Tarot Contemplation – Nine of Cups (reversed)

The Nine of Cups reversed is a card that indicates disappointment or smugness.  You may be feeling emotionally empty, despite your efforts, or that you can’t be happy until you have what someone else has.  It may be that your current path will never bring you the joy you seek and that you need to look for it elsewhere.  Alternatively, happiness may be very close at hand but you need to begin noticing all you do have, instead of what you lack.  This card could also indicate that you are very happy, but you are using your happiness in ways that hurt others.  You may be so self-satisfied that you are not noticing the feelings of those around you.  Your bragging and smugness may be very unappealing to those around you.  Today, delight in your senses and emotions.  Taste the delicious food you eat, feel the comfort of your home, appreciate the amazing gifts of music and art that have been created for our pleasure, feel the amazing love that flows in and out of your heart.  What an amazing world!  What an amazing thing to be alive!  Choose to be happy today; it really is a choice.


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