Peace moonToday’s Taurus new moon is telling a story all of its own, because it’s got no main aspects, except for a wide conjunction with retrograde Mercury still in Aries. Of course, at new moon the moon is conjunct the sun, always, too.

Moon is in the best sign for it, it’s exalted. Moon symbolizes so many things in astrology, but some are moods, emotions, females in general, reflection and a kind of passivity as contrasted with the outgoing energy of the sun. In the sign Taurus, lunar reflective qualities find it easier to manifest: peace, domesticity, just relaxing, being still – qualities that today’s society perhaps doesn’t place a high value on. Taurus moon people like their creature comforts, are not afraid of their sensuality, love to dwell on their earthy side. Taurus is an earth sign, and befittingly, Earth Day happens during sun in Taurus month.

Taurus is also…

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