Tarot Contemplation – The Tower

The Tower is about change.  Just as the Devil and Death, the Tower is not as frightening or as ominous as the pictorial representation, above.  Trying to hold too tightly to the status quo can be disastrous now.  Roll with the changes.  It is likely that some people/situations that you have counted on as being there for you may no longer be there in quite the same way.  This doesn’t have to be dire; change is the nature of life and trying to prevent it is like trying to row upstream without a paddle.  If you’ve been building castles in the air, this may be the time that some of them come crashing down to earth.  That’s only a problem if you allow it to be one.  You will be able to replace them with some more realistic and reachable dreams and goals if some fantasies fall apart this month.  Dreaming is important, but it is also important to be living in reality.  You will get through this time just fine, particularly if you remember that you have all the resources you need already inside you to deal with life and to do what you need to do.

Tarot Contemplation – Strength (reversed)

Strength indicates the importance of mind over matter, and reminds ou to focus on what you do want, rather than what you don’t want, in your life.  It’s main point is that you have the ability to harness your thoughts and to use them for your — and everyone else’s — highest good.  Not only do you have the ability, you have the responsibility.  So, conquer your fears, control your impulses and never lose patience with yourself or what you are doing.  It’s important now for you to make time to meditate and contemplate and spend some time alone, even if you are in a committed relationship and have ump-teen children!  Do not allow yourself to spend time in preoccupation and fear.  Outward things will be going all right, but what is of the most paramount importance is keeping your head on straight.  This is likely to be a very spiritual time for you, even if you don’t have anything close to a religious belief.  To be truly strong, you must pay attention to and develop each leg of the triad we are made from:  body, mind and spirit.  Be sure you are spending time on all three.  That’s hardest to do when things are difficult.  If you are at a low point today, know that things are very likely to be looking up soon.  You are strong, and probably stronger than you think.  You got this.

Tarot Contemplation – Eight of Cups

Something that was once close to your heart now feels uninteresting or draining.  Today, take some distance from that project or relationship.  You may come back to it, or you may not.  What is important now is to replenish yourself emotionally and spiritually.  Take time to be alone to contemplate one’s emotions and decide if leaving is the best route.  It could mean literally leaving — changing homes, ending a relationship, quitting a job, going on a trip to find yourself — or, leaving behind hopes and dreams.  Either you or someone involved is tired of feeling disappointed and hopeless and is ready to look for better things.  Often, the Eight of Cups indicates a craving for spiritual deepening.

Tarot Contemplation – The Chariot

You can accomplish a great deal today, but discipline is key.  Stay focused on your goals.  Don’t let distractions interfere.  You have the skills and resources to achieve what you want, but not without effort.  It’s time to take control of your life.  Stay focused on your goal.  Harness all of your resources to get to where you want to go.  Don’t get thrown off course by your emotions.  Forego short term gratification for long term accomplishment.  And, the weekend is here, so perhaps enjoy traveling … be safe and be IN-Joy!

Tarot Contemplation – The Devil

Pay attention to what you feel resentful towards or burdened by today.  Whatever you are feeling weighed down by, remember, it is something you chose, and also something you can unchoose.  Assess whether you want to remain committed to that which you have tied yourself to.  It may not seem like it, but you do have a choice.

Tarot Contemplation – Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups is the one woman in your life that is and ever shall be in your corner 100% … always caring, nurturing and empathetic towards you, your needs and what’s going on with you in this Moment.  Think positively, because this feminine energy is supporting you … at work, in your relationships, with your health and even your spiritual outlook … in all ways that you have yet to realize.  So give yourself a break today and be creative as you reach out, especially to other women, to nurture the relationships surrounding you.  In this way, you honor your mother and The Mother by nurturing yourself with compassion.  In a macrocosmic sense, this is the Universe reaching out to heal your Spirit with Mother’s love and asking you to See that all is related.  All are related.  And so … may you be pleasantly surprised with a dose of intuitive clairvoyance today as you embrace the Mother within you.

Tarot Contemplation – King of Swords

Today, you feel like a mastermind.  You have a mature, calm, analytical intellect which you use in the pursuit of truth and justice.  You are a direct communicator and an absolute professional.  Your decisions are based on careful thought.  If you have a difficult problem to solve, or a serious decision to make, today is a good day to do that.  Your mind is calm and clear, and you’ll be able to separate your feelings from the facts easily.

Tarot Contemplation – Queen of Cups

Your energy is akin to a mature, sensitive, romantic person.  You are an empathetic and kind listener, and help others to understand their own emotions.  You are connected to your higher self and receptive to messages from your dreams.  Pay close attention to your feelings and intuition, and listen to your heart.  You are nurturing and loving as you give of yourself to others.  You may require solitude in order to rejuvenate yourself, and being near water will heal, restore and inspire you.  Indulge your artistic side in a DIY project.

Tarot Contemplation – Six of Pentacles

This card is about giving and receiving and the balance between them. It could be indicating that you show gratitude for what you have received by giving to charity or helping another with resources.  Pay it back.  It could be that if you have been giving of yourself you will see your effort returned.  Don’t be too proud to accept help from those that have more.  What goes around comes around.  Pay attention to how you use your energy and resources.  If you feel resentful or exhausted, look for ways to give in a more balanced manner.  If you are not getting what you expect in a situation, look at what you are giving.  Regarding relationships, pay attention to how you give and take with that person.  Is your relationship fair, or is one person doing most of the taking and little of the giving?  Even if we have very little in a material sense, there is always some way we can give.

Tarot Contemplation – Seven of Pentacles (reversed)

It may be that you are ready to give up on something you’ve been working on for a while because you are not getting the results you hoped for.  Instead of turning your back on this thing you’ve invested so much into, look for the lessons in your errors.  Though you may be disappointed, it is likely that you’ve learned many things that will contribute to your future success.  Perhaps you have failed to learn from past errors and are repeating the same mistakes again. Pay more attention to the results of your efforts so that you can learn and get better at this task.

Tarot Contemplation – Ace of Wands

You’ve got a new bright idea, a burst of creative energy, a source of inspiration. Excitement, enthusiasm and energy for something new are available to you.  Now is your chance to be courageous.  Look for inspiration everywhere today!  Look for opportunities to be creative and express your enthusiasm.  Be ready to write down notes so you don’t forget the ideas that pop into your head.  Even if something seems “impossible” or way too big, write it down.  You never know!

Crystals and Stones for the Tarot – Good Witches Homestead

For those of you who Read Tarot cards, here is an added divination practice.

For those of you just starting out in the Metaphysical world, please give this divination method a try.

For simplicity of this article, I have kept to the traditional names of the particular Tarot card, although there are different card names to certain decks….

Source: Crystals and Stones for the Tarot – Good Witches Homestead

Tarot Contemplation – The Hanged Man (reprise)

You may feel frustrated that things aren’t moving as quickly as you’d like today.  Be patient; stop trying to force things to happen.  Take this time of waiting as an opportunity to practice being present with yourself.  You may find that when you let go of your expectations that things turn out differently, and even better, than you’d hoped.  The greatest benefit will be had when you are able to let go.  Don’t try to control the present situation.  Try to make peace with uncertainty.  A sacrifice may be required now in order to move forward.  Now is the time to get in touch with the spiritual aspects of yourself.

Tarot Contemplation – The Hanged Man

You may feel frustrated that things aren’t moving as quickly as you’d like today.  Be patient; stop trying to force things to happen.  Take this time of waiting as an opportunity to practice being present with yourself.  You may find that when you let go of your expectations that things turn out differently, and even better, than you’d hoped.  The greatest benefit will be had when you are able to let go.  Don’t try to control the present situation.  Try to make peace with uncertainty.  A sacrifice may be required now in order to move forward.

Tarot Contemplation – Eight of Pentacles

Here you are working diligently and happily on your project.  You have already completed quite a bit of your task and are now focused on maintaining the quality of your work.  You feel much satisfaction in what you’ve been able to achieve.  Today is a day to focus on your craft. It may be that you will soon be employed in steady and rewarding work.  Or, perhaps you need to persevere in a matter that is near completion.  Or, you might now be learning a great deal through work that may seem repetitive. Don’t be lazy.  Don’t cut corners.  What you are creating or doing is a reflection of who you are.  Put in the work you know you are capable of.  It is so worth it.  You are nearing mastery, so maintain your efforts and focus and see this project through to the end.

Tarot Contemplation – The Chariot

You may feel like sticking close to home today to get on with what you need to do there. The Chariot is a card of “safety”, whether this be your own need to feel safe and secure or simply the need to regroup your thoughts in order to find an answer.

Love life: This is a great day to spend some time at home relaxing with a special someone. You may also feel the warmth of your family’s good feelings towards you and all you do for them.

Work life: There is structure to your life today when it comes to work. If you are faced with a problem that seems too big for you, break it down to smaller tasks and go from there.

Tarot Contemplation – Five of Cups

The loss suffered is of something dear to the heart, whether a relationship, a loved possession or a cherished dream.  It may be a loss voluntarily taken, but that doesn’t make it any less painful. Whatever loss or disappointment you’ve experienced lately deserves to be felt.  When you take the time to really feel your feelings, you can process them, learn from them, and then move forward with greater self-awareness and wisdom.  The lesson to be learned here is that with loss also comes change, and with change, opportunity.  We can avoid loss if we avoid pursuing our heart’s desire, but if we have the courage to risk loss we may also gain true fulfillment.

Tarot Contemplation – Six of Swords

You don’t have to do everything yourself today.  You are not alone; there are people that care about you.  You are moving away, or planning to move away, from psychological pain or confusion.  Perhaps you are moving away from something destructive, such as ending an abusive relationship or moving away from friends who enable abusive behavior.  You may be going away on a trip (especially over water) to gain a new perspective on a difficult situation.  Reach out and ask for help.  It’s amazing how comforting a little support can feel.  You are gaining psychological distance from trouble by exploring your subconscious or gaining distance from the situation to get a wider perspective.  This is a time for transition and change is often difficult.  Once you make it to the other side, however, you will feel great relief thinking of what you have left behind.

Tarot Contemplation – Nine of Pentacles

You’re looking good today because you’ve worked hard and can now enjoy the fruits of your labor.  You’ve been all about self-discipline and you’ve succeeded in taming your impulses … like you’ve tamed that wild bird on your arm … meaning, you’ve accomplished much in taming your animal impulses.  Now, you’re craving a bit of independence.  Today, reward yourself for all the good, hard work you’ve done lately.  Be proud of what you’ve accomplished and treat yourself well!  Pamper yourself.  Take yourself out on a date!   By making the effort to celebrate now, you’ll be reinforcing your good work and replenishing your energy for even more success in the future.

Tarot Contemplation – The Fool

Anything is possible today!  Open your mind.  Say, “Yes!”  Don’t make all the decisions about your path, or make assumptions about how it’ll be before you embark.  Stay open to surprises and unexpected opportunities.  Anything could happen if you leave room for possibilities.   You’re only limited by your own doubts and fears.  So, today, shake away your worries and take a chance. Trust in the Universe to keep you safe, then take the leap into the unknown … It’s time for a new adventure!

Tarot Contemplation – The Lovers

Are your head and heart united?  If you have a decision to make now, then tune in to your heart’s desire, but pay attention to logic.  If you are acting out of love, you are on the right path.  When making choices today, take a long-term, heart-centered perspective.  Put the feelings and well being of yourself and your loved ones first.  A choice made purely from logic, that goes against what feels good or right, is not the right choice today.  Often in life we must make choices and once we choose one path, another is sacrificed.  Take responsibility and ownership for the choices you make today.  Celebrate the love you have in all its forms:  passion, friendship, caring, spiritual devotion and self-love.

Tarot Contemplation – Two of Cups

Today is about the union, the coming together, of two or more things to create something new. This could represent romantic attraction,a marriage, a supportive partnership, coming to a compromise, mutual support in a relationship, a friendship and bonding, or a sense of equality between two people or two groups of people.  Spend time doing something, or being with someone, that you love and feel deeply connected to.  The time and devotion you put into this project or relationship will fill you with joy and inner strength.  Whether this card indicates romance, business partners, friends, family members, or the uniting of physical and spiritual realms, the Two of Cups always represents equality, balance and mutual give-and-take, particularly in regard to emotional support and understanding.

Tarot Contemplation – King of Wands

You are a natural leader.  You are devoted to your family and those whom you lead.  You are charming and kind and motivated to take action to bring about positive change.  Sit down and think about your goals today.  You are decisive and courageous and take risks based on your gut feelings.  You have a very clear understanding of yourself, what you’re capable of and what you want in your future.  You like excitement, competition and challenges.  You have a lust for life! You like to be surrounded by a diverse group of people. You are not rigid in your thinking and are receptive to different points of view when considering a situation.  Use that energy to get intentional.  Not only can you set great goals today, you also have the energy to start working towards them.

Tarot Contemplation – Three of Wands

A decision has been made and you are taking your first optimistic steps towards your goals.  You have set things into motion and there is no turning back now.  You know what you need to do, and you have the confidence to do it.  Invest in your future today.  You have the ability to lead and a vision that can inspire. Forgiveness of others or yourself may be required in order to let go of the past.  Your plans might take require foreign travel.  Coming together with others and negotiating and trading could also be implied. If so, equality and cooperation may be required.  Make connections, work on your education, start creating something for the future. With the bright future ahead of you, it is an ideal time to let go of past hurts. Your future self will say, “I am so glad I put energy into this back then.”

Tarot Contemplation – Eight of Pentacles

In this card, you are the person working diligently and happily on a project.  You have already completed a great deal of your task and are focused on maintaining the quality of your work, which you perform with focused satisfaction.  Today is a day to focus on your craft.  Don’t be lazy.  Don’t cut corners.  What you are creating or doing is a reflection of who you are.  Put in the work you know you are capable of.  It is so worth it.  It may be that you will soon be employed in steady and rewarding work, that you need to persevere in a matter that is near completion, or that you are learning a great deal through work that may seem repetitive.

Tarot Contemplation – Knight of Swords

You are a sharp-minded, direct and idealistic person today.  You are a great problem solver and debater.  You are rational and do not let your feelings drive you.  You know what you want today and have the determination to get it.  However, you should slow down and think your plan through.  You can be headstrong and impatient.  Watch your communication, as you can be very direct and piercing because you are passionate about your own ideas and will not spare another’s feelings in getting your point across.  Though planning may seem boring to you right now, it could ultimately save you a lot of trouble in the long run.  Resist the temptation to jump to conclusions.  If you rush ahead, without considering the details, you are likely to say or do something that you will regret later.

Tarot Contemplation – King of Cups

You are able to observe your emotions and respond in wise ways to them.  You are a wonderful counselor and advisor.  You are careful, empathetic and an understanding listener.  You give good advice and make a wonderful mediator.  If there is a difficult conversation you’ve been putting off, today is a good day to have it.  You have a very good understanding of your emotions.  You can feel deply without being swept away by those feelings.  You can also listen easily, with compassion and empathy to another’s point of view.  Maybe the difficult conversation you need to have is with your self.

Tarot Contemplation – Judgment

Life cannot stay as it is.  Change is unavoidable.  You will benefit now by being accountable for your choices and behavior.  Be honest with yourself.  Look at the big picture of your life.  Where are you at in your life now?  What are the big lessons you’ve been learning?  What are you grateful for?  What are you tired of?  By taking time to check-in with yourself now, you can calm your mind and spirit.  When you are calm, your inner voice can be heard more clearly.  So check-in, calm your spirit and notice the wise guidance of your soul.  Your current phase of life is coming to an end.  Now it is time to look objectively at what has come before.  In which ways did you succeed?  Where did you fail?  What big lessons have you learned?  Tune into your higher calling to learn where to go next.  Pay attention to the big ideas you have now.  They are not just impossible dreams!