Tarot Contemplation – The Fool (reversed)

Today, look at your relationship with limits. On the one hand, you may be limiting yourself and your potential by never taking risks. You may be making assumptions about every possible path before even trying it out. You may think to yourself, “I already know what will happen if I do that, so why even try?” Though there is value in past experience, be wary of being closed off to new experiences. You may be pleasantly surprised. On the other hand,The Fool reversed may be urging you to act with more constraint. It may be that you have forgotten everything you learned in the past and are acting foolishly in a situation. You may be so in love with adventure and newness that you are bypassing opportunities to commit and grow in any one area. It is good to be curious and try new things, but there is also value in settling down and diving deeper into what you already have.


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