Aura Crystal Jewellery

Wish Knots

It has been a busy few weeks here at Wish Knots. I have been busy planning our new range of Aura Crystal Jewellery.

Aura Crystal Necklace Aura Crystal Necklace

What Is An Aura Crystal?

Aura Crystals are natural gems, usually quartz, which are heated in a vacuum. Real gold vapour is added to the vacuum and gold atoms fuse to the quartz, giving it an iridescent sheen. Although they are “man-altered” they are also natural as they are natural crystals, modified using natural materials. Other metals can also be added to the vacuum chamber, such as silver, titanium and copper.

Why Wear An Aura Crystal?

Aside from their beauty, Aura Crystals are worn for their beneficial properties. Aura quartz crystals are known as the’ master healer’ they amplify energy and thought and enhance other crystals if worn together.

Aura Crystals draw off negative energy, neutralising background radiation. They balance and revitalise, cleanse and enhance and can…

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