Tarot Contemplation – Page of Swords (reversed)

Today is a day for insights about your self and your life.  There is the possibility you realize some truth that is difficult or painful.  Be compassionate with yourself.  You may want to seek guidance from a wise and trusted friend or teacher.  This card represents trouble with words and truth.  This could represent someone in your life now, or an aspect of yourself.  There may be misunderstandings and missed messages.  You may not be able to express your thoughts clearly.  Nervous stuttering and stage fright  may be represented by this card.  You may have difficulty standing up for yourself or your beliefs.  This could be because you lack confidence in yourself or simply because you cannot find the right words.  Be wary of someone trying to take advantage of your trusting nature.  You could be lying to yourself.  You may be so convinced of your own idea that you ignore signs that you are mistaken.  This card can also appear when you have spoken without thinking.  You may have inadvertently hurt someone’s feelings.  While you may not be able to take back what was said, you can think honestly about what you’ve done and use your words to admit your fault and make an apology.  You may be gossiping or sharing secrets in order to gain friends.  If this is the case, think about what kind of friend you appear to be when you speak maliciously.  Lastly, this card could indicate a missed message.


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