Tarot Contemplation – Five of Wands (reversed)

The number Five represents a challenge that will allow for further growth.  Fives are an initial struggle on a new path.  Five is the number of disequilibrium — shaking things up, breaking old habits, passing through the fire to be made stronger.  Learning and movement are represented by the number Five.  Five is the number of the Throat Chakra, which is concerned with communication.  The number Five also links the astrological sign of Leo, as the fifth sign of the zodiac, and the planet Saturn, the god who fathered Jupiter,  Neptune and Pluto, and the god who represents Time.  Saturn is associated with self-control, limitation and maturation.  The suit of wands symbolize the element of Fire.  Wands represent inspiration, life force, motivation, power and desire.  They also represent the connection between the spiritual and material, as we can see when we think of magic wands.

Chances are you’re feeling feisty today.  You may get involved in a heated debate, or have a craving for some fun competition.  The warning is to not get too attached to winning — keep it light, have fun.  New ideas and strengthened friendships are possible.  The Five of Wands reversed may indicate when a disagreement is finally resolved.  You may be ready to admit you were wrong or apologize to someone, or someone may apologize to you.  However, beware of smoothing over a situation to avoid conflict as the issue may come up again and again until you confront it.  This card may also come up when you back down too quickly when faced with opposition.  Remember that challenging situations often have the most rewarding outcomes.  If you are finding a relationship dull, this card could indicated a need for increased competitiveness.  Play sports or board games together.  This card could also indicate inner conflict, like wanting to do two things that cannot both be done together; litigation; disputes; trickery; contradiction.


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