Tarot Contemplation – The Devil

The Number 6 is associated with this card … Six is a number of harmony and balance, love and happiness, service and social responsibility.  Six represents initial success and a chance to take a break, and is also a sign of the work that remains to be done.  Six represents compassion and generosity and taking care of everyday needs.  Six is the number of the Third Eye Chakra, which relates to perception and intuition.  The Devil is analogous to indulgence and material pleasure.  When this card appears, there is something you do that feels good, but is not good for your health or well-being.  You know you shouldn’t have another glass of wine, charge those shoes to your credit card, or fall into bed with that troublesome lover, but you do it anyway.  You may be ignoring your higher self and be disconnected from spirit.  In some way, you are deceiving yourself.  Sometimes, the Devil shows up when a little fun is exactly what you need.  Sometimes we need to let go, break our own rules and forget about the consequences until tomorrow.


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