Tarot Contemplation – The Moon (reversed)

When The Moon card appears reversed, beware of self-deception and self-defeat.  You could be lying to yourself in order to avoid an unpleasant truth.  While it may provide temporary escape, this self-deceit will only intensify your confusion about this situation.  Similarly, you may be using your fear to avoid growth opportunities.  While your comfort-zone may be the easiest place for you to be, taking risks now may have the biggest rewards.  The Moon may appear reversed when mental issues, especially those that manifest as skewed perceptions of reality, are involved in the situation.  Today, rather than reacting to the events that occur, take time to reflect.  If someone or something upsets you, consider why you feel so strongly about the matter.  Does it remind you of something in your past?  Though it may be scary or painful to look so closely at your hidden motivations, doing so will give you valuable knowledge about yourself.


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