Charging an Object with your Own Power

Magick -N- Wonder

Charging an Object

What does that mean?

Charging a tool or object (like crystals, altar items, jewelry, etc.) is a way of waking them up and filing them with positive energy or with the purpose of your choosing. There are varied ways of charging an object, like via moonlight, sunlight or using your own personal power. It just depends on what your intent is. For this post, I will be discussing charging with your own personal power. It is one of the simplest ways to charge a magickal tool.

What does this ritual accomplish?

This is all about visualization and working with your own power, your own energy that you release into the world. You are creating a bond with the magickal item. You need to figure out what the solution you are looking for. For example, are you seeking to bring more positive energy into your life? Bringing in…

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