Tarot Contemplation – Nine of Cups

The Nine of Cups is a card indicating satisfaction, of wishes coming true and of feeling “on top of the world”.  In fact, you are likely feeling really good about now, or you are going to be feeling good very soon. This is a lovely card, known as Lord of Happiness. It talks about a sense of inner fulfillment and bliss, which radiates outward to touch everybody with whom you come into contact. At a spiritual level, we’re talking about inner harmony, contentment and tranquility – an appreciation of the High Powers, feeling at one with the Universe. This feeling leads to feeling that we are blessed by life. On an everyday level, the card will often come up to mark periods of high achievement, and the resulting sense of pleasure and satisfaction. It will also come up to acknowledge joy and happiness in an emotional relationship. When this card appears, it’s important to make the time to simply enjoy your own feelings, to revel in your sense of calmness and joy.


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