Metaphysics and the Law of Attraction: The Problem with Renunciation of Materiality

Religions have gone too far in the opposite direction, branding materiality to be evil and urging humanity to suppress its desires for wealth, pleasure and comfort.  Some of you have had many lifetimes in a monastery, convent, or temple where you renounced everything and became the ascetic.  While this may have had some temporary value in helping extricate you from your attachment to materiality, most likely the materialistic part of you was simply suppressed, locked down and out of sight from the conscious mind.  A few enlightened souls have managed to free themselves from the ego’s sense of deprivation and loss that usually accompanies renunciation, but the vast majority of souls have simply pushed their desires underground.  Most of you are caught between trying to attain material wealth and trying to resist it.

This brings to mind another of your favorite expressions, “What you resist persists.”

Until you completely love and accept all aspects of yourselves, there will be an internal battle between the part of you that wants material comforts and the part that feels it should do without them because of their perceived corruptible nature.  Or you rationalize that you are beyond the need for material wealth, and then curse the world when it reflects back to you an inner perception of lack.

You might try to be a good and charitable person. The key word here is “trying.”  Becoming aware of all the ways you are attached to materiality, without judging, condemning or avoiding it, is the key.  We are not going to go through a long list of the consequences of becoming attached to materiality. You can see that by looking at the world.

To sum up, there is ultimately nothing wrong with materiality. It is the identification with and attachment to it that is the problem.


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