The Ecstasy of Eternal Love, by Matt Kahn

Through the eyes of enlightenment, the highest form of the Divine exists in its most relative form. From this space, one doesn’t deny or negate waves in order to witness an ocean.  Instead, one honors the magnificence of the ocean throughout the activity of each passing wave. When each person in your sphere of reality can be honored as expressions of the Absolute, no matter how they act or appear, it is the Absolute that has dawned in you. You certainly don’t have to like how others behave, or ever keep yourself in toxic environments of abuse for any reason. And yet, whether relationships are meant to come together or be pulled apart, it doesn’t have to distort your view of reality as the Absolute truth of eternal love. People may not always be loving, but underneath it all, just as the ocean moves each wave forward, it is the ecstasy of eternal love carrying you along from start to finish.


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