Tarot Contemplation – Four of Pentacles (reversed)

When the Four of Pentacles appears reversed, it can be either suggesting that you are clinging too tightly to your material resources, or that you are letting them go too easily.  You may have finally come into some money after a time of frugelness and are now “throwing your money away” as an overcompensation.  You may feel like others are pressuring you to spend more than feels comfortable for you, or that others are being unnecessarily greedy.  You may be giving up material comforts in order to grow spiritually.  So, for today, be cautious about your health and finances.  Remember how important your well being and long-term goals are to you.  Even if you’ve slipped into some unhealthy habit, or frivolous spending, lately, you’ve still made some amazing progress and built a solid foundation for success.  Today is a great day to get back on track.


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