Tarot Contemplation – The Devil

The Devil card typically shows a man and woman (carnal lovers) chained to a demonic entity. This is the couple from The Lovers card but now they are consumed by selfishness and unbridled passion instead of innocence. They have become slaves to their animal natures.  This card means imprisonment, addiction, and the bad and ugly.  Pay attention to what you feel resentful towards, or burdened by today.  Whatever you are feeling weighed down by, remember, it is something you chose and also something you can unchoose.  Assess whether you want to remain committed to that which you have tied yourself to.  It may not seem like it, but you do have a choice.

The next struggle is with the fear of losing the soul.  The Devil is negative ego and ignorance.  The temptation is to throw life away.  It is easy to get hooked on the pleasure of blotting out the pain of living.

Excessive sexual behavior, over-indulgence, thrill-seeking, cruelty, and crime are doors through which life energy can be lost.  The Devil is a misunderstanding of the laws of sex, the ultimate paradox.  Sex is vital life force.  If sex is abused or rejected, essential life leaves the body.  When the life force is equated with sin, you are in contradiction to life itself.  Dark fantasies and cravings overwhelm; the result is shame and suffering.  The male and the female principals are opposed, trapped and frozen apart.  She has turned into a pillar of salt.  He has congealed into heedless bronze.  Sexual strength is the ability to stay centered and contained.  The goat god Pan represents natural, innocent sexual vitality.  Sexuality that is understood and managed in a mature way is heaven — sacred sex — but, sexuality out of control is hell.  Do not contend with evil, just make energetic progress towards the good.

How are you dealing with your devilish impulses to throw life away?


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