Tarot Contemplation – The Lovers (reversed)

When making choices today take a long-term, heart-centered perspective.  Put the feelings and well being of yourself and your loved ones first.  A choice made purely from logic,that goes against what feels good or right,is not the right choice today.  When the Lovers appears reversed, there is likely trouble in relating to another or in making choices.  It may simply be that you are looking for love and cannot find it.  You might have an ideal lover in mind and cannot find the person that suits that role.  Potential love relationships may continuously fizzle out due to lack of chemistry.  You may find yourself in a sexual relationship that is not based on love, such as a “friends with benefits” arrangement.  You may be experiencing unrequited love, when you have intense feelings for someone who does not have feelings for you.  You may find it difficult to communicate with another person.  Attempts to connect may lead to disagreements and misunderstandings.  It is like the two of you are not speaking the same language.  You may be in a shaky relationship.  Often the relationship will be insecure due to some sort of imbalance.  One person may be afraid of losing the relationship and respond by being possessive and clingy.  Someone may be feeling smothered in the relationship, like they cannot be themselves or sikmply that they need some space.  The Lovers Reversed can also indicate poor choices or indecision.  It may be difficult to make a decision because what you thinkand what you feel are at odds.  If you’ve made a poor choice in the past, this card could come up when you are feeling regret or guilt over that choice.



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