Tarot Contemplation – The Sun (reversed)

The Sun Reversed appears when you lack clarity, or when you are feeling dim.  You may get The Sun Reversed when you are having trouble shining.  You may be afraid of attention or of letting your true nature show.  You may be uncomfortable with praise and compliments.  You might be unable to shake off worry and doubt and have a good time.  Try to get at the upright quality of this card by being in the present and being proud of the divine and unique self you are.  The Sun Reversed can also mean too much of a good thing.  You may be helping others left, right and center and not taking care of your own needs.  Burnout is a big risk.  Or, you may be feeling the consequences of having a good time:  sunburn, hangover, or an empty wallet.  Let this card remind you about the value of moderation.  While the Sun upright symbolizes clarity, the reversed card can indicate delusion and fogginess.  You may be being deceived, or only getting half truths from someone.  You could be deceiving yourself by only seeing what you want to see.  This card can indicate self-centeredness, as in acting like the sun revolves around you.  Be sure to give credit where it is due and to remember that the needs and wants of others are just as important as your own.  You may be feeling good about yourself, and that’s wonderful, but beware of appearing to be a braggart or show-off.  Lastly, this card can indicate delays and setbacks due to bad weather.  Think about having a back-up plan in case of clouds and rain.  So, for today, feel good, have fun and be happy.  Think about what activities make you feel the most content and fulfilled and do that.  Maybe it’s reading a book in a sunny spot, spending time with a dear friend, creating art … it might be helpful to think back to what you loved doing as a child.  Whatever you decide to do, have a wonderful day!


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