Tarot Contemplation – Knight of Pentacles

He rides a slow, enduring, heavy horse to which his own aspect corresponds.  He exhibits his symbol (the pentacle), but does not look beyond the coin.  This is because the Knight of Pentacles values comfort, security and most of all, luxury.  This Knight is a person or an aspect of yourself that is all about utility, servicebleness, interest, responsibility and rectitude … all on the normal and external/mundane plane.  On the one hand, you (or another) are cautious and slow-moving, but dependable.  You are the squeaky wheel.  On the other hand, such caution is causing you to be very careful about everything you do and that, at times, gets you so caught up in the details that progress is halted.  Continue to take what you’ve learned from your studies and experience and use it in very practical ways.


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