Tarot Contemplation – Two of Wands (reversed)

Slow down and consider your options today.  You have amazing potential. Consider carefully how you want to use your time and energy.  Don’t go running after the first opportunity that comes along if it doesn’t feel exactly right.  Take your time.  The Two of Wands Reversed can indicate either being stuck, or suddenly being able to move forward.  You might feel forced to make a decision before you are ready.  You could be feeling stuck because someone else seems to be limiting your options, or because you don’t have the abilities or motivation to move forward.  You may be too idealistic about your potential and abilities, and heading down a path that will inevitably end in failure.  You may have moved forward too quickly with a plan, and may now need to give up and start again.  You may be thinking of using your power in abusive or hurtful ways.  Alternatively, you may suddenly be able to move ahead because you’ve gained clarity about your future desires, or because you’ve been given what you need to move forward.


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