Smudging Your Life

The Wild Feminine


Smudging. You may picture a crazy, older woman wearing flowing robes dancing among a cloud of smoke all throughout her house, choking on the inhalation of sage and chanting to her
pets. Or, maybe you are that crazy older woman (like I am at heart). Allowing an open mind to the benefits that smudging can have on your space and life can make a world of difference. I began my smudging practice years ago after hearing how it clears out negative energy, creating openness for fresh, new energy to fill in the
void. I was in awe how something so basic and simple allowed for a whole new feeling to myself & my environment. I opened myself to have a monthly ritual of out with the old, in with the new- which manifests beyond the four corners of your house into all corners of your life.

smudging_ladySmudging is a Native American…

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