Tarot Contemplation – Nine of Swords (reversed)

This card might come up when you are denying your inner voice telling you there is something to worry about.  You are acting like everything is fine, but deep inside you have doubts you ought to address.  You may be putting on a brave face when secretly you are afraid.  Or, this card may come up when your fears or nightmares have become seriously disruptive in your life, like when you’ve developed a phobia (irrational fear) or have become insomniac.  This card can also come up once you’ve finally done something about the fear, yet still worry about your feelings.  Perhaps you have told someone what you are afraid of, or wrote about your worries in your journal.  Confessing your fear has freed you from it to some degree.  It might be therapeutic for you to work with your fears and nightmares — write them down, analyze where they come from, peel away the layers to learn about yourself and grow.  So, for today only, it’s time to start getting to the roots of your worry.  There is something you’ve been pushing down or trying to ignore, but it’s not working for you anymore.  Your worries creep in when you’re trying to sleep, disrupt your appetite, create so much noise in your mind.  A good way to start facing what’s bothering you is to write it down.  From there, you can decide if there’s something you can do about it, or choose to just let it go.


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