moon square Pisces Chiron
  • Sagittarius Moon conjunct Sagittarius Saturn


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La’au Lapa’au:  The World’s #1 Food For Heart Attack, Hypertension, Stroke And Cholesterol

Who would have guessed that dates prevent strokes.  Wow.

If we talk about the healthiest food on this planet, dates are one of them. It is a rich source of fiber, energy, and sugar and also a good source of minerals and vitamins. Minerals include calcium, sodium, zinc, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, iron, calcium while vitamins include vitamin A, K, riboflavin, folate, thiamin, and niacin. […]

Source: The World’s #1 Food For Heart Attack, Hypertension, Stroke And Cholesterol

A Crystal, A Candle, & a French Chant

Magickal Connections

I’m migrating to a new computer, thanks to my son, who is doing all the technical work AND supplying me with the new computer (those 15 hours of labor 26 years ago are paying off *lol*).  He has moved EVERYTHING from my old computer into the new one, which is a huge job, as I’ve accumulated so much through years of writing, photographing, video taping, and Doing Stuff.  I’m actually finding things that I’ve forgotten about in old files, and that’s what I’m posting here today.  The following Spell was in a folder I used for taking notes, called “Personal Notebook”.  I don’t have these entries dated, nor have I recorded any original sources, but as so often the case with this type of thing, this Spell is perfect for the Here n’ Now ~

“Eleven Mysteries Exercise”…brief notes:
(personally modified)

crystal, white candle,

Take a deep breath. Place your hands…

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Spirit Guides


16806880_10154915787351772_9194161794634034889_nWhat are Spirit Guides & How to Work with Them.

We are all blessed with spirit guides who surround us and support us. We usually have around four sometimes more. There main spirit guide is with us from birth. The rest of the guides tend to join us throughout our life. Their assistance can be both practical and spiritual in nature.

Here are some tips for getting to know your guides and working with them:

Know What your Guides Can Help You With

Most of us forget who we were before we reincarnate and where we’ve come from and what our reason is for being here. Spirit guides know that it is challenging to be incarnated here on earth and keep a connection to your higher self and your soul’s purpose.

The role of your guides is to gently but consistently guide you by intuitive nudges to stay on track…

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La’au Lapa’au:  Sampaguita Flower Meaning | Flower Meaning

The Sampaguita Flower:  Its Meanings & Symbolism

The sampaquita flower is a tropical flower that grows wild throughout southern Asia and the South pacific.  In Hawai’i, this flower is also called pikake.  It produces waxy white flowers and glossy green foliage on climbing vines. The attractive blooms and heady fragrance has made this a

Source: Sampaguita Flower Meaning | Flower Meaning

Astrology:  What’s Your Sign? Celtic Lunar Astrology and Druid Tree Lore February and March Birthdays – MagickMermaid

Druid Tree Lore – Celtic Lunar Astrology 18th February to 17th March This is my new design for the 11 inch x 14 inch Zodiac signs!  They can be personalised with your name or the recipient’s name. …

Source: What’s Your Sign? Celtic Lunar Astrology and Druid Tree Lore February and March Birthdays – MagickMermaid

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces, February 26, 2017

Libra Seeking Balance


Water seeps back into the atmosphere on the New Moon Solar Eclipse at 08° 12′ Pisces on 26 February 2017, 06:58 AM PST, dampening the fiery energy generated during the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo a couple of weeks ago. The Pisces stellium is like the tide, pulling us along as it inexorably goes in and out.

The Pisces Sun, Moon, Mercury and Neptune form a loose stellium with the powerful luminaries at the center. Interestingly both Saturn in Sagittarius and Venus in Aries are caught up with the Pisces planets. Saturn makes an out-of-sign sextile to Mercury in Pisces and Venus is semi-sextile Neptune in Pisces. And because this is a Solar Eclipse New Moon, it carries a stronger punch than usual and it is the last eclipse of the Virgo-Pisces eclipse series. We have this odd, uncomfortable mix of endings and beginnings all wrapped in one package…

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Rare 6 pointed star formation Astro-magic

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic and everything you need

First,there is a very earthy, powerful GRAND TRINE between CERES, now a dwarf planet/ asteroid in Taurus with JUNO, the Goddess of female genius in CAPRICORN and the NORTH NODE in VIRGO which perfects the 15-17th of February, and at the last degrees of the Sun in Aquarius. 

Grand Earth Trine, astrology, Tara Greene

This is a very fruitful, creative grounded energy. A Grand earth Trine blends the three Feminine energies in a powerful TRIANGLE, a magical container.

CERES, is the great Mother Archetype, she is mother nature, fertile and abundant. JUNO symbolizes female genius, a multi-tasking energy.Juno is not Zeus’s long-suffering wife.
The North Node of the Moon symbolizes the popular collective’s point of view and the highest elevated goal. North Node is our spiritual GPS.
Ceres is the great Mother Archetype, like Demeter, she is Mother Nature.
Virgo North Node is the Virgin earth Goddess herself. Virgo North Node is about being of…

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