Worldwide Spike in Vegan Cheese Sales as Consumers Ditch Dairy

Sales of vegan cheese have hit record highs in key markets as consumer tastes shift toward plant-based and lactose-free foods.  […]

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Cardamom – The Queen of Spices



Native to certain parts of India, the spice has been popular for 5000 years and is referred to as the “Queen of Spices”. The use of this spice is mentioned in the Vedic texts and the ancient Ayurveda inscriptions of India. Even the ancient Greeks, Romans and Arabs had used this spice for its aphrodisiac qualities and other health benefits.

5 Health Benefits of Cardamom

-Improves Digestion – Cardamom has carminative properties that help in the digestion process. It reduces flatulence and bloating and helps treat colic and stomach cramping. Plus, it increases bile flow, which in turn improves digestion of fats as well as other nutrients.

-Beats Bad Breath – Packed with antibacterial properties, cardamom can easily fight the germs that cause bad breath. Plus, it has a strong flavor and a pleasant smell that can beat bad breath.

-Body Detox – Being rich in antioxidants, cardamom also aids detoxification by removing…

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Foodstyles:  50 Amazing Vegan Asian Recipes

These 50 vegan Asian recipes will definitely make you drool! They’re packed with flavor and healthy and fresh ingredients! Take a culinary trip to Asia with us! I’ve always liked Asian recipes! And as a vegan or vegetarian it’s incredibly easy to eat at Asian restaurants. Many Asian dishes are traditionally plant-based as Asian diets often heavily rely on vegetables and grains. Soy and coconut milk also play a huge role in many Asian cuisines, which makes it so easy for vegans to enjoy Asian dishes. During several trips to Thailand and Bali, I really fell in love with Asian  […]

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Health:  This 2-Minute Detox Drink Helps You Burn Fat, Boost Metabolism, Fight Diabetes And Lower Blood Pressure

The following drink blends the properties of a few incredibly potent ingredients, resulting in a real detox bomb that will boost your immunity, accelerate metabolism, revitalize your body, burn excess fat, and lower blood pressure. This is how to prepare it: Ingredients: 2 teaspoons of lemon juice 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar 1 teaspoon […]

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Health:  Apple-Honey Mixture That Flushes Toxic Waste From Your Colon

Colon cleanses have been performed since ancient Greece, and they are extremely beneficial methods of boosting the function of the colon and improving overall health. Nowadays, colon cleanses are performed due to the theory of autointoxication. Undigested foods, especially meats, cause an accumulation of mucus in the colon that produces toxins and poisons in the […]

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Cymatics:  UNLOCK⎪4 Hz Telepathy, Astral Projection and Extrasensory Perception⎪432 Hz Ultra Healing Vibration

Be Aware:. Contains a Binaural Beats in which I consider to use: Any type of Headphones for a perfect audible experience (Reasonable Headset or Earbuds)

Left ear 432 Hz and Right ear 436 Hz creating a Binaural Beats effect of:

4.0 Hz Enkephalins, Extrasensory perception; Astral Projection, Telepathy, Catecholamines, Vital for memory & learning, Subconscious Problem Solving Full Memory Scanning (if one can manage to stay awake) Associated with object naming, an important aspect of memory.

Those who suffer from Chronic Fatigue exhaust very easily. When moved to 4.0 Hz these individuals showed marked improvement in the length of time between the occurrence of exhaustion after certain exercises were completed.”


Frequency Range Headphones at least: 20hz – 20’000hz)

This Music has been tuned to A4 = 432 Hz and 60 Bpm.

It meets the 432 Hz Universe Resonance

It plays all the 7 Chakras Tones Through Vibration Melody:

C Note – Root = 256,8 Hz

D Note – Sacral = 288,2 Hz

E Note – Solar Plexus = 323,5 Hz

F Note – Heart = 342,8 Hz

G Note – Throat = 384,8 Hz

A Note – Third Eye = 432 Hz

B Note – Crown = 484,8 Hz


It features:

☯ 432 Hz Universe Resonance ► Vibration Tuning Frequency Music

☯ 4.0 Hz Extrasensory Perception ► Binaural Beats

☯ 40 Hz Brain’s Operating System ► Frequency

☯ New Age Music ♡


Intent: Telepathy, Astral Projection and Extrasensory Perception


▲ Links:

⬊ List of Frequencies:

⬊ About Solfeggio Miracle Tones:

⬊ About 432 Hz & 728 Hz:

⬊ About Secret Healing Tones:

⬊ About Mudra:…





The Power of Hand Mudras Meaning Did you know that your hands hold an innate healing power that has been used for centuries for healing various ailments?

Be Aware:

‘Mudra’, a Sanskrit word, means a symbolic hand gesture that has the power of producing joy and happiness. It has been proved that regular practice of mudras not only contribute to one’s overall good health but can be used as a preventive measure as well. Our hands define our karma and fingers being the power points, are a link between individual Pranic force and universal cosmic energy.

The position of our hands has the ability to influence energy of our physical, emotional and spiritual body. Mudras help to link the brain to the body, soothe pain, stimulate endorphins, change the mood and increase our vitality. Mudras have been an integral part of many Hindu and Buddhist rituals. They are used extensively in Yoga, meditation and dance.

Across various disciplines it is said that there exist close to 399 mudras.

Simple Way to Make Herbal Tinctures

Geranium Smiles


During the recent new moon, I decided to prepare chaga mushroom and wormwood tinctures, powerful healing and cleansing herbal extracts. I wanted to share with you how simple it is to make tinctures at home using any of your favorite herbs (fresh, dried, or powdered).  🌱🎨

Here is one simple way to do it:

  Chop up fresh or dried herbs (roots and barks might be a bit more difficult to chop so just do your best and don’t worry about the size of the pieces).

  If you would like, start your herbal extraction during the new or full moon to take advantage of the moon’s power.

  Place your herbs into a glass jar and pour 40% vodka, rum, or brandy over the herbs so that the alcohol covers them completely.

  Close the jar and shake it every day to help the healing components…

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8 Yoga Poses To Relieve Back Pain and Can Be Done in 8 Minutes!

The mobility and flexibility of the body are extremely important, especially nowadays, when numerous people lead a sedentary lifestyle, which causes tight hips and impaired mobility. Tight hips can cause various other health issues, including: Back pain- The tight hip flexors, overstretched hip extensors, and glutes, pull the pelvis forward into an unnatural tilt, and […]

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Vegan Foodstyles:  Wild Mushroom Ragú with Creamy Polenta

Creamy polenta is topped with a wild mushroom that’s ragú cooked up in an herbed red wine tomato sauce to make this irresistible vegan bowl of coziness! The perfect meal for a chilly fall evening. My mom’s side of the family is Italian. I went vegetarian at thirteen. This could be really good or really bad. On a good day growing up, there were personal lasagnas loaded with veggies, or even my very own batch of eggplant meatballs. On a bad day, it meant the meatballs (and not the eggplant kind) were cooked in the sauce, and me dining on plain noodles. […]

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Asian Garlic Tofu

Asian Garlic Tofu cooks up crispy with tons of salty, sweet, and spicy flavor. Serve with broccoli and rice for a fantastically delicious vegetarian meal. My daughter has been a vegetarian for 2 years. Or maybe it has been 3 years. I can’t even remember. Every now and then I like to share some of her favorite things to eat like Orange Cauliflower and Vegetarian BBQ Nachos.   She doesn’t like beans so tofu is a major source of protein for her. I actually really like to cook with tofu and eat it as well. I love that it  […]

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How To Drink Your Excess Weight Away In 8 Weeks

Excess pounds are a problem to numerous of people, but burning them is not always an easy task. Namely, you need to do some lifestyle changes, regularly exercise and eat a healthy diet. Also, you should change your sleeping habits at times as sleep deficiency may cause food cravings and low energy levels. Nowadays, smoothies […]

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Steps To Reverse Type-2 Diabetes So You Never Have To Take Insulin Or Medication Again

Type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes, has tripled in the last 4 decades, and every other American and one in four children are affected by it. According to experts, the situation will worsen, and 1 in 3 three Americans will develop diabetes by mid-century, and over 1/3 of all American adults are obese. Yet, you should […]

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This Is Why You Need To Put Essential Oils On Your Feet Every Night Before Bed

If you are a fan of essential oils, and you have some of them at home, you already know that they are extremely beneficial for health and have intense relaxing and calming properties. Yet, despite being amazing for aromatherapy, these oils also offer other benefits as well. According to reflexologists, essential oils can be applied […]

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