La’au Lapa’au | A Summer Herb: Ground Ivy {Glechoma hederacea}

Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs

Also, Known As:

  • Alehoof
  • Cat’s-foot
  • Creeping Charlie
  • Field Balm
  • Gill Run Over
  • Ground Ivy
  • Haymaids
  • Hedge Maid
  • Wild Snakeroot

Ground ivy is a herb-like plant that grows perennially up to a height of 8 inches to 20 inches (20 cm to 50 cm) and has a square stem that produces circular, having well-serrated leaves. The flowers of this herb have a purple-blue hue, which has the propensity to become pale mauve. This is primarily owing to the fact because the blossoming may endure for three months or even more – which is basically extraordinary for any wildflower. The leaves emit a camphor smell having an essence of peppermint and citronella.

There was a time when ground ivy was very well accepted for its therapeutic as well as culinary properties. However, currently, homeowners consider this plant bearing violet-blue blooms as a weed since it invades the lawns. Even herbalists practically neglect…

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Foodstyles | Skinnytaste Meal Plan (June 25-July 1)

A free 7-day flexible meal plan including breakfast, lunch and dinner and a shopping list. All recipes include calories and Weight Watchers Freestyle™ SmartPoints®. Just a friendly reminder, to receive my new recipes or meal plans via email, make sure you’re signed up for my email subscription (it’s free!). Second, have you pre-ordered my cookbook Skinnytaste One and Done? It comes out Oct 9, but you can get 4 free recipes from the book now, with your pre-order. More details here! If you’re new to my meal plans, I’ve been sharing these free, 7-day flexible healthy meal plans (you can see my previous meal plans here) that are meant as a guide, with plenty of wiggle room for you to add more food, coffee, beverages, fruits, snacks, dessert, wine, etc or swap recipes out for meals you prefer, you can search for recipes by course in the index. You should aim for around 1500 calories* per day. There’s also a precise, organized grocery list that will make grocery shopping so much easier and  […]

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Ecology | Composting At Home Doesn’t Have To Be Hard (Or Smelly), Thanks To This Painless Guide

This year, there’s been a lot of talk about the importance of beating plastic pollution so it doesn’t end up in our oceans. And it’s about time. But there’s another complex waste stream we interact with every day that deserves our attention: organic waste.  […]

Source: Composting At Home Doesn’t Have To Be Hard (Or Smelly), Thanks To This Painless Guide

Card of the Day – The Tower – Saturday, June 23, 2018

Tarot by Cecelia

Whoa! So, if you have been keeping track of these things, you will know that the last time we saw the Tower card was May 16 (Note, this info is always included in my post). There is no such thing as coincidence people, and its previous appearance coincided with the entrance of Uranus into Taurus. Uranus is the planet of shock and surprise, bringing many things to light, and events which could not possibly be anticipated, basically mimicking the Tower card itself. Now, mind you, the drastic changes, and shocking turn of events which this card represents do not need to be negative ones. There will be noteworthy global events, even climate-related, Mother Earth-type of news, so pretty muchanything can and will happen.

However, insofar as our Tower card and Uranus in Taurus are concerned today, I do feel that out-of-the-blue occurrences will indeed run the gamut, both positive…

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Lāʻau Lapaʻau | Peppermint

The Wonky Pot Apothecary



Botanical Name: Mentha x piperita.


All true mints belong to the genus Mentha. Peppermint is a hybrid plant, a cross between watermint (Mentha aquatica) and spearmint (Mentha spicata). 

Common Names: Peppermint, mint, menthol

Habitat: Peppermint is found growing wild in the moist soils of the warmer parts of Europe, Asia, and America. It was cultivated in Europe but also in America, where it has become a vital crop over the last one hundred years. Peppermint is a perennial shrub which grows best in very moist soils with high water-holding capacity. While the plant has proved invaluable in medicine, for both topical and oral uses, it is also used widely in the perfume, soap and of course the food industries, becoming the most commercially important of the Mentha species. It has a fresh odor and a persistent cooling…

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Spirituality | Summer Solstice Ritual

The Witch & Walnut

SUMMER SOLSTICE BATH RITUAL (1)Midsummer celebrations are finally upon us. I’m posting this a bit early so that you can have some time to gather your ingredients if you don’t have them on hand.

Midsummer is celebrated from the Solstice and then for 3 days afterwards as well. So if you can’t find the time on Solstice, its okay you have all weekend. In-fact you have basically the remainder of the month. The energy for love is potent and thick in the air, but its not just one day. You can feel it throughout the remaining days of June and early days of July…

This is a time to fall in love, to grow love and to simply be in love. Whether you choose to seek it, wish for it or even leave it…. this is the time to honor your hearts desire. This is a time when the energy around us is drunk…

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Card of the Day – The World – Friday, June 22, 2018

Tarot by Cecelia

The Circle of Life. Life is itself lived in many cycles. Currently, we have just begun a new season, be it Summer, or Winter, depending upon the hemisphere in which you live. Whether you have realized it or not, one cycle has been completed, and the new one which has begun, will go a long way to transform your life over the coming months. I often view this card as reaching the Finish Line, only to be at the Starting Line for something else. And so it goes, the cycles go on and on; doors open and doors close.

They say hindsight is 20/20, so you may not notice the massive change which this cycle will be bringing, until much of it has occurred, and you are not at all in the same place as you are at this moment. There is much success to be had now if…

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Contemplations …

Forty years ago, The Beatles asked the world a simple question: they wanted to know where all the lonely people came from. My latest theory is that at the end of the day, all we really have is ourselves and nothing can make you feel lonelier than that. Four-hundred years ago, another well known English guy had an opinion about being alone, John Dunn. He thought we were never alone. Of course, it was fancier when he said it. “No man is an island entire unto himself.” Boil down that island talk and he just meant that all anyone needs is someone to step in and let us know we’re not alone. And, who’s to say that someone can’t have four legs? Someone to play with, or run around with, or just hang out.

The Path You’ve Chosen – June, 2018

Tarot by Cecelia

Over the last five to ten years, many of you have likely experienced more low moments than high ones, or, at the very least the low ones felt as though they far outweighed the good. The time has come to take the wisdom which you have gained through these experiences, and work with the messages the Universe is sending your way now. Through what you are manifesting it is possible to put things back on a more even keel. The opportunites await you, however, you must be willing to turn away from life’s disappointments and betrayals and switch your focus to making things happen for yourself. No pity parties allowed. Remain grounded, and remember to nurture yourself in the process, while still putting yourself out there for others on a more balanced scale.

Do not allow yourself to be caught off guard when the Universe offers you an incredible opportunity…

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Daily Tarot | Card of the Day – 8 of Cups – Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tarot by Cecelia

With Neptune newly retrograde, it is highly possible for dreams to be off the charts. It can be very easy to want to escape into that dream world, having the kind of vibe that says…”I don’t want to be here; I just want to be there”. In due time you will be arriving there, if the Universe so intends. The 8 of Cups has a feel of moving on associated with it, and your current desire to be somewhere else may seem overwhelming at the moment.

Now is not the time, unfortunately, but the actions you take now in your waking hours can aid you in making the choices to find your way to that new destination. You will be much closer by the end of August, so, for the moment, pay close attention to what your dreams are telling you, for they contain some shreds of truth which will…

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Lāʻau Lapaʻau | Powerful Herbal Pain Relief

Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of visiting the home of a gracious woman who deals in antiques. As I admired the many fine pieces displayed there, I came to realize that I, too, am something of a period piece a baby boomer who’s fundamentally sound but sporting the odd creaky hinge or two.
Fortunately, the herbal apothecary holds promise. Its medicines are good alternatives to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for chronic, mild to moderate aches and can reduce the need for prescription drugs.
More than 100 plants are known to have pain-relieving properties, but some are really outstanding. Reporting on herbal painkillers for arthritis, a review of clinical trials in the Clinical Journal of Pain says devil’s claw {Harpagophytum procumbens}, capsaicin from hot chiles {Capsicum spp.}, gamma-linolenic acid {GLA} from seed oils, and certain blended herbal extracts are especially good. Other studies indicate broader pain-relieving…

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Card of the Day – King of Pentacles – Monday, June 18, 2018

Tarot by Cecelia

This should have been yesterday’s card given the fact that this King makes a pretty darn good Dad. But, he is also welcome on a Monday anytime. If you have been listening to my Overview for the Second Half of 2018, then you are aware of the way things are playing out in the coming months. This King represents your power and security, and the steps you are taking to bring the abundance you desire to fruition. He is a sign that all of your hard work and efforts which you have put into your endeavors will indeed pay off for the long haul.

The King of Pentacles is a practical, down-to-earth individual (male or female), who has earned what they have and concerns themselves, not only with their own wellbeing, but that of others as well. He is a very savvy guy when it comes to finances, and…

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Hau’oli aloha Pō’akāhi

Aloha a me kā maikāʻi āwakēa i kā pōʻe ā pau. Nā kōu Pō’akāhi ʻae ē Hō’omanā’o ī kā nāni ‘oe ī lōkō ā me kā waho. Ō kā maluhia nō me ‘oe.

Hello and good day to everyone. Enjoy your Monday and remember you are beautiful inside and out. Peace be with you.

Grand Fire Trine of Goddesses

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

Grand fire trine of the Goddess, Juno and Eris in Aries trine Ceres in Leo and trine to Vesta in Sagittarius. This affects 22-29 degree Fire Signs.

June. Marriage Goddess,Tara Greene astrology

Juno whose name the month of June honors is the asteroid goddess which represents Feminine Genius and wisdom. Eris is the Goddess of disruption-a shit disturbing troublemaker. They are fired up and plotting a spontaneous furious attack.

Ceres is the Great Mother, Mother Nature, Demeter. It is She who commands all life and chooses to allow anything to grow or not. Ceres is sitting on Donald Trump’s Mars and his Leo Ascendant. In Greek mythology Demeter/Ceres had her daughter Persephone stolen/raped from her. She refused to let anything grow on earth until her daughter was returned to her from Pluto’s realm, the Underworld.

Vesta is the goddess of investments and investiture if power. Vesta is the eternal flame of the soul which…

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