Tarot Contemplation – Nine of Pentacles

See this well-dressed woman standing in this beautiful garden?  She got there by working hard and is now enjoying the fruits of her labor.  She acted with discipline, taming her impulses like she’s tamed the bird on her arm.  When this card appears, it may be a time to act with such discipline.  You will accomplish much by quieting your animal instincts.  It could also be a time for self-reliance, for taking charge of your own future.  You may be craving more independence.  This card could also mean that you have already accomplished much.  Now, it’s time to indulge in rewards that you deserve.  Pamper yourself.  Take yourself out on a date.  The Nine of Pentacles could also be telling you that you give off the impress of not needing anyone else, or could represent somebody else that gives that impression.  So, for today only, reward yourself for all the good, hard work you’ve done lately.  Be proud of what you’ve accomplished and treat yourself well!  By making the effort to celebrate now, you’ll be reinforcing your good work and replenishing your energy for even more success in the future.


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