Tarot Contemplation – The Empress

The Number Three is associated with The Empress card.  Three represents synthesis — two coming together to become more than the sum of their parts.  Three is the number of trinity of body, mind and spirit; heaven, earth and water; past, present and future.  The number three signifies love, vital force, creative success and positive energy.  This card is all about getting in touch with your “feminine” side. This isn’t related to gender — it’s more about the qualities that are traditionally associated with anima-type energies.  They’re more sensitive, intuitive, reflective and passive. They’re introspective and creative as opposed to extroverted and dynamic. But they are just as powerful and can enrich your life in ways you never dreamed possible.  Keep in mind that the Empress can be so giving and caring that she winds up neglecting her own needs. You want to remember your own strength and power as you navigate your relationships with others.  There is a rich inner world that each of us — male or female — possess, yet few of us take the time to fully explore. It’s a lush, fertile garden where primitive instincts and natural desires reside. This card may describe a person in your life — a mother, sister, role model or friend — and if so, know that she’s here to teach you something. The Empress knows that any “garden” can flourish when it’s tended to with love.  You may be exploring your own feminine instincts this week, or you may be taking a more supportive role in your personal relationships. You might also be exploring a different kind of fertility: such as giving birth to a creative project or a body of work.  Whatever role you’re taking on this week — whether you’re caring for another or tapping into your feminine side in other ways — know that it’s going to be less about the mark you make on the outer world and more about tending to the world you’re creating within.


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