Ha’ina ‘ia mai ana kapuana — Pu’uhonua o Honaunau on the Big Island 

Pu’uhonua o Honaunau was the destination of people running for their lives, seeking asylum from severe penalties imposed on all who broke the kapu laws […]

Source: Pu’uhonua o Honaunau on the Big Island | Hawaii.com


Health:  This 2-Minute Detox Drink Helps You Burn Fat, Boost Metabolism, Fight Diabetes And Lower Blood Pressure

The following drink blends the properties of a few incredibly potent ingredients, resulting in a real detox bomb that will boost your immunity, accelerate metabolism, revitalize your body, burn excess fat, and lower blood pressure. This is how to prepare it: Ingredients: 2 teaspoons of lemon juice 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar 1 teaspoon […]

Source: This 2-Minute Detox Drink Helps You Burn Fat, Boost Metabolism, Fight Diabetes And Lower Blood Pressure

Why Affirmations Don’t Always Work & What To Do Instead: An Optimism Expert Explains

The science around this is fascinating.

“I love myself.”

“I am successful and abundant.”

“I am in a perfect relationship.”

These are the kinds of statements or affirmations that many self-help books, life coaches, and inspirational Instagram accounts encourage people to repeat to themselves over and over again, hoping to help them manifest better lives. Positive affirmations have been around for a long time—long before “the Law of Attraction” and the popular book The Secret. In fact, a French pharmacist in the 1800s popularized this therapeutic model with the development of something he called optimistic autosuggestions. But now, a growing body of research suggests that affirmations can cause some individuals more harm than good.  […]

Source: Why Affirmations Don’t Always Work & What To Do Instead: An Optimism Expert Explains

Archangel Michael Invocation ~ Taken from Angel Tools for Parents and Children – Anrita Melchizedek

My precious friends and family,

I am delighted to let you know that I have recently completed my new project, Angel Tools for Parents and Children ~ Affirmations and Invocations. I am very excited about this project and wanted to share with you how you can use these Angel Tools, what it is really all about and how you can get involved in using these tools with your children.

I have been blessed in this life time to be a conduit for the Company of Heaven. As a Spiritual facilitator, I have spent the last twenty plus years creating frequency activation ascension programs taking us deeper into the knowing of ourselves as these Flames of Divinity and Co-Creators to the Divine. With the transmitted teachings from the Archangels and Light Beings, I have had the privilege to travel to many countries, host large workshop gatherings, and meet many incredible people, friends and family from around the globe. For many years I offered monthly telewebinar sessions and transmissions, personal sessions, videos and Mp3 downloads and this Light work has been focused on both personal and planetary levels.

I am also the mother for two beautiful boys, Caelin and Ben, now 8 and 10 respectively and the Angel Tools for Parents and Children writings actually came together through the work I have been doing with my own children.

Like many families we went through a lot of upheaval in our lives, and in my story, the boys and I were also separated for three years when they were three and five respectively. Upon our re-union, I found myself as a single parent needing a way to communicate and connect more deeply with my children as well as finding ways that we could express our feelings and create clear boundaries in our relationship.

I had been working with the Archangels for many years, and they came forward asking me to put together this beautiful program that could be of value to all of us and particularly our children. They stated that this is the time for our children, whether we call these new earth children the crystal children, rainbow children, golden children, or diamond children, or whether we label them as Autistic, or as having Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) to ADHD and all those in-between frequencies, our children are pure love, here in many instances to show us the way through the power of love.

It is from this place of love, delving into our feelings and emotions in conscious communication, that I offer you the Angel Tools for Parents and Children, a series of energetic transmissions through invocations and affirmations to deepen our connection to God and the Angels as sons and daughters of God.

We start with an introduction to conscious communication with what I have labeled “repeat after me” or “I now state out aloud.” What I found in my relationship with my children, and particularly in our first year coming back together, as we tried to find our way together, while being able to hear and see and appreciate one another, was that I went through exploring and using every conceivable type and style of discipline ~ eventually coming to the point of moving into the first person and the present tense with the boys in communication and tone, as an affirmational tool and also to make a particular point. This technique allows them to relate to their emotions and put words to their feelings, as well as giving them direction as to what actions may be appropriate or not, and ways to handle particular situations. Additionally it is a great way for them to imagine or hear the words within their own minds, as though they were saying it for themselves.

I started connecting the boys to the Archangels, primarily in the evenings, as we spent time together. For instance, when we said our good night prayers, Archangel Michael might come in with his Blue Flame of Protection if one of the boys felt scared or had had a nightmare or bad dream. Archangel Raphael with his Green Flame of Healing if we had hurt ourselves, or Archangel Chamuel and his Pink Heart of Love, placing his Pink Heart within our loving hearts, allowing us to feel a deeper sense of love for ourselves, and sending our love to friends and family. This daily connection to the Archangels included many of the common issues we and our children face in our everyday lives, and found their way into the Angel Invocations. Whether these are issues such a bullying, parents going through a divorce, feeling unworthy, death in the family, facing up to the consequences of our actions, taking responsibility for our actions, learning to be polite and kind, forgiving, letting go of blame, being helpful, doing our chores and so on, the focus through all these events is usually on our feelings and what we need to communicate, embrace, accept and understand within ourselves.

The Angel Invocations give us the tools we need to feel valued and loved and to navigate through whatever arises expressing what we are feeling. In these Angel Invocations, we are further taken on magical journeys with Golden Dragons, we ride unicorns, head into Castles of Love, float on peaceful pink clouds, place balloons of good feelings within our loving hearts, and face our fears as we give a voice to our fears and the full range of our emotions. Furthermore we are taught particular breathing techniques to work with our emotions and help us to ground and center more quickly.

There are additionally eight Angel Affirmations with each invocation, in total 64 affirmations, which you can work with, either on its own, or together with the invocations. The recorded Angel Affirmations are around 12 minutes each. Alternatively, you can choose an Angel Affirmation Card, chat about this and then start with the Angel Affirmations. I have found for myself and the boys that it is quite wonderful to start the evening “Angel session” with choosing an Angel Affirmation Card. The boys greatly enjoy reading their own energetic transmission given by the related Archangel, and then saying their affirmation aloud. It has also lead into different areas of discussion as well as more interest in the Archangels generally and more desire to listen to the Angel Invocations.

The 64 Angel Affirmation Cards carry the wonderful artwork of Yola Quinn, and are unique in that they offer both an energetic transmission, like the invocations, as well as an affirmation. The easiest way to work with the Archangel Affirmation Cards is for you and your children to choose your own affirmation card daily and then state the affirmation aloud. For younger children, they can just repeat the last sentence of each affirmation. There are further beautiful line drawings of the Archangels to color in, a wonderful meditative process on its own. Whether you and your children color in these images, or just your children as they listen to the related Angel Invocation or Angel Affirmations, it is a really peaceful and relaxing way to deepen the connection to the Archangels.

The Archangels have described these invocations as multilayered. They say that for all of us, parents and children, we will each experience and gain what we need too from each invocation, transmitted through the frequency of each Archangel as well as through the voice and music. The music has been created specifically for the Angel Tools for Parents and Children in the 432 Hz band, nature’s frequency, by a wonderful musician called Frits Evelein. The 432 Hz frequency further creates intervals and tones that have harmonic healing effects on our consciousness and energy bodies.

I have really enjoyed co-creating these beautiful Angel Tools for Parents and Children, and it is my great hope that you will experience your own wonderful Angelic connection for yourself and your whole family.

Our experience of the Angel Tools for Parents and Children, and by extension, these energy transmissions, will be completely unique and different for each one of us. Some of us may see or sense the energy of the Archangels, others may hear high frequency sounds or humming in their ears or even Angel voices, and yet others will see colors and images very vividly. Ultimately though, we need simply trust in this connection. What I have further found is that most of our children, and indeed many of us, are already deeply connected, feeling and sensing energy and simply need to be given permission to acknowledge these feelings and connections which are so often ignored or overlooked in a sleeping society. Essentially we are expanding our consciousness through the various wavelengths and oscillating frequencies of the full range of our emotions, different expressions of the One Consciousness, and unifying this within our loving hearts. Integrating polarity to a point of balance and stillness, as we love all that arises, while additionally being provided with many practical tools for everyday use.

There are further some wonderful videos that have been produced to give you an idea of these wonderful Angelic transmissions and can be viewed on our You Tube channel

For more information on the Angel Tools for Parents and Children series as well as the range of products and special offers available, please click this link ~

Blessings and much Love

Anrita Melchizedek

Meditation:  The Metta Prayer 

Om Mani Pedme Hum …

“May all beings be well and safe, may they be at ease.

Whatever living beings there may be, whether moving or standing still, without exception, whether large, great, middling, or small, whether tiny or substantial,

Whether seen or unseen, whether living near or far,

Born or unborn; may all beings be happy.

Let none deceive or despise another anywhere. Let none wish harm to another, in anger or in hate.”

Source: The Metta Prayer – Wildmind

Cymatics:  UNLOCK⎪4 Hz Telepathy, Astral Projection and Extrasensory Perception⎪432 Hz Ultra Healing Vibration

Be Aware:. Contains a Binaural Beats in which I consider to use: Any type of Headphones for a perfect audible experience (Reasonable Headset or Earbuds)

Left ear 432 Hz and Right ear 436 Hz creating a Binaural Beats effect of:

4.0 Hz Enkephalins, Extrasensory perception; Astral Projection, Telepathy, Catecholamines, Vital for memory & learning, Subconscious Problem Solving Full Memory Scanning (if one can manage to stay awake) Associated with object naming, an important aspect of memory.

Those who suffer from Chronic Fatigue exhaust very easily. When moved to 4.0 Hz these individuals showed marked improvement in the length of time between the occurrence of exhaustion after certain exercises were completed.”


Frequency Range Headphones at least: 20hz – 20’000hz)

This Music has been tuned to A4 = 432 Hz and 60 Bpm.

It meets the 432 Hz Universe Resonance

It plays all the 7 Chakras Tones Through Vibration Melody:

C Note – Root = 256,8 Hz

D Note – Sacral = 288,2 Hz

E Note – Solar Plexus = 323,5 Hz

F Note – Heart = 342,8 Hz

G Note – Throat = 384,8 Hz

A Note – Third Eye = 432 Hz

B Note – Crown = 484,8 Hz


It features:

☯ 432 Hz Universe Resonance ► Vibration Tuning Frequency Music

☯ 4.0 Hz Extrasensory Perception ► Binaural Beats

☯ 40 Hz Brain’s Operating System ► Frequency

☯ New Age Music ♡


Intent: Telepathy, Astral Projection and Extrasensory Perception


▲ Links:

⬊ List of Frequencies: http://lunarsight.com/freq

⬊ About Solfeggio Miracle Tones: https://attunedvibrations.com/

⬊ About 432 Hz & 728 Hz: http://www.crystalblueent.com/

⬊ About Secret Healing Tones: http://www.solfeggiotones.com/

⬊ About Mudra: http://www.azulfit.com/hand-mudras-po…





The Power of Hand Mudras Meaning Did you know that your hands hold an innate healing power that has been used for centuries for healing various ailments?

Be Aware:

‘Mudra’, a Sanskrit word, means a symbolic hand gesture that has the power of producing joy and happiness. It has been proved that regular practice of mudras not only contribute to one’s overall good health but can be used as a preventive measure as well. Our hands define our karma and fingers being the power points, are a link between individual Pranic force and universal cosmic energy.

The position of our hands has the ability to influence energy of our physical, emotional and spiritual body. Mudras help to link the brain to the body, soothe pain, stimulate endorphins, change the mood and increase our vitality. Mudras have been an integral part of many Hindu and Buddhist rituals. They are used extensively in Yoga, meditation and dance.

Across various disciplines it is said that there exist close to 399 mudras.

Cymatics:  All 9 Solfeggio Frequencies – Full Body Aura Cleanse & Cell Regeneration Therapy

This track features All 9 Solfeggio Frequencies for Full Body Aura Cleanse & Cell Regeneration Therapy. Each Miracle Tone here serves a certain purpose and helps in detoxifying and cleansing the body and mind. Each frequency lasts for around 9 mins starting from 174Hz known as natural anaesthetic and moving all the way up to 963Hz which is associated with pineal gland activation. Hope this will help you.


INFO on Solfeggio Frequencies:



00:00:00 : 174 Hz : Relieves Pain & Stress

00:09:00 : 285 Hz : Heals Tissues & Organs

00:18:00 : 396 Hz : Eliminates Fear

00:27:00 : 417 Hz : Wipes out Negativity

00:36:00 : 528 Hz : Repairs DNA, Brings Positive Transformation

00:45:00 : 639 Hz : Brings Love & Compassion in Life

00:54:00 : 741 Hz : Detoxifies Cells & Organs

01:03:00 : 852 Hz : Awakens Intuition, Raises Energy at Cellular Level

01:12:00 : 963 Hz : Connects to Higher Self

Simple Way to Make Herbal Tinctures

Geranium Smiles


During the recent new moon, I decided to prepare chaga mushroom and wormwood tinctures, powerful healing and cleansing herbal extracts. I wanted to share with you how simple it is to make tinctures at home using any of your favorite herbs (fresh, dried, or powdered).  🌱🎨

Here is one simple way to do it:

  Chop up fresh or dried herbs (roots and barks might be a bit more difficult to chop so just do your best and don’t worry about the size of the pieces).

  If you would like, start your herbal extraction during the new or full moon to take advantage of the moon’s power.

  Place your herbs into a glass jar and pour 40% vodka, rum, or brandy over the herbs so that the alcohol covers them completely.

  Close the jar and shake it every day to help the healing components…

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This Is Why You Need To Put Essential Oils On Your Feet Every Night Before Bed

If you are a fan of essential oils, and you have some of them at home, you already know that they are extremely beneficial for health and have intense relaxing and calming properties. Yet, despite being amazing for aromatherapy, these oils also offer other benefits as well. According to reflexologists, essential oils can be applied […]

Source: This Is Why You Need To Put Essential Oils On Your Feet Every Night Before Bed

Pohaku La’au: 12 Things You Always Wanted To Know About Crystals

Any way you slice it, crystals are having a moment. So when we asked the BuzzFeed Community what they wanted to know about these seemingly mystical rocks, they answered with questions that ranged from “How the heck do they work?” to “How can crystals help me from being stressed out?” Clearly we needed someone with some kind of authority on the topic, and that’s where Heather Askinosie, crystal expert, co-founder of Energy Muse, and co-author of Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune into the Real You comes in. She took the time to go through the questions you sent in and was kind enough to share her ~sage~ advice for you below.  […]


Source:  12 Things You Always Wanted To Know About Crystals

Detox Your Body Completely Through The Feet, Here Is How

Did you know that one of the most effective ways to cleanse your organism from all harmful toxins and substances is through your feet? Well yes, and this is why in this article we are going to show you how to cleanse your body from all harmful toxins and substances – through your feet.  […]

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Plants For Pain – Scarlett Says

Plants contain an immeasurable amount of healing properties, some that we’ve not yet unlocked. Since a young age, I’ve had a particular interest in herbal and homeopathic medicine. It just seems, for lack of a better word, natural. My father occasionally talks about his youth, when plants, barks, and herbs were the only readily available […]

Source: Plants For Pain – Scarlett Says

Interested In Learning Traditional Japanese Reiki? Here’s Our February Special Rate Just For You!

Two-Week Special – February 11-28, 2018

One of the primary energyworking modalities The Halau at ‘Aha Hui Lanakila, Inc., teaches is Usui Teate Reiki (original knowledge Japanese Reiki/Gakkai system).

And, if you’ve wondered, “What is Reiki?” you’re not alone!

There has been a great deal of debate about exactly what Reiki is. Most practitioners agree that it is a form of life/healing energy, but beyond that the various schools differ, with some being much more esoteric than others. The word itself can be broken down into the component parts of “Rei” (pronounced ‘ray’) and “Ki” (pronounced ‘key’).

The Japanese language has many different levels of meaning within it. Some levels are very basic while others are highly esoteric. “Rei” literally means spirit, ghost, soul, in the heavens or of spirits; but also denotes universal energy. “Ki” also means spirit and, some argue, is essentially the Japanese equivalent of the Chinese description of “Chi”, which means life force energy. The word Reiki, therefore, can be taken to refer to a balanced universal life force energy.

Because of its unique qualities Reiki seems to have a basic consciousness which, when used for healing, is able to provide exactly what is needed on all levels.

For the next two weeks, at a discounted tuition rate of $275.00 USD, The Hālau is offering new students instruction and training in original knowledge Usui Teate Reiki basics, through Level 4, where students will be awarded Certificates of Rank confirming their status as a Reiki Sensei Shinpiden, also known as Reiki Master-Teacher (RMT).


That’s $525.00 off our normal Basic Reiki course, which normally includes both Usui Teate (Traditional Japanese/Usui Gakkai lineage) and Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki (Western/Takata system)!

If you are already a Western Reiki practitioner, now is your opportunity to study Usui Teate Reiki only!


Here is how just obtaining an Usui Teate Reiki Level 1 Certification TRANSFORMS YOU into an Invincible Healer:

  • Build your confidence, expertise, and knowledge of doing Energy Scans and Channeled Prayer
  • Enjoy the most amazing energy vortex that allows you to live a more blissful and joyful life filled with miracles
  • Clear your deepest blocks and stand in your Infinite Power as a healer
  • Understand the structures and energies of how to build your healing business in the most aligned way for you
  • Gain invaluable support energetically in doing your healing work and trusting yourself as a healer
  • Enjoy an entire community of healers cheering you on and acknowledging who you truly are
  • Gain greater clarity on your mission as a healer and the clients you are meant to be serving around the world
  • Start building your 1-1 healing business with new paid clients from offering Energy Scanning and more!!


How We Will Support You During Certification

Our classes explore Mikao Usui’s Japanese healing system called Usui Teate (“healing hand”) Reiki.  Students receive grade materials and handouts at class meetings, or as PDFs for online classes, as needed. (Online students receive PDF files of the grade materials via email or online file transfer.)  Weekly one-on-one and group mentoring classes span two- to three-hours and are tailored to students’ specific learning needs; monthly tuition rates apply.


You may attend audio/video class online, provided:  (1) your laptop/PC has mic/videocam capability (headsets are advisable); (2) you pre-pay your tuition via PayPal (just click this link) prior to commencement of the first class session.

Contact us via email using the form, below.  Once accepted, you can expect to be attuned to basic Reiki through Master Levels 3 and 4.  Over the next month and upon receipt of your attunement tuition, you will be required to receive the appropriate Reiki attunements per level of study prior to commencement of your regular training classes.  Attunements include eight (8) hours of regular training instruction.

Contact us to arrange for your basic attunements and begin your Journey into Energy Healing as a competent, professional Reiki Master-Teacher today!

Lāʻau Lāpaʻau: Creams, Lotions, and Salves

Lavender Living

Dry, itchy skin? Cuts, scrapes, infected wounds, or rashes? They can all be soothed and renewed with the healing nourishment of herbs applied in a moisturizing base – the realm of creams, lotions, and salves. Of course, your skin is your largest eliminative organ. It’s often exposed to the elements, and it’s somewhat delicate {no fur or scales to protect it!}. This means that it can take a beating from the weather and can be prone to wrinkling and drying. Because your skin breathes and eliminates toxins and other substances from your body, you may experience conditions such as rashes, acne, or boils as your skin releases these substances.

Creams, lotions, and salves are all marvelous ways to apply healing herbs to the thirsty, damaged or troubled skin, but they’re each formulated slightly differently.

Cream. A cream is a mixture of oil and water, with a little wax added for…

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Reiki Healing at 432Hz – The DEEPEST Healing | Let Go Of All Negative Energy – Healing Meditation Music

EVENING MEDITATION (3 hrs.) – You’re home, the weekend has begun, and it’s time to de-stress and let those shoulders down in relaxation. Have these healing sounds playing in the background, or take some time (maybe 30 mins. or so) with your headphones on and B-R-E-A-T-H-E fully to detox your body, mind and enliven your Spirit. Celebrate your Spirit Greatness and have a great weekend, Folks!!

Top 20 Most Under-Rated Healing Herbs You Need To Know About

1. Agrimony Agrimony, or Agrimonia are a genus of over a dozen species of herb in the Rosaceae family (alongside such favorites as the rose, apple tree, almond, and strawberry.) This herb has been historically revered as a natural remedy for ailments of the eyes, even owing its name to the Greek word Argemone, meaning ‘plant that heals the eye.’ Agrimony has also been used… [read more]

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The Most Effective Way to Stop Your Migraine in an Instant

There’s no mild definition for migraines. For some people, it’s the worst nightmare one could ever have. Migraines are nothing like headaches. As sufferers say, these are a lot worse. The pharmaceutical industry offers numerous solutions for the treatment of this debilitating ailment, but most of these come packed with dangerous chemicals. Have you ever […]

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