Tarot Contemplation – Judgment

Life cannot stay as it is.  Change is unavoidable.  You will benefit now by being accountable for your choices and behavior.  Be honest with yourself.  Look at the big picture of your life.  Where are you at in your life now?  What are the big lessons you’ve been learning?  What are you grateful for?  What are you tired of?  By taking time to check-in with yourself now, you can calm your mind and spirit.  When you are calm, your inner voice can be heard more clearly.  So check-in, calm your spirit and notice the wise guidance of your soul.  Your current phase of life is coming to an end.  Now it is time to look objectively at what has come before.  In which ways did you succeed?  Where did you fail?  What big lessons have you learned?  Tune into your higher calling to learn where to go next.  Pay attention to the big ideas you have now.  They are not just impossible dreams!


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