Archeology:   Breathtaking Ancient Technology that leaves us Awe Struck [FULL VIDEO] – YouTube

Dating back thousands of years are numerous examples of ancient technology that leave us awe-struck at the lost knowledge of ancient civilizations. They were the result of incredible advances in engineering and innovation as advanced civilizations emerged and came to dominate the ancient world. Here we feature ancient technology history and dozens of amazing artifacts that reflect the brilliance of ancient inventors.

In this video we take a closer look at striking examples of advanced ancient technologies that were far ahead of their times. Some of these sophisticated ancient inventions were later re-invented by our modern society, but not all. There is no doubt ancient people possessed highly advanced knowledge in a number of areas. We also look at objects have become known as out of place artifacts, or “OOPArts” for short. An OOPArt, by definition, is one that contradicts our existing understanding of history. Some of the OOPArts in this video will prove history wrong.


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