La’au Lapa’au:  Start Eating Papaya Seeds – They Cure the Gut, Kidneys, Liver and More… | Home Remedies

Do you need a fruit that tastes good, but is healthy too? then consider the papaya! This fruit has vitamins and minerals; fiber, calcium, iron, thiamine, niacin, papain and phosphorus too. Also the minerals of it boost immunity and digestion.

Still, you might not know this but the seed of this fruit is really healthy and has these benefits …

Source: Start Eating Papaya Seeds – They Cure the Gut, Kidneys, Liver and More… | Home Remedies

Daily Words of the Buddha for April 27, 2017

Pāli Word a Day for April 27, 2017 — sabbaganthappamocana — freedom from all bonds

Idha modati pecca modati;
katapuñño ubhayattha modati.
So modati so pamodati,
disvā kammavisuddhimattano.

The doer of good rejoices here and hereafter;
one rejoices in both the worlds.
One rejoices and exults,
recollecting one’s own pure deeds.

Dhammapada 1.16
The Dhammapada: The Buddha’s Path of Wisdom, translated from the Pali by Acharya Buddharakkhita

Tarot Contemplation – The Chariot (reversed)

You can accomplish a great deal today, but discipline is key.  Stay focused on your goals.  Don’t let distractions interfere.  You have the skills and resources to achieve what you want, but not without effort.  When the Chariot appears reversed, there is trouble with making progress.  You may have all you need to move forward but lack the confidence to work towards your dreams.  You may not feel deserving of happiness, or you may feel stifled by fear.  Try to overcome your doubt.  It is likely that your thoughts are limiting you more than the reality of the situation.  This card could also indicate that your energy is scattered.  You may be unclear about what you want, or you may feel pressured to put others’ desires before your own.  Take time to go inside yourself and seek clarity about your priorities.  The Chariot reversed may indicate movement, but it is movement that has not been thought through clearly.  You may be overconfident and rushing ahead before completing the foundational steps necessary to achieve your goal.  Your actions now may also be unethical or harmful to yourself or others.  This card is advising you to slow down and look at the bigger picture.  It could also indicate travel trouble, especially when travel is over land.  Be sure to have your vehicle tuned up before a long trip and allow yourself extra time to get to appointments.

Psychology:  It Turns Out – People Who Talk To Themselves Aren’t Crazy, They’re Geniuses – True Activist

By: Grayson Berman/Sharebably

Have you ever found yourself having a conversation with, well, yourself? Have you ever then turned red with embarrassment as you notice those around you watching you, giving you stares, and pointing to

Source: It Turns Out – People Who Talk To Themselves Aren’t Crazy, They’re Geniuses – True Activist

Medicinal Trees: Elder

Good Witches Homestead

Elder {Sambucus nigra}

Also, Known As:

  • Bourtree
  • Elder
  • Elder-berry
  • Elder-flower
  • European Elder
  • Pipe Tree

The plant called the elder is used to describe a bushy shrub like plant that can reach a few feet in height as shrub-like forms normally do or it may be referring to a tree reaching up to fifty feet in height – the elderberries which are borne on both types of plants range and differ markedly in the shape and taste. The flowers are usually formed in aromatic clusters of many star-shaped and white colored flowers, which can vary from bunches with flat-topped to the globular types of arrangement. When ripened, these will mature to produce berrylike and limb sagging fruits which can range in color from stark blue to an amber, and even red to a complete black – the variation in the taste of these elderberries is also markedly different.

The long and…

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Anya's Astrology

Peace moonToday’s Taurus new moon is telling a story all of its own, because it’s got no main aspects, except for a wide conjunction with retrograde Mercury still in Aries. Of course, at new moon the moon is conjunct the sun, always, too.

Moon is in the best sign for it, it’s exalted. Moon symbolizes so many things in astrology, but some are moods, emotions, females in general, reflection and a kind of passivity as contrasted with the outgoing energy of the sun. In the sign Taurus, lunar reflective qualities find it easier to manifest: peace, domesticity, just relaxing, being still – qualities that today’s society perhaps doesn’t place a high value on. Taurus moon people like their creature comforts, are not afraid of their sensuality, love to dwell on their earthy side. Taurus is an earth sign, and befittingly, Earth Day happens during sun in Taurus month.

Taurus is also…

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I want to focus completely on what is important to me

Walk down a steady path
Feet swift but grounded
Mind emotionally set

When I make a promise I want to be able to keep it…no matter what

Stubborn…yes I am it’s just a shame more of us aren’t

Oh it is so true that I have gotten stuck in a situation that was not so good for me all because I refused to throw away the time I had invested in itIn my mind holding on to what I have is far better than risking it all to try something new

Perhaps it is time to change that way of thinking!

And seek out a second chance to a more sensible approach to life


CANDLES: green

ELEMENT: earth

GEMSTONE: emerald

HERB: violet

HEALING: throat neck and ears

INCENSE: ylang ylang a mild yet effective…

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Daily Words of the Buddha for April 26, 2017

Pāli Word a Day for April 26, 2017 — nirupatāpa — the untroubled, or that which is without vexation

Tato adinnaṃ parivajjayeyya
kiñci kvaci sāvako bujjhamāno.
Na hāraye harataṃ nānujaññā.
Sabbaṃ adinnaṃ parivajjayeyya.

A disciple should avoid taking
anything from anywhere knowing it (to belong to another).
One should not steal nor incite another to steal.
One should completely avoid theft.

Sutta Nipāta 2.397
The Discourse Collection: Selected Texts from the Sutta Nipāta, translated by John D. Ireland

Tarot Contemplation – Five of Wands (reversed)

The number Five represents a challenge that will allow for further growth.  Fives are an initial struggle on a new path.  Five is the number of disequilibrium — shaking things up, breaking old habits, passing through the fire to be made stronger.  Learning and movement are represented by the number Five.  Five is the number of the Throat Chakra, which is concerned with communication.  The number Five also links the astrological sign of Leo, as the fifth sign of the zodiac, and the planet Saturn, the god who fathered Jupiter,  Neptune and Pluto, and the god who represents Time.  Saturn is associated with self-control, limitation and maturation.  The suit of wands symbolize the element of Fire.  Wands represent inspiration, life force, motivation, power and desire.  They also represent the connection between the spiritual and material, as we can see when we think of magic wands.

Chances are you’re feeling feisty today.  You may get involved in a heated debate, or have a craving for some fun competition.  The warning is to not get too attached to winning — keep it light, have fun.  New ideas and strengthened friendships are possible.  The Five of Wands reversed may indicate when a disagreement is finally resolved.  You may be ready to admit you were wrong or apologize to someone, or someone may apologize to you.  However, beware of smoothing over a situation to avoid conflict as the issue may come up again and again until you confront it.  This card may also come up when you back down too quickly when faced with opposition.  Remember that challenging situations often have the most rewarding outcomes.  If you are finding a relationship dull, this card could indicated a need for increased competitiveness.  Play sports or board games together.  This card could also indicate inner conflict, like wanting to do two things that cannot both be done together; litigation; disputes; trickery; contradiction.

Daily Words of the Buddha for April 25, 2017

Pāli Word a Day for April 25, 2017 — gambhīra — deep, profound, unfathomable, well founded, hard to perceive

Pāṇaṃ na hane na ca ghātayeyya,
na cānujaññā hanataṃ paresaṃ,
sabbesu bhūtesu nidhāya daṇḍaṃ.
Ye thāvarā ye ca tasā santi loke.

One should not kill a living being,
nor cause it to be killed,
nor should one incite another to kill.
Do not injure any being, either strong or weak, in the world.

Sutta Nipāta 2.396
The Discourse Collection: Selected Texts from the Sutta Nipāta, translated by John D. Ireland

Tarot Contemplation – Four of Pentacles (reversed)

When the Four of Pentacles appears reversed, it can be either suggesting that you are clinging too tightly to your material resources, or that you are letting them go too easily.  You may have finally come into some money after a time of frugelness and are now “throwing your money away” as an overcompensation.  You may feel like others are pressuring you to spend more than feels comfortable for you, or that others are being unnecessarily greedy.  You may be giving up material comforts in order to grow spiritually.  So, for today, be cautious about your health and finances.  Remember how important your well being and long-term goals are to you.  Even if you’ve slipped into some unhealthy habit, or frivolous spending, lately, you’ve still made some amazing progress and built a solid foundation for success.  Today is a great day to get back on track.

Metaphysics:  THIS Is The Smartest Kid In The World And He Thinks CERN Destroyed Our Universe … – Life Coach Code

We are living inside a Universe that’s so complex that if we can grasp what’s happening for a moment, we’ll fall down on our knees and cry in surrender to its marvelous beauty! Science just barely starts to scratch the surface to the nature of reality and still, its discoveries are more shocking than we …

Source: THIS Is The Smartest Kid In The World And He Thinks CERN Destroyed Our Universe… – Life Coach Code


La’au Lapa’au:  Lemon With Garlic Mixture: The Most Powerful Mix For Cleaning Any Heart Blockages

Lemon and garlic are among the healthiest foods that we can eat because they contain numerous nutrients and have unbelievable advantages for our general health.

When combined they are obviously much stronger. They provide many different opportunities as one natural medicine, and efficiently help in boosting the blood circulation, improving the arteries, and reducing high levels of cholesterol.

Source: Lemon With Garlic Mixture: The Most Powerful Mix For Cleaning Any Heart Blockages

La’au Lapa’au:  It Heals Everything Except Death! This Ancient Remedy “Cures All Diseases” HIV, AIDS, Diabetes, Cancer, Stroke, STDs, Arthritis & More … | Herbs Remedies

The God’s plant – this is the unique herb that is mentioned in the Qur’an and the Bible. Lots of people believe that this herb is created by God himself. That is why people can use it to treat all illnesses and diseases, but death.

This is one of the most famous herbs in the history of medicine. People in ancient Egypt used it to treat cold, infections, headaches, and toothaches, to improve their digestion.

Source: It Heals Everything Except Death! This Ancient Remedy “Cures All Diseases” HIV, AIDS, Diabetes, Cancer, Stroke, STDs, Arthritis & More … | Herbs Remedies

Foodstyles:  Cheesy Cauliflower Muffins – Kirbie’s Cravings

These cheesy cauliflower muffins are savory, low carb, gluten-free and delicious. Also, unlike other cauliflower recipes, you don’t need to dry out the cauliflower. These photos came out a little more dark and moody than I intended. It was a rainy day today so I had barely any light to work with. I am dreading […]

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Daily Words of the Buddha for April 24, 2017

Pāli Word a Day for April 24, 2017 — niyyāna — going out of saṃsāra, departure, way out, release, deliverance

Idha socati pecca socati;
pāpakārī ubhayattha socati.
So socati so vihaññati,
disvā kammakiliṭṭhamattano.

The evil-doer grieves here and hereafter;
one grieves in both the worlds.
One laments and is afflicted,
recollecting one’s own impure deeds.

Dhammapada 1.15
The Dhammapada: The Buddha’s Path of Wisdom, translated from the Pali by Acharya Buddharakkhita

Tarot Contemplation – King of Wands (reversed)

When the King of Wands appears reversed, it indicates that you or someone around you is having trouble with authenticity.  It could be that you are having trouble knowing what you truly want or who you want to be.  You could be doing things that don’t feel aligned with your authentic self.  Someone else may seem like a phoney to you, perhaps a bit quick-tempered and/or self-righteous.  You may come across someone who is a real charmer, but does not follow up on his or her promises.  You may be using authenticity as an excuse to do whatever you want.  You, or someone around you, may have an attitude that says, “I am who I am, and if you don’t like it, I don’t give a damn.”  Though it is important to follow our inner light, doing so with lack of consideration may be ill-advised.  This card could also be a warning against risky behavior, such as gambling with your financial security or physical safety.  Ask yourself if you could survive the worst-case outcome of the risk you’re taking.  If not, a change of plans is in order.

Health:  Say Goodbye To Sciatic Nerve Pain In Just 10 Minutes With This Natural Method | Healthy Living 93

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the human body. It`s inflammation produces a very uncomfortable pain that extends from the ribs to below the knee.  Resting helps alleviate the problem temporarily but does not resolve. In addition to the pain, other symptoms may appear, for example, discomfort to sit, feel heavy legs and tingling, etc.

Sciatic nerve pain is extremely unpleasant and can seriously compromise the quality of life of people suffering from this problem.  If you are one of those who suffers from sciatic nerve pain, you know exactly what we are saying.  But the good news is that finally there is a solution for this problem!

Source: Say Goodbye To Sciatic Nerve Pain In Just 10 Minutes With This Natural Method | Healthy Living 93

Daily Words of the Buddha for April 23, 2017

Pāli Word a Day for April 23, 2017 — parittāṇa — protection, shelter, refuge, safeguard, safety

Yadā have pātubhavanti dhammā
Ātāpino jhāyato brāhmaṇassa,
Athassa kaṅkhā vapayanti sabbā
Yato pajānāti sahetudhammaṃ.

When things become manifest
To the ardent meditating brahmin,
All one’s doubts then vanish since one understands
Each thing along with its cause.

Udāna 1.1
The Udāna and the Itivuttaka, trans. John D. Ireland

Tarot Contemplation – Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups represents a mature woman of fair complexion and golden hair who holds a lidded cup or chalice.  She is described as a model of a loving virtue, one who is purer of heart than most.  A loving mother.  A loyal friend.  She may see visions in her Cup.  However, she acts on what she sees and her activity feeds her dream.  She inspires you as a role model:  good, fair, honest, devoted.  She will be of service to you in employing her loving intelligence, gift of vision; success, happiness, pleasure, wisdom and virtue.  This woman could also represent the perfect spouse and a good mother.