Tarot Contemplation – Death (reversed)

Something new wants to emerge in your life, but for that to happen you first must release that which has run its course. Today, take time to seek closure — say goodbye to a relationship, a habit, or attitude that no longer serves you. Though this ending may be painful, know that this is a necessary and valuable step in your personal evolutin. When Death appears reversed, there is a delay in reaching a conclusion to some aspect of your life. It may be that there is still a lot to be learned where you are now. It is not time to move on. Or, you may be having trouble letting go in some area, for example, you may be unwilling to accept that a romantic relationship is over. Alternatively, you may be hastily severing ties and burning bridges in order to escape an aspect of your life. Death Reversed may be warning you to slow down and not leave everything behind. If Death appears reversed and you’ve been trying to escape some uncomfortable situation, it may be telling you to confront the issue more directly. Sometimes when we try to run away from something we end up encountering the same problem in a different form because this is a challenge we need to overcome so that we can develop.


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