Tarot Contemplation – Justice

The Justice card shows you where something in your life may be out of balance. Keep an eye out today for anything that seems unfair to you and act accordingly. You are aiming for harmony today so any interactions need to be handled with logic and intellect as opposed to emotional outbursts.

For Love: When dealing with your love life do not get too caught up in who is right and who is wrong. If you do, any discussions you are having could quickly turn into an argument. State your case, listen to the other person, and find mutual ground to go forward.

For Work: You may have more on your plate today than you care to deal with. You need to prioritise any tasks which come to hand and, if possible, distribute part of your heavy workload to someone else if you cannot manage on your own. The Justice card can help with this organization as it is all about balance and fairness.

Tarot Contemplation – Death

An ending before an utter transformation, like the caterpillar in a cocoon … on the verge of becoming a butterfly.  It is time to get rid of what is no longer useful.  Seek closure before moving on.  You may be about to end a job, move house, or end a relationship.  This may not be an easy change, but it is necessary for your maturation and well-being.  If you’ve been feeling stuck, this card advises you to look around and decide what to let go of.  Only when you free up stagnant energy will new things come to you.  If you are going through a time of painful loss, find solace in knowing that you will look back at this time as the beginning of a new chapter in your life.  Let go and trust in the universe.

Tarot Contemplation – The Star

Today is a new day and a new opportunity for joy! Find ways to refresh your environment and yourself. Have a long and lovely bath, tidy up your room, declutter, practice forgiveness. Make space for wonderful new things in your life. After the destruction of the Tower, the Star brings optimism for a fresh start. Trust in the constantly changing nature of the universe. After the darkest hour comes the dawn of a new day. You are on a healing path. Be sure to nurture both the physical and spiritual aspects of your life. Do what is practically required, while at the same time visualizing an ideal future. Calmness and stillness may be required to heal completely. If someone in your life needs healing, the Star is telling you that optimism and gentle nurturing are required. In a creative venture, the Star can be a sign of success. Astrology and other divinatory arts are conveying messages to you. Pay attention to the cosmos!

Tarot Contemplation – The Hermit

Your soul may be craving a retreat in order to replenish and restore.  By taking space and solitude now, you will be ready to engage with and guide others when they most need you later on.  So, follow the need to withdraw from society to become more comfortable with your Self.  The answers you seek will be found within you, not in any book or on any website.  The Hermit may also be advising you to seek the guidance of a wise counselor or mentor.  Perhaps after your time alone with your thoughts, consider returning from isolation to share knowledge with others. “Where I am, you also may be.”

Tarot Contemplation – Death (reversed)

Something new wants to emerge in your life, but for that to happen you first must release that which has run its course. Today, take time to seek closure — say goodbye to a relationship, a habit, or attitude that no longer serves you. Though this ending may be painful, know that this is a necessary and valuable step in your personal evolutin. When Death appears reversed, there is a delay in reaching a conclusion to some aspect of your life. It may be that there is still a lot to be learned where you are now. It is not time to move on. Or, you may be having trouble letting go in some area, for example, you may be unwilling to accept that a romantic relationship is over. Alternatively, you may be hastily severing ties and burning bridges in order to escape an aspect of your life. Death Reversed may be warning you to slow down and not leave everything behind. If Death appears reversed and you’ve been trying to escape some uncomfortable situation, it may be telling you to confront the issue more directly. Sometimes when we try to run away from something we end up encountering the same problem in a different form because this is a challenge we need to overcome so that we can develop.

Tarot Contemplation – The Magician

The Magician can help you in pooling all of your talents together and using them as a “whole” in order to achieve your goals. Everything you need is at your fingertips and you just need to reach out and begin the process of putting the pieces together to realise your dreams.

Love life: There may be a bit of extra work involved for you to get your relationship to the point you wish it to be. If this is the case, then today is certainly saying you can do this, and do it with ease.

Work life: This is one of the best cards to have for your work life. It shows you will accomplish much whilst using all of your talents to do so.

Tarot Contemplation – The Tower

Be prepared for anything today as things may not go as you expect. The Tower suggests a few hiccups that may cause the best laid plans to turn to putty in your hand. Don’t expect too much and you won’t be disappointed.

For Love: This is not the day to bring up anything that has been bothering you in relation to your love life. Rather, it is the day to have a little patience and save what has been bothering you until a later date. The Tower has a way of making what seems like “nothing” turn into “something” rather quickly and usually not for the better.

For Work: Interruptions and setbacks may be the order of the day for you. If you don’t aim for any high expectations with your workload today then you won’t feel as if you have failed. After all, there is always tomorrow.

Tarot Contemplation – The Chariot

The Chariot, in its simplest terms, represents a vehicle, and one that you are in charge of steering – your life is the vehicle and it is your choices and decisions that steer you in either the right or wrong direction.

When this card appears in a reading, it often represents challenges or difficulties that you must work through or around, but with courage and determination the outcome is often victory.

It often represents an existing struggle, one you have been battling with for a while. For example, the card may represent a destructive or unfulfilling relationship that you have had problems letting go of. It may be that you have been a housewife for many years and you don’t have the confidence to get back into the job market, or perhaps you have hit a glass ceiling in your job or profession and lack the courage to seek success elsewhere.

Whatever the specific challenge or obstacle may be, you can get over it if you find the drive and determination to do so, since The Chariot represents self-reliance and decisive action.

When this card appears in your reading, it is saying don’t quit or give up. As hard as the battle may seem at times, if you persevere, you can and will succeed. It is important to accept and understand that sometimes we need to change course or direction in order to achieve our goals and ambitions. If something isn’t happening, however hard you try, perhaps you simply need to change tactics to get results.

The warning with The Chariot is not to allow your drive, ambition and determination to turn to arrogance and pride. It is not about bullying your way through life. This card simply suggests that you don’t allow your ego to get in the way.

If you feel that your life is not going in the direction you would like it to, and The Chariot appears in your reading, ask yourself ‘What do I need to do to achieve what I want?’, ‘What do I need to let go of in order to gain what I desire?’, ‘Am I on course or way off it?’

Quite often we consult the Tarot cards when we feel lost, without any goals or direction. You would never jump into a car without knowing where you are going would you? Otherwise how would you know when you’d arrived at your destination?

It is the same with life. There are always signposts along the way and the Tarot cards can help you to determine which signs are pointing you in the right direction.

Tarot Contemplation – Temperance

Now that we’re off on our next adventure, it’s time to integrate new information and to regain balance by making adjustments.  Two or more things are coming together to create something new.  You may be integrating your life with someone else’s, integrating your work and home lives, or integrating spirituality into your everyday life.  Whatever project you are working on, be sure to change a little, then step back and assess the results.  Like a scientist, change one variable at a time, and then see what happens.  Find your balance before moving forward.  Use your emotions and be practical, too.  In a situation with another person, compromise will be necessary.  If you’ve been feeling off-kilter, seek balance between work and play, feeling and doing.

Tarot Contemplation – The Hermit

What’s the difference between solitude and loneliness?

Perhaps, the difference is solitude is something you WANT and feel comfortable with (a peaceful, relaxing and inspirational space) and loneliness is an UNWANTED experience of being on your own.  One of the greatest fears we have is the fear of loneliness, especially the loneliness that we feel when we are without a lover  This fear traps many of us into unfulfilling or destructive relationships, or leads us into pursuing the wrong person just to AVOID being on our own.

When The Hermit appears in your reading, it may represent the loneliness you feel at the time. And remember, it is possible to feel more isolated and lonely in an unhappy relationship or marriage than when you are actually on your own  If this is the case, the card is suggesting you take time out for inner reflection. In fact, The Hermit is also known as the Contemplation card in some Tarot decks. Why do you feel lonely? What can you do to help turn unwanted loneliness into welcome solitude  Do you believe you can transform your loneliness into solitude? I believe you can. Focus on contemplating positive opportunities and outcomes. Spend your time reflecting on past joys and accomplishments. Consider what you can do with your life to create more satisfaction and fulfillment.

The Hermit is saying take your time and chill out, don’t make any hasty or impetuous decisions, THINK about the issues in your life carefully and from a more open-minded perspective and with a more positive attitude’.  The card also suggests you should be patient, as it may take a little more time before the period of unwanted loneliness you are suffering will pass. Of course, it can also mean don’t let the fear of loneliness hold you back from making an important decision!  When The Hermit appears in your readings, don’t rush any decisions, take time out to think about and contemplate your options carefully, and if you feel lonely consider how you can change the way you view your ‘loneliness’ to create a sense of solitude instead.

Tarot Contemplation – The Fool

Feeling the energies around us shifting again? With the Vernal Equinox just around the corner (Mon., 3/20) our intentions and heartspaces are being amplified … It’s definitely a time of new adventure, whether we wanted one or not. Try to keep an open mind. Don’t make all the decisions about your path, or make assumptions about how it’ll be before you embark. Stay open to surprises and unexpected opportunities. Anything could happen if you leave room for possibilities. Trust in the universe to keep you safe then take the leap into the Unknown!

Tarot Contemplation – The Hierophant

Today is a day for learning. Ask yourself, “What one thing could I learn that would improve my life now?” Once you’ve decided your subject, hit the books. Go to the recognized experts and pay close attention to their words. Once you’ve absorbed the traditional teachings on this subject, you can begin to innovate, but for now, be a willing and cooperative student. Today, make time to examine your beliefs. You may have an opportunity to teach someone something about life. Will your teachings be flexible so that your student can integrate them into their own life, or are your beliefs rigid and dogmatic? Who or what has been your teacher? Do the lessons you’ve learned serve you well now, or is it time to seek a new teacher? Are you making a decision based on what you believe you “should” do, or are you tuned into your higher calling?

Tarot Contemplation – The Tower (reversed)

The power of the upright Tower is weakened when it appears reversed. Now is a chance to make changes to avert future disaster.  There could be a small emergency.  Pay attention to the reason for the accident or problem and make changes in order to avert a bigger disaster in the future.  This time the problem is manageable, but underlying factors could result in serious trouble later.  The Tower might show up reversed when you feel ready to explode.  You may just barely manage your stress and responsibilities on a day-to-day basis.  This card is advising you to fix the situation, seek help, or take a break before things get much worse.  Make changes while you have a chance to do so voluntarily.  The Tower Reversed may also be advising you to shake things up deliberately.  The status quo is just not working for you anymore.  You may have been putting up with something, ignoring bad feelings, or pretending everything is OK.  Now it is time to push the situation to the limits.  Call someone on their bad behaviour or attitude.  This shake up may cause disharmony in your work or living situation, but the changes that occur will lead to much more satisfaction in the long term.  This card may also be calling for a huge purge.  Take a careful look at your belongings, habits, or thought patterns.  Do you need all that “stuff”?  Now is the perfect time to throw away the clutter.

Tarot Contemplation – Judgment

There are times in our lives when we must accept inevitable change and allow things to come to a natural end.  The Judgment card is often referred to as a time of resurrection and awakening, a time when a phase or period of our life comes to an absolute end making way for dynamic new beginnings.  It may be that a long-term relationship or marriage has had its time and whilst it may feel painful to accept this finality, the Judgment card is saying try and accept that this is a time of fast-moving, positive change and action for you.  Whether it’s the end of a career, a time when your children have flown the nest, or a turn of events that make you wish your life was different, this card represents karmic change and it indicates that bigger and better things are yet to come into your life.

Quite often, fantastic events and opportunities follow sad and difficult challenges and this card can represent any events that may feel like ‘Judgment Day’ has come. Changes that may be indicated upon the appearance of this card can be significant, so this would not be a time for regret and fear but a time for courage and rejoicing in what you have achieved and what you are yet to achieve.  Your life may well pick up a pace when this card appears, so whatever future possibilities are indicated in your reading, these events may happen quite quickly.

If the Judgment card comes up in a reading about legal issues, it is a positive sign that any ruling will be in your favor.  It’s important to use your own judgment wisely and not to judge yourself too harshly. It is a signal for you to open your heart and mind to accept that all things come to an end and nothing lasts forever, yet for each ending there is always a new beginning.  Embrace such significant and inevitable change and a whole new world of opportunity can unfold for you – the Judgment card is a calling for you to be all that you can be.

Tarot Contemplation – The Fool

The Fool represents a free spirit with a lust for life, knowledge, and adventure, who has little fear of taking risks. Does this sound like your card?

Innocence and naivete are associated with The Fool, for the young have no fear of new experiences or change.

As you grow older you can lose that childish innocence and enthusiasm, becoming fearful and cynical of change and new experiences.

The mind of The Fool is always open, an empty vessel eagerly waiting to be filled with new knowledge. Any experience, pleasant or challenging, is life knowledge that he accepts as part of his learning.

The Fool does not sit on the fence waiting for life to come to him, he always takes the first step himself. The Fool does not analyze all the possible risks of a new adventure, he learns as he goes along.

The fearlessness and sheer enthusiasm associated with The Fool makes for quite a maverick character, and often this card can signify that such a person, male or female, may step into your life.

It is your attitude that influences the choices and decisions you make, and often your mind is so full of doubt and fear that you become closed-minded to the possibilities of change.

When The Fool appears, ask yourself how open-minded you are being at that moment in time, how enthusiastic are you about life, and do you desire new experiences and excitement but fear taking that first step?

Any journey starts with the first step, and motivating yourself to take it is the hardest part. The Fool encourages you to discover your inner child and harness that youthful enthusiasm to help you on your way to a new life and future.

A time to exercise caution is when The Fool comes up as the first card in a reading for you. You may want to question your motives or judgment, since as this is the first card, it can indicate folly. Perhaps you are motivated for the wrong reasons, so look before you leap.

You will have to deal with many twists and turns, paths and crossroads on your life journey and The Fool can help as a sign post when you need to take a new path.

Tarot Contemplation – Temperance (reversed)

Temperance reversed indicates a lack of balance.  You may be overemphasizing your feelings and not paying attention to your behaviour.  In your relationships, you or someone else may be refusing to budge on some issue.  Someone is not willing to compromise or may be compromising too much in order to please others.  You might be trying to make too many changes at once, for example, radically changing the way you eat at the same time as beginning an intensive exercise routine.  This card may be reminding you that making life changes is best done gradually and gently.  It may be that you are keeping the different aspects of your life totally separate so that you feel like entirely different people in your different roles.  You might be keeping your romantic partner apart from your coworkers, or your creativity separate from money making ventures.  Explore integrating the parts of your life that you have kept separate in order to feel more whole.

Tarot Contemplation – The Hierophant

You may have an opportunity to teach someone something about life.  Will your teachings be flexible so that your student can integrate them into their own life, or are your beliefs rigid and dogmatic?  Who or what has been your teacher?  Do the lessons you’ve learned serve you will now, or is it time to seek a new teacher?  Are you making a decision based on what you believe you “should” do, or are you tuned into your higher calling?  Bottom line:  When the Hierophant appears, it is a time to examine your beliefs.

Tarot Contemplation – The Hermit

Today is a day for solitude, introspection, perspective, guidance and wisdom.  The Hermit indicates a need or desire to withdraw from the world.  Through deep introspection and meditation, you can and will learn much about yourself.  The Hermit is telling you that your soul is craving an outing in order to replenish and restore.  By taking space and solitude now, you will be ready for all this deep thought.  By taking space and solitude now, you will be ready to engage with and guide others when they most need you later on.  The answers you seek will be found within you, not in any book or any website.  Lastly, the Hermit may also be advising you to seek the guidance of a wise counselor or mentor.

Tarot Contemplation – The Magician

Today, you are feeling magical!  You can take a thought and transform it into something in your Now.  And so, just for today …. set an intention and follow-through with action.  Dream it.  Create it.  Live it.  You can do this!  You have the potential to make things happen for yourself.  The key to taking control of your life is to have a vision, then take action on that vision to make it happen now.  Intention and action are both required.  This is the essence of the Law of Attraction.  When your intentions and actions are aligned, real magic happens.  Start gathering the resources you need to meet your goals.  The universe is empowering you to manifest your vision.  Take advantage of this opportunity by staying focused on your goals and applying your power!

Tarot Contemplation – The Hanged Man (reversed)

You may feel frustrated that things aren’t moving as quickly as you’d like today.  Be patient; stop trying to force things to happen.  Take this time of waiting as an opportunity to practice being present with yourself.  You may find that when you let go of your expectations that things turn out differently, and even better, than you’d hoped.  There is some sort of separation between your spirituality and the way you live your life.  You may be spiritually insightful, but continually fail at bringing those insights into your everyday actions  You may even appear to be a hypocrite, saying one thing and then doing the opposite.  This card could even represent someone who uses their elevated spiritual position in immoral and damaging ways.  Beware of people that seem to have a holier-than-thou attitude, and be wary of having this attitude yourself.  You may desire a ore spiritually fulfilling life, but you don’t know how to make it so.  You may be overthinking the situation.  The truth is that you’re already a spiritual being.


Tarot Contemplation – The Fool


Ah today, we seem to be correcting ourselves from yesterday and begin a new experience on our Journey upright (instead of on our heads)! And time for a new adventure it certainly is, with the Full Moon headed our way this Thursday and the Spring Equinox two weeks away! So many directions we can travel, eh? So, embark upon your day with an open mind. Don’t make all the decisions about your path, or make assumptions about how it’ll be before you even begin. Stay open to surprises and unexpected opportunities. Anything could happen if you leave room for possibilities. The World is your oyster! Trust in the universe to keep you safe, then take the leap into the unknown!

Tarot Contemplation – The Fool (reversed)

Anything is possible today! Open your mind. Say “Yes!” You’re only limited by your own doubts and fears. So, today shake away your worries and take a chance. The Fool reversed is urging you to look at your relationship with limits. On the one hand, you may be limiting yourself and your potential by never taking risks. You may be making assumptions about every possible path before even trying it out. You may think to yourself, “I already know what will happen if I do that, so why even try?” Though there is value in past experience, be wary of being closed off to new experiences. You may be pleasantly surprised. On the other hand, the Fool reversed may be urging you to act with more constraint. It may be that you have forgotten everything you’ve learned in the past and are acting foolishly in a situation. You may be so in love with adventure and newness that you are bypassing opportunities to commit and grow in any one area. It is good to be curious and try new things, but there is also value in settling down and diving deeper into what you already have.

Tarot Contemplation – Strength (reversed)


Your greatest strength is in being vulnerable today.  Let your defenses down.  Stop hiding, especially from yourself.  With a sense of unconditional self-love and compassion towards your self, feel your feelings completely and honestly.  Today, you must focus on some trouble with your personal power.  You may feel like your cravings and urges are driving you, like you don’t have control over your life.  It may be that you have an addiction or habit that you feel powerless against.  You may be trying to suppress your urges only to be swept away by them, for example, you may forego certain foods all day, only to find yourself binging on them at night.  You may have thought you had put an end to an old pattern, only to relapse.  In all these cases, remember that habits and addictions can be extremely powerful; being self-aware enough to realize you need help is not a weakness.  Strength Reversed can also appear when there is a power imbalance between you and someone else.  You may feel controlled or intimidated by someone.  You may be choosing to allow someone else to push you around out of fear of personal responsibility.  You may not feel confident enough to make your own decisions, so you submit to the will of another.  Alternatively, you may be the domineering one.  You may be using your emotional reactions to avoid some situation or to manipulate someone.  Strength Reversed can indicate stubborn pride.  You may persist with some action or way of thinking even though it is not actually beneficial.  You may refuse to ask for help, even when it’s obvious that you cannot succeed alone.

Tarot Contemplation – Wheel of Fortune


He loli ‘oli, he ‘alo a’e, he paio koho … Change is inevitable; struggle is an option.  That’s our mantra here at The Halau.  The Wheel of Fortune represents such unexpected turns of fate and fortune. Sometimes the wheel will turn in your favor and bring unexpected good luck and fortune, sometimes it will turn against you and you will experience bad luck and misfortune. However, the wheel suggests that these turns of fortune are beyond your control, they are part of the eternal movement and cycle of life.  Center yourself so that you can stay calm and make good decisions when your world seems like it is spinning out of control. Fate will determine the outcome.  Remember that great song by Blood, Sweat & Tears from the Sixties:  what goes up, must come down … Spinnin’ Wheel, round and round.

Tarot Contemplation – The Empress


The Empress and the High Priestess (yesterday’s card) are two halves of the whole female archetype of the Major Arcana.  The Empress represents feminine power, motherhood, love, fertility, nurturing and abundance. She reminds us to embrace our feminine side, as well as embrace the flowing abundance all around. She recognizes the many forms of abundance in her life. The more she has to be thankful for, the more she finds. She is a sign of coming abundance, often in more than one aspect of life.  From the Empress comes all of the pleasures, luxuries and joys that life can bring. She encourages you to breathe slowly, and breathe in all the beauty that surrounds you. Take a moment to recognize the beauty and luxury around you. Surround yourself in the things that you love.

The Empress is also telling you that it is time to create.  Your environment offers you the abundance you need to feel nurtured and comfortable so that you can manifest your vision in the world.  Inspiration is all around you.  Be sure to nourish yourself with whole foods.  Indulge all of your senses.  Connect with nature by working in a garden or deeply inhaling the scent of trees and flowers.  Connecting with creative, empowered people will enhance your creative spirit.  It is a time to celebrate your fertile, sensual, creative self.

Today’s Meditation:  Find a sweet sacred space outside, somewhere you feel the beauty surround you and fill you. Sit or lie down on the ground, get comfortable. Imagine that you have roots drawing out of the base of your spine, moving into the earth. Imagine they are moving all the way through to the center of the earth, the Gaia, connecting. All the amazing mother earth energy begins to move up your roots, filling you, renewing you, reminding you.  Stay here for as long as you can and enjoy the way it feels. When you are ready draw up your roots, they are drenched in all her goodness. Carry this with you, feel your connection to the beauty of it all. You are a beautiful soul; live the abundant life you came here to live!

Tarot Contemplation – The High Priestess


This personal mantra comes into play, especially today:  “It is by will alone I set my mind in motion. It is by the juice of my morning Green Smoothie that thoughts acquire speed, my pineal gland acquires Sight. The Sight becomes my portal. It is by will alone I set my mind in motion.”

A bit of levity to begin your day ensures you step into your day on a positive, higher vibration … and you get the idea that it reinforces development of self-awareness.  What you most need to know today you will find within yourself.  Answers will come to you if you can quiet your mind.  Seek a quiet, solitary place and just listen to the voice that comes from deep inside you.  Trust your Inner Wisdom.  Spend time in Solitude and silence.  Pay attention to your dreams.  Trust your intuition.  Notice synchronicity as you go through your days.  Look for the answers you seek within yourself.  Practice spending time in meditation so that you can hear your inner voice and tune in to your own rhythms.

Tarot Contemplation – The Sun (reversed)


Lacking clarity, or feeling dim?  You might be having trouble shining.  You may be afraid of attention, or of letting your true nature show.  You may be uncomfortable with praise and compliments.  You might be unable to shake off worry and doubt and have a good time.  Try to get at the upright quality of this card by being in the present and being proud of the divine and unique self you are.  Perhaps you are enjoying too much of a good thing?  You may be helping others everywhere, but neglecting your own needs.  Burnout is a big risk.  Or, you might simply be feeling the consequences of too much sun, literally:  sunburn, hangover, or an empty wallet.  You are now reminded of the value of moderation.  From a different angle, you may be in delusion, or being deceived, or getting half-truths from another.  You could be deluding yourself by only seeing what you want to see.  You could also be self-centered and acting as if the Sun revolves around you.  Be sure to give credit where credit is due, and refrain from further showing off.  Lastly, you might experience delays due to inclement weather, so come up with a backup plan in case of clouds and rain.

Tarot Contemplation – The Star


Today is a new day, literally, with a New Moon and solar eclipse signalling an energy vibe of hope, peace and renewal, and the optimism of a fresh start.  Trust in the constantly changing nature of the universe.  After the darkest hour comes the dawn of a new day.  You are on a healing path; nurture both physical and spiritual aspects of life.  Visualize your ideal future as you go through your daily mundane tasks.  Perhaps you might need time alone in calmness and stillness to heal completely … so if another is in need of healing, approach that other’s need on an optimistic and gently nurturing note.  In a creative venture, this card could be a sign of success.  Lastly, The Star also indicates astrology and other divinatory arts may be able to bring you messages from the Universe.  Pay attention.

Tarot Contemplation – The Chariot


Perhaps you’ll be traveling or be transported to a far-off destination. If not, then go with the momentum of this vibe of movement. It’s time to take control of your life. You are competent and possess the self-discipline and determination. You can do this! Stay focused on your goal. Harness all of your resources to get to where you want to go. Don’t get thrown off course by your emotions. Forego short-term gratification for long term accomplishment.

Tarot Contemplation – The Empress (reversed)

hawaiian_tarot_empress_rev hawaiian_tarot_empress_rev

Perhaps you find yourself in a state of overabundance.  You may be feeling stifled by the clutter in your home.  You may feel heavy after overindulging in rich foods and drink.  The Empress reversed reminds you that though it is good to treat yourself well, too much of a good thing is not beneficial.  This card can also show up when someone is trying to do too much to care for other people.  The best helping and caring is done when we take time to rest and nourish ourselves.  In whatever capacity you help others, be sure you are enjoying the process, not just the end results.  Finally, this card can indicate trouble with your mother or mother figure, or difficulty embodying femininity or the mother role.  It would be beneficial for you at this time to explore your thoughts and feelings about femininity and nurturing.

Tarot Contemplation – Judgment


Today, look at the big picture of your life. Where are you at in your life now? What are the big lessons you’ve been learning? What are you grateful for? What are you tired of? By taking time to check-in with yourself now, you can calm your mind and spirit. When you are calm, your inner voice can be heard more clearly. So check-in, calm your spirit, and notice the wise guidance of your soul. This card is about drastic change, release and review. Your current phase of life is coming to an end. Now, look objectively at what has come before In which ways did you succeed? Where did you fail? What big lessons have you learned? Life cannot stay as-is. Change is unavoidable. You will benefit now by being accountable for your choices and behavior. Be honest with yourself. Tune into your higher calling to learn where to go next. Pay attention to the big ideas you have now. They are not just impossible dreams!

Tarot Contemplation – The Lovers


Ask yourself if your head and your heart are united.  If you have a decision to make now, tune in to your heart’s desire, but also pay attention to logic.  If you are acting out of love, you are on the right path.  Often in life we must make choices, and once we choose one path, another is sacrificed.  This card urges you to take responsibility and ownership for the choices you have made.  Celebrate the love you have in all its forms:  passion, friendship, caring, spiritual devotion and self-love.

Tarot Contemplation – The Fool (reversed)


Anything is possible today!  Open your mind.  Say, “Yes!”  You’re only limited by your own doubts and fears.  So, today shake away your worries and take a chance.  Here’s the caveat:  since this card is reversed, it’s indicating that you look at your relationships with limits.  On the one hand, you may be limiting yourself and your potential by never taking risks.  You may be making assumptions about every possible path before even trying it out.  You may think to yourself, “I already know what will happen if I do that, so why even try?”  Though there is value in past experience, be wary of being closed off to new experiences.  You may be pleasantly surprised.  On the other hand, this card may be urging you to act with more constraint.  It may be that you have forgotten everything you’ve learned in the past and are acting foolishly in a situation.  You may be so in love with adventure and newness that you are bypassing opportunities to commit and grow in any one area.  It is good to be curious and try new things, but there is also value in settling down and diving deeper into what you already have.