Tarot Contemplation – Queen of Pentacles (reversed)

Nurture yourself and your loved ones today through practical, loving action.  Think of your chores as sacred.  Honor your environment by cleaning it.  Bless your body by eating some nutritious and delicious food and enjoying some gorgeous exercise.  Bestow a little extra care upon your family, housemates, or pets.  The care you invest today will only serve to multiply your abundance.  When the Queen of Pentacles appears reversed, it is a signal to look at the relationship between yourself, your body and your physical environment.

You may be treating yourself badly, particularly in terms of how you are treating your body.  You may be eating or drinking things that bring you momentary satisfaction, but that you know are bad for you.  Pay attention to how you feel after indulging in these “treats”; are the long-term costs really worth the short-term pleasure?  You may bew eating or drinking in order to soothe difficult feelings, what is commonly called “emotional eating”.  While this may provide you a quick fix in the moment, chances are good that drowning your emotions with food or drink ultimately leads to even more difficult emotions.  Try to let your emotions flow, rather than burying them with food.  When we let ourselves really feel our emotions, we can begin to get to the root of our troubles.  Short-term fixes don’t encourage us to grow.


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