Tarot Contemplation – Seven of Cups

Today is a day to dream of possibilities.  Imagine if there are no limitations to stop you.  Dream big!  There’s no need to be realistic or practical.  Exercise your imagination.  Every amazing thing you’ve created began as a dream.  The Seven of Cups is a card of choices and fantasies.  It often means that you have so many choices available to you that indecision will prevent you from choosing anything.  It could also mean that you have your head in the clouds.  Dreaming of all that could be is keeping you from focusing on the here and now and making any progress.  If you have a lot of structure and stagnation in your life, this card could indicate the need to shake things up in order to recognize alternative paths you could take.  The Seven of Cups also represents altered states of consciousness, dreaming and visualization.  It is good to dream and experiment, but beware of your experiments and fantasies standing in the way of healthy development.


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