Tarot Contemplation – Six of Pentacles

This card is about giving and receiving and the balance between them. It could be indicating that you show gratitude for what you have received by giving to charity or helping another with resources.  Pay it back.  It could be that if you have been giving of yourself you will see your effort returned.  Don’t be too proud to accept help from those that have more.  What goes around comes around.  Pay attention to how you use your energy and resources.  If you feel resentful or exhausted, look for ways to give in a more balanced manner.  If you are not getting what you expect in a situation, look at what you are giving.  Regarding relationships, pay attention to how you give and take with that person.  Is your relationship fair, or is one person doing most of the taking and little of the giving?  Even if we have very little in a material sense, there is always some way we can give.


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