Tarot Contemplation – Five of Swords (reversed)

While the upright Five of Swords represents battles and disagreements, the Five of Swords Reversed indicates the time after the fighting.  You may want to make peace, but hesitate to be the first to apologize.  While you see that you were mistaken in some ways, you don’t want to take all the blame.  This time after conflict is ideal for reflecting on what happened.  You may realize you were triggered by some underlying problem.  You may see that your anger was directed at the wrong person.  Everyone involved in the conflict could benefit from an honest conversation about what happened.  You may realize that the current problem is very difficult to solve alone and seek help.  For example, two people may see a marriage counselor after repeated failed attempts to “talk it out” alone.  If you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to solve some problem in your life, this card could be advising you to reassess your “battle plan”.  For example, if you’ve tried to quit smoking “cold turkey,” only to relapse over and over, maybe you need to try a more gradual approach.  For today, watch out for the a need to win or be right.  Though “winning” may be gratifying in the moment, your ego-based stubbornness will get in your own way eventually.  It’s OK to say, “actually, you’re right,” or “I need your help.”  It’s not a sign of incompetency or weakness; it’s a sign of growth.


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