Tarot Contemplation – The Star

Today is a new day and a new opportunity for joy! Find ways to refresh your environment and yourself. Have a long and lovely bath, tidy up your room, declutter, practice forgiveness. Make space for wonderful new things in your life. After the destruction of the Tower, the Star brings optimism for a fresh start. Trust in the constantly changing nature of the universe. After the darkest hour comes the dawn of a new day. You are on a healing path. Be sure to nurture both the physical and spiritual aspects of your life. Do what is practically required, while at the same time visualizing an ideal future. Calmness and stillness may be required to heal completely. If someone in your life needs healing, the Star is telling you that optimism and gentle nurturing are required. In a creative venture, the Star can be a sign of success. Astrology and other divinatory arts are conveying messages to you. Pay attention to the cosmos!


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