Foodstyles:  50 Amazing Vegan Asian Recipes

These 50 vegan Asian recipes will definitely make you drool! They’re packed with flavor and healthy and fresh ingredients! Take a culinary trip to Asia with us! I’ve always liked Asian recipes! And as a vegan or vegetarian it’s incredibly easy to eat at Asian restaurants. Many Asian dishes are traditionally plant-based as Asian diets often heavily rely on vegetables and grains. Soy and coconut milk also play a huge role in many Asian cuisines, which makes it so easy for vegans to enjoy Asian dishes. During several trips to Thailand and Bali, I really fell in love with Asian  […]

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Asian Foodstyles:  Thai Noodle Salad with the BEST EVER Peanut Sauce

Make-ahead Thai Noodle Salad with Peanut Sauce- loaded up with lots of fresh healthy crunchy veggies and the BEST Peanut Sauce!!!! Vegan & Gluten-Free  […]

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Filipino Foodstyles:  Pandan Macapuno Cake

This year I decided to make my husband a pandan (screwpine leaves) flavoured cake with macapuno (a mutant form of the coconut; gelatinous in texture with a tastier flavour)  filling and frosting. Pandan and macapuno are two of the Asian flavours he just loves and I thought he would be delighted if I combine the two. I was so right. Just a whiff of the brewing pandan leaves got him excited already. I don’t think I need to tell you how he reacted to the finished birthday cake.  (Hint: if you cannot obtain pandan leaves, there is a green-colored Pandan extract that you can purchase from any Filipino/Asian food store. Just use 1 teaspoon for the recipe.  Pandan in your cooking steamed white Jasmine rice is also so delish … just sayin’!)  […]

Health:  Apple-Honey Mixture That Flushes Toxic Waste From Your Colon

Colon cleanses have been performed since ancient Greece, and they are extremely beneficial methods of boosting the function of the colon and improving overall health. Nowadays, colon cleanses are performed due to the theory of autointoxication. Undigested foods, especially meats, cause an accumulation of mucus in the colon that produces toxins and poisons in the […]

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Asian Vegan Foodstyles:  Kung Pao Chickpeas

Your favorite takeout Kung Pao dish, gone vegan!! Hearty, satisfying, and deliciously spicy… you’ll be amazed at the fantastic flavor of this dish! Just because you are eating vegan, that doesn’t mean your meals have to be boring… these Kung Pao chickpeas will amaze you with their bold, delicious flavor! Do you ever have one of those meals that you make, but you don’t have high hopes for actually being really tasty?  It sounds good, and different, so you give it a shot, but you’ve also got the pizza coupons out on the counter, just in case you need to call  […]

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Asian Foodstyles:  20 Minute Spicy Thai Noodles

Deliciously spicy with hints of sweetness, these thai noodles are an amazing addition to your dinner table. Try them tonight! If you’re looking to spice up your weeknight dinner routine, you have to try these spicy Thai noodles!  This recipe uses regular, everyday ingredients and transforms them into a spicy dish you’re sure to love! Most of the things I make are for the family, for dinner… but occasionally I make something just for my husband, for his lunches at work.  These Spicy Thai Noodles are a great example 🙂  They are waaaaay too spicy for the family, but perfect […]

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Vegan Foodstyles:  Wild Mushroom Ragú with Creamy Polenta

Creamy polenta is topped with a wild mushroom that’s ragú cooked up in an herbed red wine tomato sauce to make this irresistible vegan bowl of coziness! The perfect meal for a chilly fall evening. My mom’s side of the family is Italian. I went vegetarian at thirteen. This could be really good or really bad. On a good day growing up, there were personal lasagnas loaded with veggies, or even my very own batch of eggplant meatballs. On a bad day, it meant the meatballs (and not the eggplant kind) were cooked in the sauce, and me dining on plain noodles. […]

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Asian Garlic Tofu

Asian Garlic Tofu cooks up crispy with tons of salty, sweet, and spicy flavor. Serve with broccoli and rice for a fantastically delicious vegetarian meal. My daughter has been a vegetarian for 2 years. Or maybe it has been 3 years. I can’t even remember. Every now and then I like to share some of her favorite things to eat like Orange Cauliflower and Vegetarian BBQ Nachos.   She doesn’t like beans so tofu is a major source of protein for her. I actually really like to cook with tofu and eat it as well. I love that it  […]

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Steps To Reverse Type-2 Diabetes So You Never Have To Take Insulin Or Medication Again

Type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes, has tripled in the last 4 decades, and every other American and one in four children are affected by it. According to experts, the situation will worsen, and 1 in 3 three Americans will develop diabetes by mid-century, and over 1/3 of all American adults are obese. Yet, you should […]

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This Mint Chocolate Chip Ketogenic Snack Is The Secret To Balanced Blood Sugar & Healthy Mitochondria


Enter the Keto diet, a way of low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) eating. The fat bomb is a signature dessert or snack of the diet, filled with satiating healthy fats. My version uses coconut oil and coconut butter, which have medium-chain fatty acids that help feed your mitochondria (amazing for energy and longevity). They’re nutrient-dense and totally delicious. Better yet? With just seven ingredients total, they couldn’t be easier to make!  […]


This Mint Chocolate Chip Ketogenic Snack Is The Secret To Balanced Blood Sugar & Healthy Mitochondria

This Vegetable Will Fix Everything Wrong In Your Body!

Beets are extremely healthy as they have potent medicinal properties and offer relief in the case of various ailments and diseases. The anthocyanins give them the red color and have strong anti-cancer properties. Moreover, beets contain betaine, which is a natural anti-inflammatory agent that supports heart health, as well as important vitamins and minerals including […]

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Filipino Foodstyles — Vegan & Gluten-Free Kare-Kare (Filipino Peanut Stew)

Several days in the kitchen testing and altering recipes, I finally perfected my Vegan Kare-Kare (Filipino Peanut Stew) with banana blossom, adapted from the recipe of the fabulous Astig Vegan and served with her tasty vegan bagoong (’shrimp-free paste’), which is now available to order here.  […]

Source: Vegan & Gluten-Free Kare-Kare (Filipino Peanut Stew) | Vegan Miam

Elderberry – The Most Anti-viral Fruit Known to Man

The most important weapon against influenza that you can add to your herbal arsenal is elderberry extract. Whether you are concerned with the seasonal flu or the potential of a deadly strain of influenza becoming pandemic, elderberry extract is a vital addition to your vault of flu remedies. Unlike the highly touted flu shot, concentrated … […]

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Foodstyles: Lana’s Hawaiian Bread Pudding

Grandmaster Lana’s Hawaiian Bread Pudding



1 Hawaiian Portuguese Sweet Bread loaf, cut into 1” cubes
2 eggs (or use equivalent in Egg Substitute)
2 cups Coconut Milk
1 cup Soy Milk
2 TB Bourbon Vanilla (I make my own with Vanilla Beans)
½ tsp. Himalyan Sea Salt
1 tsp. Ground Cinnamon
3 TB melted butter (or equivalent margarine/veg. oil substitute)
1 large apple, diced into small cubes
1/3 cup raisins
¼ cup dried cranberries
¼ cup crushed nuts
¾ cup brown sugar, packed



Add the dry ingredients together. Mix the apple and raisins in another bowl. Melt the butter, don’t make it hot. Add the beaten eggs (or Egg substitute) with the milk, then incorporate with the dry ingredients. Slowly incorporate the milk mixture with the bread cubes, but use just enough to get the cubes covered. Stir in the cranberries and nuts. Put the bread mix into a 13×9″ greased pan. Add the apple/raisin mix on top of the bread and pour the rest of the milk/butter liquid over everything.

Bake uncovered at 350º F. for 40-45 minutes (depending on how hot your oven gets).

Optional:  Top with coconut cream or Vanilla Brown Sugar syrup

Foodstyles: Cassis Truffle Heart Chocolates

Nahdala's Kitchen

Cassis-Truffle-Chocoloates-1Romantics, lovers, chocoholics, rejoice! Valentine’s Day is nigh~! While basically everyone I know is firmly rooted on the rather jaded “It’s just a holiday for the greeting card / flower / chocolate industry” side of the matter, exactly the same people also spend the exact same holiday trying to hide the fact that they’re doing something of the exact same shape, size and color the “hopeless victims of the ad-powered machinery” do for their loved ones.

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Health:  Does Sparkling Water Cause Weight Gain? Here’s What You Need To Know

It’s messing with your hunger hormones!

Plain water is too, well, plain, for many people, causing them to opt instead for sparkling. Sparkling, seltzer, fizzy, bubbly, club, or soda water is water that has been put under pressure to create fizz. In other words, water is “married” with pressurized carbon dioxide to create those delightful little bubbles that dance all over your tongue.  […]

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