Tarot Contemplation – Four of Pentacles

Matters of security and control are center stage today.  You have reached a point where you feel secure wit your resources, bu you don’t want to chance anything.  You are holding on tight to what you have and refusing to move from your position of control.  You may be protecting your money, your job, your time, your home and possessions, or your material body.  While a sense of security is to be valued, change is also necessary for us to develop.  When you let loose and go with the flow, whether by taking a chance with your money, letting someone else be in charge, or clearing out the unused clutter in your home, you are creating an opportunity to learn, grow and acquire more.  This card indicates that you have a firm foundation.  At this time, sitting firmly may be exactly the right thing to do.  As you move into the future you will have to decide whether you’d like to stay where you are or use your foundation to continue building.


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