Tarot Contemplation – Eight of Wands

When this card appears, things are happening or about to happen, quickly!  This is the card of things set in motion, rapid communication and intense energy.  Matters at hand will quickly be resolved, often in satisfactory ways.  Be careful what forces you set in motion when this casrd appears, because they will be nearly impossible to halt.  Prepare now, because once the energy of this card appears, all you’ll be able to do is hold on!  A warning here may be to ask yourself what you’re rushing into and why.  If this rapid action is in line with your ultimate goals, then enjoy the ride!  This card may appear when romance is passionate.  Love at first sight and being swept off your feet are indicated by this card.  Expect a message you’ve been waiting for to arrive.  Travel by air is often indicated by the Eight of Wands.


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