Tarot Contemplation – Six of Cups (reversed)

When the Six of Cups appears reversed, there may be memories that you are blocking.  You may be choosing to only remember the bad parts of your past, and overlooking the good memories.  Or, it may be that your memories are too painful and you are blocking them.  Though it might hurt, letting those memories flow through you may help you in your current situation.  You may be ignoring the kindness someone is trying to share with you or refusing to be kind to someone.  Ask yourself why you have such resistance to letting this person in.  This card can also indicate immaturity.  You may be acting childish in order to avoid an unpleasant situation.  Finally, this card could be a reminder for you to lighten up, stop taking life so seriously.  Let your playful side out!  So, for today only, let “kindness” be your guiding word.  When you let your happiness flow through gentle, friendly interactions with others, that happiness multiplies in the world and will keep coming back to you.  So, reach out to someone from your heart today.  Even the smallest gesture of kindness could make a big difference to them.


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